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  1. FranklinX

    Buongiorno a tutti!

    Welcome to the forums! What is your favorite video game?
  2. FranklinX

    Wheelchair in an RPG - Open Discussion

    This is an interesting concept. I think it can work, but that would depend on the plot. What do you think of the wheelchair releasing water or oil to slowdown enemies when they are chasing her? She would need a backup plan to defend herself if an enemy knocks her out of her wheelchair. How about a bracer with the ability to shoot bullets?
  3. Caves, dungeons, forests, and many other areas are common in RPGs. The goal is to reach a certain room and you may need to defeat a powerful boss! Is there one way to reach this boss? It depends on the developer. Many games have a linear path and it holds the player's hand. You can't get lost. There is one path to the finish line. On the other hand, great games have alternate paths. There is more than one path to lead to the boss or major event. Sometimes there are incentives to take a different path. Paths may have different enemies and hidden items. I like adding alternate paths in maps. I think all of my maps for dungeons have at least one alternate map. The player is rewarded with special items for exploring. Alternate paths have the potential to add lore to the story. These paths may give backstory to the area. This can be done by reading signs or understanding the meaning of pictures on the map. The Legend of Zelda has many hidden stories or details in pictures in a room. It is a good way to add story or make the player curious about particular events in the picture. Do you add alternate paths in your maps? How many alternate paths do you make per map?
  4. FranklinX

    ~The Seventh Warrior~

    Those are cool features. They can be great additions to your game. It gives more options for building maps and dungeons. Players need to use those abilities to travel and complete areas.
  5. FranklinX

    Does Anybody Know

    It is very odd to learn your links have expired. None of my purchases for software and packs for resources have expired. I recommend contacting support to get an explanation about the resource packs.
  6. FranklinX

    Hello, old friends! It's me, Purple Phantom!

    Hello, Welcome to the forums. I don't believe we ever met. I have no idea about the story and drama. Welcome to the forums and I wish you the best.
  7. I haven't been around as much as I would like lately. I've been busy with a few freelance jobs.

    1. Rikifive


      Most of us know that feeling. Thanks to job I don't have enough of free time.

  8. FranklinX

    Hello My Fellow Peeps

    Welcome to the forums! What's your favorite video game?
  9. FranklinX

    Why So Whitewashed?

    I disagreed on your statement about white heroes are all we know. Are most heroes white men? Yes, many heroes are white men. However, there are some black heroes. I am not saying there is a fair portion of black heroes. I am saying black heroes exist and we should acknowledge them in this discussion. It's not fair to say almost every hero is white when that is stretching the facts. The amount of ethic heroes have increased in most medias over the last twenty years. Video games are the only form of media that has not progressed.
  10. FranklinX

    Why So Whitewashed?

    I never downplayed the subconscious affects on minority children. I also never said people should shut up. Black Panther was a major success and great for everyone. It showed a positive side of Blacks. That's great and no one is downplaying it. My examples weren't to say there are enough black characters. My examples were to show there are some black or ethnic heroes in media. You can freely criticize an artist. However, an artist has the right to express his or her beliefs in their work.
  11. There's a new MV pack with VX's characters. I'm considering buying it. Do you guys think VX's graphics mix well with MV's graphics?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PhoenixSoul


      VX characters? As I recall, VX and VX Ace had a similar roster, though there were the cover art characters that never appeared elsewhere...
      Addendum: Found the DLC pack, which includes XP characters. Thanks for spreading the word about this as I definitely want it myself. #wishlisted
      I wouldn't get it right now; wait for it to have a larger discount.

    3. Kayzee


      I thought VX and VX Ace had the exact same graphics?

    4. PhoenixSoul


      VX had a different default actor roster. VX also has different battlers.

  12. FranklinX

    Franklin's Resources!

    I have updated the first post with my "Power Black Character Sets". This update features black characters for the RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX ACE! I created these characters many years ago and finally placed them on my current site. Thanks!
  13. FranklinX

    Why So Whitewashed?

    There are ethic main protagonist. I gave the example of TJ the Red Turbo Ranger. The current Red Ranger is also black. Jon Stewart is a black Green Lantern, and many fans prefer him as the Green Lantern. Will Smith in I am Legend is a strong main protagonist. Let's not forget Will Smith in Independence Day. Rey Mysterio a professional wrestler is one of the most popular main protagonists in recent history of professional wrestling. Those are just a few examples of ethic main protagonists. Now we must ask ourselves a simple question. Is it fair to demand an artist to include a racial group in his or her work? An artist should freely express his or her ideas. For example, If Rick thinks only white women are beautiful, then he should be free to only hire white models for his calendar shoots. You may not like it. However, he is expressing his opinion on what beauty is. Is it fair for someone to demand someone to say "black women are beautiful and sexually attractive"? Is it fair to demand an artist to say "Big women are beautiful" The answer is no. No one must believe those ideas. We are all unique and have different opinions. We should be free to express those ideals to world.
  14. FranklinX

    Why So Whitewashed?

    I disagree with you on your point of we all know the main protagonist is almost always white. There is enough media with the main protagonist with a ethnic background of African American, Mexican, Japanese, etc. I think a person's exposure or lack of exposure is due to a person's culture and their personal interests. Some people just do not want to watch other races in media.There is a guy from a different forum who said he would feel weird if he saw a African American in a RPG game from the RPG Maker. His comment screams volumes about his lack of exposure to media with different ethic and racial groups. I am only speaking for myself. I have seen protagonists from many different backgrounds. My first favorite white protagonist was Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers. Then, we had TJ, a black guy as the Red Turbo Ranger and leader of the Turbo rangers.
  15. FranklinX

    Why So Whitewashed?

    How do you guys feel about stereotypes? I think society unfairly criticizes all forms of media for having stereotypical characters in movies, TV shows, and video games. Some people in reality fit those types of descriptions and are the real life version of those stereotypes. Those people and customers relate to stereotypes in media. However, not every person is a stereotype. For example, I'm black. I like rock, and dislike rap. I am professional/clean cut, and not urban. I do not say the N word, and I am offended by anyone including blacks who would call me by that word. I don't relate to stereotypes in media. Most black characters in video games fit a stereotype. I don't mind stereotypes in media, but I tend to turn away from media with every black character being a stereotype. I really like Jimmy Olson from the Supergirl TV series. I can relate to him in nearly all aspects of the character. Some fans dislike the character for a variety of reasons, but I think the character was very good throughout the series.