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  1. Gave in and bought MV! Time to familiarize myself.

  2. Punio

    I have an Idea....

    I can see myself running through a dungeon, exploring every nook and cranny. All of a sudden, this beastly monster jumps out of nowhere and creams my team. And of course I didn't get a chance to save my progress before the random difficult encounter out of left field. The idea is interesting, however, if it is truly random and unannounced it is completely unfair to the player without a way of avoiding it.
  3. Updated the script and post. The broken link is now fixed.
  4. Punio

    Well hello again

    Another familiar face! Been awhile. I am also finding myself returning. Glad to see you stayed in the game and found a place moving forward.
  5. Punio

    Online Game

    Someone already did long time ago for RMVXAce. Netplay VXA He's saying there was a project that was somewhat successful in the past, called Netplay VXA. I don't think it was feasibly usable for much (That, and trying to find a translated copy of it is slim). But again, if you are serious about anything online, this is not the right engine to use. Unreal Engine recently went opensource and is free to use, it would not be a bad place to start.
  6. Punio

    Online Game

    Hey, it's OK. No need to get upset over this, sounds like you misunderstood the programs capabilities. Even though it isn't built for the internet, it can still be used to make great games. Although, as Tsarmina said, I would seek a refund. It is not, unfortunately. I don't think we will see a decent RM online in the foreseeable future.
  7. Punio

    Online Game

    Something along the lines of LAN, even, over a network using a peer-to-peer connection would be more feasible, but would be just as difficult and demanding time/energy wise. Even if you were to pay someone to write the mass amount of code needed to do it, you're looking at thousands of dollars, and even then, the engine isn't really built to support that kind of resource load.
  8. Punio

    Online Game

    I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but this question (or similar questions) have been asked many, many times. The time and effort that goes into a project like this for the RM engines is huge. If you are serious about wanting a game with online capabilities, you are honestly better off not even using a small pre-built editor like RpgMaker, but actually programming the game from more of a scratch point using a variation of C or something that supports networking tech. For an example framework, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with XNA 4.0 and the Lidgren networking library are fairly easy to get into using. There have been a few projects for various RpgMaker versions that have been built to support online capabilities, and I believe there may still be some being used, but to be completely honest, if you want your game online, you're looking at the wrong engine. Try XNA, MonoGame, Unity, Unreal Engine, etc. If you have any questions, please ask!
  9. Punio

    Old guy saying hi

    Hmm, maybe it was when RRR went down. Anywho, welcome back to the scene!
  10. Punio

    Old guy saying hi

    Haven't seen you since vx.net went down. Hello again!
  11. Punio

    Resource Feedback Thread

    Pretty much described pokemon's engine right there. On the topic of the same post, I've dabbled in the same kind of shading in the past. It only really works when you do it well. Keep practicing!
  12. Punio

    Dragon's Art Dump

    I took another whack at the hair, it seems much nicer this time around.
  13. Punio

    Dragon's Art Dump

    Hey guys, finally got around to buying a tablet, been needing one for ages. Anywho, I'll be dumping art here for you all to stare at. Might as well post my first creation; (click to enlarge) The only thing I'm unsure about is the coloring. The hair seems the most annoying to color.
  14. Punio

    My First Sprite Attempt

    I'm not sure what's confusing about it, to be honest. They're on top. Would it be more clear if they were spinning, or am I going to have to mess with the color palette? EDIT: I've got my first character's down-facing sprites, Rathy. Something seems off in the animation for it, specifically in the first walking frame. It's probably off because the middle frame isn't standing straight. Because of the way RM is setup, it will look funny if the middle frame isn't a merger of the left and right frame. Also, I agree with alex, the propellers are in the wrong place realistically. The way you have it drawn, makes it look like it has a propeller on the side of which ever way it's facing relative to the screen. If this doesn't make sense, I can draw up a quick sketch to show you what I mean.
  15. Heya Mirage, slowly I find my way around in the forums and now I found your amazing thread I don't know if you know me, however Ive seen your first pic in the screenshit discussion thread and already found it amazing (sent it to a friend to encourage him for rpgm)! Needlessly to say the other pictures also look beautiful and Im looking forward to seeing more hehe Best regards, Ympker not sure if intended ...On another note, the lighting effects are very well done. Was curious though, on the outside maps, do the sun rays lock to the screen and follow you, or are they static?
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