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  1. DJBunz

    Battleback Update

    The script worked just fine. The only problem I found was when a Battleback was not selected and the game used the animated battleback from RPG Maker VX. When this happens, the battle goes extremely slow, frame by frame (music is even slowed down, which I found odd). Just a heads up.
  2. DJBunz

    [Eventing] How to use basic timers [Video Tutorial]

    what you could do is place the "timer halfway" conditional branch on one page along with a self switch. On another event page, place the "game over" cond. branch. Make sure both pages are under the parallel processing trigger.
  3. Made this for myself, but figured some other guys could use it. Here's a quick reference to changing the color of your text. For those who don't know or forgot, just type "\C[x]" in the text box and swap "x" with whatever number corresponds to the color you want to change the text into. Too easy, right?