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  1. So this is a bit of a question and a request. So in my game I'm using Yami Battle symphony engine. now onto my question, Is it possible to do the following 1. Is it possible to only inflict a status effect when the weak element is hit. For example; If I land a critical or hit the enemies weak point, as long as it is not a AOE spell or the enemy is not inflicted with the state already, I can inflict a state 2. If I do inflict that state is it possible to actually get an extra turn by doing so? for example, If I Hit the enemies weak point and I inflict say "Burn" I get an extra turn by doing so. A good example of this system would be persona 3's combat system. Thank you for advance for the help and replies.
  2. Tsunar

    Instant Death State Help

    OMG it does =DDDDD Durrrr I feel like an Idjiut now Unless some one can point out a flaw in that It seems like I have figured out my instant death state! Thank you!
  3. Tsunar

    Instant Death State Help

    Im Kinda Not wanting to use Lunatic States cus the Lunatic Scripts are waaaaaaaay over my skill level when it comes to scripting =/ Plus Yanfly's Scripts are currently down. Is their anything easier?
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