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    Ravenwood Horror

    @amerk: Haha yea good old times!! @Lionhart: Thanks a lot man! As for the papers, unless they are on the ground, I must have missed something damn! Also I took a look on your game, I hope it gets done soon, I'd like to play it!
  2. Min Chan


    Hello everyone! I've already posted my old game, without introducing myself first! How rude of me.. My name is Ted and I've been toying around with Rpg maker xp since 2006 (probably), VX since it came out, and just recently vxAce (and that's the reason I was late to join the ace community) I've made a game back in 2008, maybe you've heard of it I had posted in other forums back then, Ravenwood Horror. I had plans to make more games, one sequel and one full j-rpg, but life got in the way etc etc. I found some free time recently and thought "hey, let's check what's going with rpg makers. Wow, there is a new one out? Vx ace? I shall have it at once!" I toyed around with it a little and was happy to see it's improving vx in every way, and since I'm already pretty good at it vx, I shall make another game. I shall make the rpg game I could never complete!! Problem is was going pretty slow, just like all those before it, and in the end it shared the same fate... It was at that time I wondered where my old game could be now. I googled it and was amazed to discover 3 playthroughs of it on youtube! I got super motivated to see there are still fans around, and it was the time to complete the sequel I was making in vx back in 2010. I moved everything over to vx ace, and I'm happy to announce that it's moving forward pretty fast. One thing was missing, to join the Ace community to share with all, and learn from all. So.. here I am! P.S: Sorry for the long post, but I decided it's better than a simple "hello Im glad to be here"!
  3. Min Chan

    Ravenwood Horror

    Yes! I had seen your review a while ago and thank you for posting here it as well. Very good and fair review, I agree with every point, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Also I'm happy to announce I'm working on a sequel (like I said, an indirect one, one does not need to have played the first), and it's moving forward a lot faster than I expected. I hope by the end of the week to have a working demo to post here for feedback. I aim for a slighty different approach this time and I've taken under consideration every, and I mean every, review I could find on the internet (including yours!), to not repeat the "mistakes" everyone has pointed out. I'd like to stop talking here for the new game, as to not hijack the thread, but I hope to post it soon, so it's ok .
  4. Min Chan

    Ravenwood Horror

    Intro Hello everyone, it has been a while! My name is Ted Latas (aka Min Chan) and I've made this game back in the summer of '08. I recently got Rpg Maker VX - ACE and with it, I decided to join the vxAce community and start making games again. To my joy I saw Dark Gaia's topic about the One Night games, that I had played and enjoyed back in the day, and said to myself "what the hell" why not post this here as well. I'm in the process of making a new game (indirect sequel/spiritual succesor) with RMVXAce but until then let's replay this. But enough talk, have at you!! Genre: Horror-themed (not survival horror) adventure/puzzle game. Average Game Time: One to two hours, depending on how long you are stuck in the puzzles. Synopsis: Dr Henry Smith wakes up in an uknown place where he soon discovers he has to solve riddles to progress. As he gets out of the basement and into the house, he remembers. He's in the mansion of Sir H. Wilkins, a patient of his, who has gone mad and has been in a killing spree, making one and only thing clear. Dr Smith has to escape. Characters: Dr Henry Smith: A psychiatrist who is called to examine Sir H. Wilkins by his wife, who fears her husband has lost his sanity, and is a threat to him and others. A man of logic thrown in an illogical situation. His wits are his most powerful weapon, and he's required to use them many times in order to survive this ordeal. Travis O'Brien: One of the few alive people in the mansion. He's looking for his wife Rebecca. Sir Howard Wilkins: Wealthy nobleman living in his mansion in the town he practically founded. Ravenwood. His unhealthy obssession with the occult has gone from harmless eccentric hobby, to fullblown descend into madness. Credits: Screenshots: Features: The mechanics of this game are the simple adventure ones, where the only menu is the item menu and you interact with items to proceed. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?z0b15l0q42tgyg7 Known Issues: I think I've fixed everything I could find in this new 2013 version. Also for those who played it before, I've done a few minor changes that you will like, in case you decide to replay it for old times sake. Extra: There are 3 playthroughs on youtube (that I know of), 2 of them incomplete, but one is pretty good in case you want to see the game before download, or you want help to get past a puzzle you got stuck: Enjoy!