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  1. Mr. Bubble

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    This script call not 'call_toolcrafting_scene'. It's call_tocrafting_scene Spelling counts. Please remember to read the script comments thoroughly.
  2. Mr. Bubble

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    That isn't enough information since I don't know what you're doing wrong. I suggest looking at the examples.
  3. Mr. Bubble

    Crystal Engine – Abilities

    Please review the script submission guidelines: http://www.rpgmakerv...pt-submissions/ Update all your "Crystal Engine" topics into an appropriate format with more information. Otherwise, your topics may be taken down.
  4. Mr. Bubble

    Rotate Formation

    Ironic that you (falsely) claim this is a plagiarized script yet you repost his script on another website without his permission.
  5. There are methods in class Game_BattlerBase which iterates through all an actor's Features and returns an appropriate value. You'll want to check that (and maybe the child classes of Game_BattlerBase to see how they are used). For element rates, the specific method is: $game_actors[actor_id].element_rate(element_id)
  6. Use [13], not [013]. 013 is an octal representation of a number and will give you a different number entirely. As far as damage formula, I'd imagine it's possible, but the formula box does have a character limit. Some appropriate abbreviated wrapper methods would needed, I think.
  7. Mr. Bubble

    Extensive Magic System -- Paying if Needed

    Uh oh. Watch out, people. Someone might actually bust down Tsuki's cool, laid-back exterior.
  8. Mr. Bubble

    Simple Quest Log without script

    This isn't a script. Please make your topics in the correct forum next time. Moved.
  9. Mr. Bubble

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    I'm back from vacation! Updated to v1.10. TP Recovery now displays the correct value. Recipebook images are now centered by default. (9/04/2012) A couple more updates planned in the future, but right now I'm getting some bugs out the way. Reader Functions for Features/Effects has been updated to v1.2
  10. Mr. Bubble

    Mime Effect

    Sometimes current_action can return nil.
  11. Mr. Bubble

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    Yeah, I'll do that. I believe I had it on my mental checklist for this recent update, I just forgot. I'll be on vacation until after this weekend though so you'll have to wait a bit. Ok, this turned out to be much easier than I thought: #============================================================================== # ++ Window_TOCraftingCover #============================================================================== class Window_TOCraftingCover < Window_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # draw_bookcover #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_bookcover(x, y) return unless @item bitmap = Cache.recipebook_cover(@item.tocrafting_bookcover) rect = Rect.new(0, 0, contents.width, contents.height) if stretch_pictures? contents.stretch_blt(rect, bitmap, bitmap.rect) else x = (contents.width - bitmap.width) / 2 y = (contents.height - bitmap.height) / 2 contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, rect) end bitmap.dispose end end # class Window_TOCraftingCover Install this below the crafting script. If there are no problems, I will add the changes into the next version update.
  12. Mr. Bubble

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    That would require a new script. I would have to put bulk amount crafting tags within the <ingredients> tag. It would just be easier for me to implement that way. I've already made a dismantle script. http://mrbubblewand....ismantle-items/
  13. Mr. Bubble

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    Updated to v1.9. I inadvertently excluded state resistance information from the state info page in the crafting scene. It's added in now.
  14. Mr. Bubble

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    In CNG's script find this line: DataManager.load_normal_database Change it to: DataManager.load_database Let me know of any adverse effects. I did no testing other than seeing if it could load. Edit: See, people? That's how you report an error. Solved it in 8 minutes.
  15. Mr. Bubble

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    The script has been updated to v1.8. There are many significant updates. Compatibility: "YEA-AceMenuEngine" support added. You can now view item details in the crafting scene if the script "Reader Functions for Features/Effects" is installed. Info window style has changed. Any amount of ingredients can now be displayed, not just 6. Configuration module has many new settings. Some method names have changed. Removed a chunk of redundant code. Efficiency update. (8/25/12) Please let me know of any errors.
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