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  1. Blood Knight

    Jet's Mouse Control script

    Bump. Following rules ofc
  2. Blood Knight

    Touch Screen HUD/Controls

    Cheers guys. i'll check them out
  3. Blood Knight

    Touch Screen HUD/Controls

    Could you point me to the script you are referring to? Sorry just never poked around this area of things before.
  4. Blood Knight

    Touch Screen HUD/Controls

    If it's running windows I don't see why not? It's just a laptop with a touch screen?
  5. Blood Knight

    XS - Icon Menu

    Is there any way to implement the character window? I tried mixing this script with your other one but to no avail.
  6. http://www.facebook.com/Anamord <- Check out my game :) it's a school project that's a work in progress ^_^
  7. Blood Knight

    XS - Menu

    I am getting this too. Can anyone help?
  8. Blood Knight

    XS - Icon Menu

    Hey I love this menu. Kept getting some error about the "To Title" one so I removed it haha but I don't really see the point in it when shutdown gives you the option to go to title or shutdown. EDIT: Replaced it with the options script by Yanfly Anywho I have a question, How can I have it so it called the party window because when I go "Equip" I want to be able to customize my whole party, at the moment it only does it for my main character....