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  1. It's a vanilla MV map (Normal Town) with no changes. There are no events. It seems like it's slow out-of-the-box in Chrome. I don't understand why (or how to fix it). 30FPS IMO is not that bad, but compared to 60, it "feels" slow, like you're moving in slow motion. I got this. On the same machine, when running in my native browser, it renders with WebGL, at 30FPS. On that same machine, in an Ubuntu VM, it renders with Canvas at 60FPS. Is there any way I can force MV to disable running WebGL and always run with canvas rendering? I'm probably not the only person whose GPU works worse with WebGL than it does with Canvas rendering.
  2. I created something like this too. And I see two problems: 1) It uses external links (doesn't keep copies of stuff) 2) It only addresses scripts -- not resources (eg. sprites) Are there any plans to address these two issues? If not, I will revive my own project for this, which I put on hold when I heard about this.
  3. ashes999

    Image Window

    Progress: it appears I can load images and blit them directly to the window, with code like this: achievement = AchievementManager.achievements[index] self.refresh contents.blt(0, 0, Bitmap.new(achievement.image), Rect.new(0, 0, 100, 100), 255) This blits the an image (100x100) with the image achievement.image to 0, 0. What I'm still missing: how to make these selectable, instead of having the achievement names (or dummy text) in the background. I should probably use Window_Selectable instead of Window_Command.
  4. ashes999

    XS - Icon Menu

    Hi, Can I make an improvement suggestion? Instead of using numbers to assign items to the array, use the "<<" operator. eg. Change: MENU_LIST[1] = ["Skills", "Manage your available skills.", :skill, :command_skill, 112, true] To: MENU_LIST << ["Skills", "Manage your available skills.", :skill, :command_skill, 112, true] This makes it easier to quickly re-order, and/or remove items, from the menu, without reordering everything.
  5. ashes999

    Dynamic item notes

    I don't think that's significant. A typical RPG Maker game, complete with assets, will weigh in at tens of megabytes (10-100MB). Bumping the save file size from 60kb to 430kb is insignificant compared to that. Cheers dude, thanks for your help. I really appreciate that you had this all figured out when I came along
  6. ashes999

    Dynamic item notes

    Sometimes I feel like a QA tester :/ I tested your script and it works great. Thanks for resolving my problem so fast. I'm not sure if you're calling the right methods internally, and what the side-effects are, but it works, so we'll see. FYI, I think the convention is to put the version in the file, not in the time. I've checked a copy into my RPG Maker Scripts repo here: https://github.com/ashes999/rpg-maker-resources/tree/gh-pages/vx-ace/scripts
  7. ashes999

    Dynamic item notes

    Thanks. That works, and load/save works as expected, minus one case: - New game - Item 1 has image 1 - Set item 1 to image 2 - Save and quit - Start a new game - Look at item 1. You get image 2 instead of image 1. Loading/saving works as expected though, this is the only bug I see. I solved problems like this with my custom save system. It allows you to specify the data on startup (via DataManager.setup), and on load/save it persists the value.
  8. ashes999

    [LDS] Save Screen 1.0

    I, too, get the same error. One thing to note: you have a bunch of clauses like: return if @actors.empty? || @actors.nil? If @actors really is nil, this will crash, because the .empty? call is evaluated first on a nil variable. You need to reverse it, like so: return if @actors.nil? || @actors.empty?
  9. ashes999

    Window Timer

    This is exactly what I needed--thanks so much! I hope you don't mind; I added it to my global/shared repo of scripts here.
  10. Herp... Very well, I will go with a custom class. By the way, the timeline never worked for me. I even tried copy/pasting the excerpts from the documentation at the start of the script; I just get a nil reference. Maybe that's what lead me down this road. Can you post the entire contents of your sample Credits.txt file?
  11. I've updated your script slightly with two changes: - Play background audio on start (and stop on stop) - Optional flag to transition back to the titlescreen when credits are done Please integrate these into your master version. (You can set the BG audio to nil and the flag to false for sensible defaults.) Codez: on GitHub
  12. ashes999

    Fade type when transfering player

    Can you provide a code sample please?
  13. ashes999

    Fade type when transfering player

    Did you ever figure this out (the fade type for instance transfer)? I see the same problem with Victor Light Effects that you do. The trick is to fade out before transfer and fade in after transfer.
  14. ashes999

    Removing "Save" from Menu Command list

    *Necro* If you want a simple drag-and-drop script that does the same thing, you can use this: # Disable saving class Window_MenuCommand def add_save_command end end
  15. ashes999

    [Quasi] Shops

    Precisely what I need for my roguelike. Thanks man. I do note, however, that the level shops are a bit ... odd. If I start a new game, I get weapons/armour that cost several thousand (like 3000-15000) while on level one. Not a great result, considering how little gold you get for early encounters using the default troops. Still, resetting is easy enough, and you will eventually get reasonable goods. (This is using a default setup, like so:) SHOPS = { 0 => [:items, [:level]], 1 => [:wep, [:level]], 2 => [:arm, [:level]] }
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