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  1. FranklinX

    Weapons powering up throughout Story

    I have been thinking about this topic lately. I want the player to experience progress and growth. One step in the progression is obtaining better weapons throughout the game. My main issue with many RPGs is secret weapons at the end of the game are too powerful. These overpowered weapons break the game and make it too easy to defeat the final enemies. Where is the fun in that? Dealing max damage is not an effective strategy for a game that is about strategy.
  2. I'm proud of myself. My forest with a waterfall map is looking good. I just need to set the Boss battle for the area.

  3. I am very impressed by your game's development. The game looks professional and has a good story for a RPG game. It reminds me of the classic RPG games from the SNES. I miss those days. I also watched your videos on YouTube. My only criticism is the battle system. I don't like front view battle systems, but that is just my personal preference.
  4. FranklinX

    Why So Whitewashed?

    My game under development has a few black characters, and I am also working on other races. I wonder how potential players will react. It would be interesting to compare data about downloads between games with characters of many races and games with only white skin characters. I would like to compare data before games with those features.
  5. FranklinX

    Entertaining Races

    Reploids and robots are not the revival of humans. Their purpose is to work alongside the humans by doing jobs that are too dangerous for humans. Eventually laws changed due to Reploids being immortal to natural death unlike humans. Humans and reploids started to become very similar. It would eventually led to Carbons in the MegaMan Legend series. You don't see many humans in the X series because they are acting the background. Dr. Cain is the only human showed in the series. Other humans are referenced in the game's backstory and politics. You can also use the Super Mario series as there are many races in that series. Humans, Toads, Koopas. Yoshis, etc. The RPG games do a great job at highlighting each race's cultures.
  6. FranklinX


    I like the guy's shirt "Stars Rule!". Looks like a good cast of character.
  7. A game's battle system is an important factor for its success. A great battle system elevates your game's quality, but a bad battle system will disappoint players. Most developers with the RPG Maker do not have experience in software and coding. Thankfully the RPG Maker MV has two options for a battle system. First, we have the classic side view battle system. It features the enemies and characters on the screen. Second, we have the front view battle system. The screen only shows the enemies on the screen from a first person point of view. I prefer the side view battle system. It looks cleaner and more natural in my opinion. I want a 3rd person point of view instead of looking through the character's eyes. It is awesome watching the characters act in battle. I can see a fallen party member or a wounded hero. That imagery feels me with emotion as my favorite has fallen in battle and I must help them! On the other side, we have the front view battle system. I've never liked this style.I can't see the characters swing a sword or cast a powerful spell with their hands in motion. These are just mine opinions. I would love to hear yours!
  8. FranklinX

    Entertaining Races

    I think one of the best examples is from the MegaMan franchise. Humans, robots, and cyber elves, navis, and viruses are all different races with different levels of intellect. Viruses are more like a different race for animals. Each race has different abilities. However, the humans control the politics since they created the other races. Well...they controlled the politics until the time between the X and Zero series. MegaMan X becomes a politician and fair ruler of Neo Acadia. There are key differences between each race. Robots, cyber elves, and navis can live forever unless someone or something destroys them. They are immortal from natural deaths. Humans are not immortal and will die of old age at the least. Furthermore, some robots do not have characteristics of humans. Storm Eagle is based off of an eagle, and Cyber Peacock is based on a peacock and the internet.
  9. FranklinX

    Stranded in Space

    I like your game's concept. It has a good direction and the story is unique for the RPG Maker. What type of battle system are you considering to use?
  10. I just realized after six years that MV's RTP doesn't include the rock in the river graphic. Why!

    1. Animebryan


      But MV hasn't been out for 6 years, it was released in Oct. of 2015, making it only 4 years old next month.

  11. FranklinX

    Diverse Cultures

    I thought about this and your examples, you guys are right. Final Fantasy VI wasn't a good example. I just feel the game isn't culturally diverse due to most characters speak very similarly, and some towns have similar designs and colors. Jidoor, Kohlingen, South Figaro, and Thamasa have very similar designs. Granted some of these towns are ruled by the same kingdom. Even if the game didn't say Leon was from the Empire, then a player can assume he seems like a guy from Figaro. Most NPCs in the game don't stand out to me.
  12. FranklinX

    Diverse Cultures

    Me and a dear friend were talking about RPG games. We discussed the lack of culture in many RPG games. I love Final Fantasy VI, but the game suffers from a lack of cultural diversity. Every country seem to have the same culture. The only exception is the Moogle community. Why am I bringing up this topic? I think many RPG games suffer from a generic culture in their worlds. The RPG Maker RTP does not help much in making a game with diverse cultures in each region. There are a few different color flags, but that is not enough content to make a world with multiple cultures. The RTP has a limited amount of resources, but enough to develop a generic game. The RTP lacks a variety of soldiers, generals, kings, princess, etc. This causes games to be very generic titles. Furthermore, there is more than just graphics to make a game with multiple cultures. Developers can easily create different cultures in their story. Each region can be given unique traditions. For example, one country only sales soda, water or tea as they do not believe in drinking alcohol. Another country believes the player must pass a trail to be deemed worthy of speaking to the royal family. In another country, when turning 18 women pick their husbands, and this could cause a conflict with a party member if he is chosen and his love interest in also a party member. These are just random ideas but am I sure you get the point. Do you think your games are generic or do they have a bit of culture in every region or town? Have you considered creating unique cultures for your game's world?
  13. FranklinX


    Hello! Welcome to the forums! What's your favorite video game? What's your favorite foods? I am looking forward to playing your games.
  14. I purchased one of Tokiwa's graphic packages. I'm pleased so far although I wished it included face sets.

  15. FranklinX

    MOTM - Moons of True Magic

    The game appears to be very beautiful. I like the maps from the previews. The custom battlers look great in the battle's settings. However, I do not know what this game is about. May you please be a more direct about the game and its features?