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  1. burandon

    Angelo Menu I α (alpha)

    Thanks for the ideas DJ, you may think I'm rude after you read what I have to say, but it's because I'm very confident of the final result, my script will be awesome (the final version), I adapted it to other scripts. the equipment icon (except for weapon and shield) will be shown in a grid divided in 9 squares, the script will have a patch that fix the custom equipment slot bug and you'll be able to designate a certain equipment custom slot to a square in the grid. Unfortunately, my physician recommended more rest before "heating the fingers" with full performance, even if this is not the cause of my illness. So is going to take a long time until I release this.
  2. burandon

    Angelo Menu I α (alpha)

    I'm still recovering from an illness, so I can not work on it that you asked me now, but once I'm 100% healed I will launch the first Scripts Combo Pack called Fancy Dress I - Angelo Cover which will bring some Angelo scripts (released and not released) modified for exclusive use with images. If you are not in a hurry, you can wait.
  3. burandon

    Angelo HUD v2.5

    I'm having problems with my computer right now, so when I fix it I will help you with the HUD position. Thaks for the comments
  4. burandon

    Pic Logo Title v1.00

    Sorry for the longe time, I didn't see that you edited your post. Zerbu 's script defined as @sprite2 the second layer of title, and my script defines as @sprite2 your logo, so there's a conflict. There are a lot of ways to adapt this, but for now, I edited Zerbu's script adding my codes, just delete Zerbu's and mine from your project and add this: #============================================================================ # Zerbu Engine - Random Title Graphic # EXCLUSIVE FOR ROSENBLACK # Edited by Brandon in order to fullfill Rose's wish >.< #---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This script allows you to specify multiple graphic combinations to appear as # the title screen graphic. A random one from the list is shown each time the # title screen is displayed. #============================================================================ #============================================================================ # (module) ZE_Random_Title_Graphic #============================================================================ module ZE_Random_Title_Graphic ZE_RTG = { #------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Options #------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This is the list of graphics combinations that can appear as the title # screen graphic. The format to use is: ["Title1", "Title2"] #------------------------------------------------------------------------ :RANDOMIZE => [ ["Crystal", "Gargoyles"], ["CrossedSwords", "Dragons"], ["Fountain", ""], ["Gates", "Heroes"], ["World", "Forest"], ["Island", "Mountains"] ] } end #============================================================================ # Scene_Title #============================================================================ class Scene_Title < Scene_Base include ZE_Random_Title_Graphic #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # overwrite method: create_background #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def create_background graphic = ZE_RTG[:RANDOMIZE][rand(ZE_RTG[:RANDOMIZE].size)] @sprite1 = Sprite.new @sprite1.bitmap = Cache.title1(graphic[0]) @sprite2 = Sprite.new @sprite2.bitmap = Cache.picture("logo") @sprite3 = Sprite.new @sprite3.bitmap = Cache.title2(graphic[1]) center_sprite(@sprite1) center_sprite(@sprite2) center_sprite(@sprite3) end def draw_game_title end end It will be OK now.
  5. burandon


    Great I was waiting for this! XAS is the best ABS ever! And now for VX Ace! Perfect
  6. burandon

    Hello pals!

    It will be like Chrono Trigger.
  7. burandon

    Angelo Vertical HUD

    try adding unless $@ to the line 189 alias hud_angelo_vertical create_all_windows Like that: alias hud_angelo_vertical create_all_windows unless $@
  8. burandon

    Angelo Vertical HUD

    See if this happens in a fresh project, if so then must be a incompatibility issue, then try changing the order of the script.
  9. burandon

    Angelo Vertical HUD

    Look what I said: So you turn the switches ON, then the HUD disappeared
  10. burandon

    Hello pals!

    They still WIP, I'm working from Angelo Menu I to Angelo Battle System. The HUDs are already released, I only list the Angelo scripts, but I have some conversions from rgss2 to rgss3, and soe small script like change all icons size, pic logo title... The honor is all mine to be accepted in this community, I never been too active in another community except the Brazilian ones, but my main RPG Maker community got offline because of server problems since 10th December,, then I moved temporarily to another Brazilian RPG Maker communities, but all the topics I started went blank even today, so I decided to move to a community from another language, I went to a French one and a English one, and now I'm here with you all. I can't wait too!
  11. burandon

    Angelo Vertical HUD

    hehe, it's settled them! we have a deal! EDIT: There's one diferencial in the way the script works, so in order to hide the HUD you'll have to turn ON the switches. I forget about editing this in the script comments My forgetfulness it's starting to get serious .
  12. burandon

    Hello pals!

    Wow! After a long time period I'm coming here to present myself. As some of you know, I'm Brazilian (only another Brazilian, i think) and my real name is Brandon (you can call me Bran or "no-one") I'm 16 and gonna make 17 in 13 January (a Friday, I also born in a 13th Friday) I have something they call an inferiority complex (so don't get surprised when you read me talking about how insignificant I am) Ignore that ¬¬. I have a dark mind, and I think about dark things, love writing, drawing,scripting, mapping, eventing, databasing, and a lot of things that end with ing. My favorite music? Various, I can list some: Circles, Pogo, 2 Hearts (Digitalism), Sing, Destroya (My Chemical Romance), Chop Suey, BYOB (System of a Down), E.T., Hot N' Cold, Firework (Katy Perry), Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Owl City, Larc en Ciel, Cascade, Tsukiko Amano. My favorite books? Those I wrote (lots of laugh), like Darkness Embrace, Garden of Shadows, Reflections, Angelo, W.A.R., Sofrimentus, Veni, Vidi, Vici (Yeah, tree stories), Clouds, Old Clouds, New Clouds (lol), and etc. Things that I want? Learn, love, live, and see those who deserve pain, feel pain. Actually I'm working in RGSS3, creating script with the Angelo Style, here my scripts wish list: Angelo HUD Angelo Vertical HUD Angelo Menu I Angelo Title Yanfly Ace Battle Engine Angelo Style Angelo Battle System Angelo Character Creation Angelo Gravity Angelo File Angelo Delusion So its a pleasure to meet ya, I wish it was a pleasure for you too, but this is just making you waste your time. Please forgive my dark side
  13. burandon

    Angelo Vertical HUD

    Try using the new version Download File I don't know why I didn't release it! I'm forgetting every thing these days (even forget to feed my cat, poor kitty)
  14. burandon

    Pic Logo Title v1.00

    Ah ... thank you. You have no idea how good it feels to know that someone thinks that something simple that I do is useful.
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