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  1. jobwaggon

    forum games Ban the person above you!

    Banned for being a Scrooge.
  2. jobwaggon

    forum games Ban the person above you!

    Banned because I had no internet while I visited my family so all my banning has built up and I have to release it!
  3. jobwaggon

    forum games Ban the person above you!

    Banned for giving Star Wars spoilers!
  4. jobwaggon

    forum games Ban the person above you!

    Banned for typing in circles.
  5. jobwaggon

    forum games Ban the person above you!

    Banned for excessive rule making.
  6. jobwaggon

    forum games Ban the person above you!

    Banned for saying Sora is a Keyblade Master when clearly, of his group, only Riku is a Keyblade master!
  7. So I redid my combat system, nad I had to end up changing the class system a little too, so now most characters can dual wield weapons.

  8. jobwaggon

    Download hosting?

    Mine is about .75 of a GB. Without the RTP, with it it's about .9GB And I use my drive quite a bit. But I'm not getting three a day, that's about how much I COULD do. I haven't even gotten any interest in over a year.
  9. jobwaggon

    Looking for a Godlike Name?

    Noxisviel Sometimes shorter names are better, Ra as an example. Umbra Something small and ominous without being distracting in itself.
  10. jobwaggon

    Lune Item Weight

    Hello, Your script is wonderful! But I'm having some trouble figuring it out. I'm having a problem with the carry weight. I want to make it equal too the sum of all party member's level multiplied by 5 plus 50. But I can't figure out how to do it. I have:" Carry_Limit = :all_lvl # Now you need to configure the formula of the weight limit, # Exemple, if I want to the limit be 2 times all the party members strength # def self.weight_formula(at) # at * 2 # end # at is the value of the atribute, and the multiply by 2 to get the total limit. # In case its a variable or a constant number, just put the # variable number, or the constant number. # Exemple: # def self.weight_formula(at) # 20 # end # The limit will be variable 20, ou if chosen a constant, will be 20. def self.weight_formula(at) at * 5 + 50 end " Is this not right? My carry limit for my party keeps showing up as 0 and I'm not sure why. Can anyone help me out? I'm not very good at scripting things but I'm trying to get better for my game's sake.
  11. jobwaggon

    Chill-out Corner (Fave Music Thread)

    No Profanity? That's tough. My current Fave LOVES to spout the F-word. But I found one of her songs without it~ Hasley- Control~ (Since someone already posted Mad Hatter~ I love Melanie too ^) https://youtu.be/so8V5dAli-Q
  12. BAYONETTA FOR SM4SH?!?! YEEEES! My wish has been granted!

    1. Amysaurus


      I thought she'd fit really well into the games, so I'm super happy about it! ^__^

    2. _____


      She doesn't seem to fit at all to me, and I don't really like her character, but i'm atleast glad others are happy about her...

    3. jobwaggon


      I think it's great, since she is really a member of Nintendo now~ Thought I have ot say I'm not sure how to feel about Corrin, I mean, another fire emblem person? But at the same time they have some unique and interesting moves, they aren't just another Marth clone XD

  13. jobwaggon

    Download hosting?

    Ah, alright, if that's normal then okay, I'll just keep what I've got, I just wish I could generate some interest in my game. I'm thinking of doing a few play through like videos and maybe trying to make a trailer for it so I can see if there's any interest in it.
  14. jobwaggon

    Download hosting?

    Okay, so I looked at the site I'm using to let people download my game from, and the amount of traffic it lets me have is minuscule! It's no wonder people aren't trying my game, I can only average about three downloads PER DAY! I don't think I'm allowed to say their name, but does anyone have suggestions for where I could post my game to in order to let people download it with more ease? I really need to start getting some people to play test it and see if there are bugs or issues that I haven't found yet.
  15. jobwaggon

    Fairy Tale Contest!

    It was mentioned in the paragraph above that. " I will then use your author's name for a quest that will involve part of your story, or perhaps a book related quest. (I'll even use a custom sprite or make one in your likeness if you want)." I moved it so it's easier to see what I meant. And great, look forward to hearing from you.