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    I'm fair at scripting, thanks to having taken C++, Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, and PHP in college, but I never learned Ruby. I can still work in it to modify scripts, but original scripts are probably not going to come from me.
  1. Anema

    FP: Conditional Effects

    Perfect, thank you! I can think of a million ways to utilize this script!
  2. Anema

    FP: Conditional Effects

    I've set the ability to only work on One Ally (Dead), of course. I'm using <fp:ce f b.actor_id == 006> to check whether the Knight is targeted, and it works, for the most part. When I'm using that tag, though, it removes the Death State properly, but it doesn't apply the Death Knight state. When I remove the tag, the Death Knight State is properly applied, and the Death State is properly removed. Any ideas what is preventing the Death Knight state from being applied while I'm using the <fp:ce f b.actor_id == 006> note tag?
  3. Anema

    FP: Conditional Effects

    Additional examples for the syntax would be awesome. Great script, I'm working with it now to try to create a Skill that can only be used on one character. A Knight of Darkness serves the Vampire Queen, and when he has the Death State, she can use her ability "Loyal Beyond Death" to bring him back as a Death Knight. I'm going to mess around with it a while, but what is the syntax that should go in the skill's notebox? <fp: ce f b.name == Derevius> ? (Derevius is the name of the Knight). b.actor_id?
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