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  1. FranklinX

    I am a ninja. Mizunoue no kage.

    Welcome to the forums. What's your favorite game?
  2. I am currently creating a universe of characters. They are superheroes and I have purchased illustrations of these characters. I am at a crossroads. Would you prefer a RPG game with the characters or play a trading card game of these characters with your friends? Some people will say "do both". That is possible in the future. We are currently in the present and I'm a poor fella. I only have one option at this time. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks
  3. FranklinX

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the forums! What's your favorite video game?
  4. FranklinX

    Too much info

    Details are very important elements to a game's story. I think it is best to slowly give details throughout a game. It would make twists and stunning revaluations more exciting at the end. You need to give some information to start the game. It is the developer's job to make people interested in the game. My game's synopsis will not include how the main villain obtained his power. You will need to play the game to discover all of the facts or details. The only details that need all of the information is the game's battle system and other importation functions.
  5. I am so proud of myself! My map of my game's first castle is my best castle ever so far!

  6. FranklinX

    Title Screen/Picture Resolution

    Thanks for the tip! I will be sure to order a large title screen. Then, I can reduce it if I need to. Good thinking!
  7. I just remembered I need to purchase a title screen for my game...

    1. Kayzee


      Ooooor you could just... ya know... make one? I know art can be hard, but all you really need for a half decent title screen is a decent free font, maybe some free generic background clipart, and GIMP. Or maybe Inkscape and GIMP. I mean, I am pretty hopeless at most art but I think I made a decent title screen for my game all on my own.


      ...Though it helps that I seem to have gotten good at scripting cool little visual flares and animations. My tittle screen may mostly be text and simple designs, but a with a bit of scripting an clever use of multiple graphics layers I think it turned out pretty good! Though the only thing I have online that shows it off is this pretty low quality video I made (about 20 seconds in), and I don't show it off for very long.


      Mind you a real experienced artist could still probobly do a better job then you or I, but I think you could do a lot more then you think with free tools/resources if you try.

    2. FranklinX


      I'm not great at programs like Gimp and Inkscape. I use to make thumbnails for my YouTube channel, and they weren't that good. 

    3. Kayzee


      Fair enough, though I can hardly be said to be an expert myself. I just fiddle around until I get something I like mostly. I am still discovering little tricks that I can use even though I have been messing around with them for years.

  8. Hi everybody! I just remembered I need to purchase a title screen for my project before I announce it on my blog and this site.... What are the best dimensions for a title's pictures for the RPG Maker MV? I want it to have good quality. I would prefer HD if possible. Thanks for any advice!
  9. FranklinX

    Hi everyone

    Hello welcome to the forums! What's your favorite food?
  10. A new year has new possibilities for everyone's game development. What are your RPG Maker goals for 2020? Do you want to release a new game? Do you want to create a new battle system? It could be as simple as creating your first graphic of a character! I'll start us off! My goal is create a trailer of my current project and release a trailer before the end of the year.
  11. FranklinX

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    I think your best option is the same one that I give everyone. You may need to ask RPG Maker's customer support. Explain your situation and they may work with you. I hope they do.
  12. FranklinX

    RPG Maker Offline Builds

    Does the Steam version include a license? You may be able to use the same license for a version for the PC. I've always used the RM on my PC.
  13. I am sorry if this has been asked or I overlooked this information. Is there an option to turn the blood off? I noticed blood in the one of mature pictures.
  14. FranklinX


    Welcome to the forums! What's your favorite RPG Maker gamer?
  15. Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Happy Yule.

    2. Rikifive


      Merry Christmas!!!! 😁