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  1. Alright, I fixed it First I uninstalled (just in control pannel) and reinstalled the cracked version (I use a cracked version instead of my purchased version because having steam open every time I want to WORK is just impractical), didn't work. So, I uninstalled, manually removed the folder from the computer with its remaining files, manually removed RPG Maker VX Ace entirely from the computer, reboot, and installed the steam version, fixed. Uninstalled steam version, re-installed crack version, stays fixed.
  2. I might be awfuly wrong but I don't remember RPG Maker VX Ace doing this: On the switches, variables, etc. conditions area, the values didn't use to show up unless a box was ticked, what gives?! Nevermind, closed the two programs, re-opened and it fixed itself... I, I don't even. =X EDIT: Nevermind, please don't close, it happens again as soon as I tick ANY box.
  3. Starke

    Kickstarter and pay to use scripts

    Absolutely not, commercial is commercial is commercial, kickstarter IS commercializing something even tho the vehicle isn't the common "give me money here's the product", but kickstater, patreon, croudraising and something like that is still commercial since you're getting paid for the game, therefore, no I wouldn't recommend it, you can however like pointed out, ask the person who did the script to allow you to use it, agree on a value and pay him when available or have a free license for X months and pay him after.