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  1. Westmaas

    Step counter

    Ah, thank you! This is actually more valuable than my original idea Thanks very much!
  2. Westmaas

    Change sprite when pushing block?

    Thanks for the help!
  3. Westmaas

    Charlesthehurst's Resources

    I've been using these resources for my game, and they look great! Fantastic work Charles, please keep them coming! I especially love the character portraits and statues
  4. Westmaas

    Journal in ACE Menu

    Wonderful!! Thank you kindly.
  5. Westmaas

    Chapter Idea

    Oh yeah! I guess that would make a lot of sense. I never thought to release all the previous chapters at the same time as the new one, such an obvious solution. Although this brings me to my next question: When someone finishes the 'Chapter', how can I have the game create a save spot on it's own? When it reaches the 'To Be Continued' screen, can I tell the program to bring up a save screen so that the player can save it right then and there? And that being said, where would it start when they load their file when the 2nd package is released?
  6. Westmaas

    Chapter Idea

    Hi there! I've got an idea for releasing my game in chapter installments, and I'm wondering what the best way of executing that is. Each chapter would technically be it's own game, but of course following the same storyline. For example, Chapter 1 would see the hero leave his town and enter a dangerous swamp, where the game would then end on a 'to be continued' note, only to pick up in Chapter 2 exactly where we left off. The problems I'm foreseeing is that because each Chapter is going to be a separate game file, this will unallow saved files to be carried over - so how do I keep continuity with things such as items, equipment, and level experience? Will I have to just 'set' those amounts each time a new Chapter is released? And if so, if the player notices a change in their items each chapter, will that kill all sense of continuity? Should I try my best to 'rig' the game so that I pretty much know exactly what items/level each character will be at by the end, so I can start the next chapter with virtually the same inventory? Just looking for any thoughts on this idea!