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  1. DisturbedInside

    A hiatus

    Hey guys and girls, I regret to inform you that due to a heavy college load (chemistry, differential equations, statistics, physics, and computer science that's 20 units!! O_o)and work, an my continuing efforts to transfer to Harvey Mudd college, I am going on hiatus. I had hoped to continue scripting and working on my game throughout the school year, but it is not feasibly possible. Hopefully I will be back sometime in winter or next year. But I will be back. I wish all of you he best of luck in your scripting and game development efforts and will look forward to seeing posts from you all when I return. Wish me luck and hopefully I will be back before anybody knows it, misses me, or notices... Best wishes, ~DisturbedInside **if anybody objects to my hiatus, I might just continue contributing to the community as much as I can. (I already got rid of my rpg maker vx ace to focus on my studies!) ***maybe, just maybe I'll bring Yanfly back with me
  2. Hey Pinka This problem is a problem with Tsukihime's base element info script. I guarantee you if you put Tsukihime's element info script in and take out mine, it will be the same result. Of course you could try the elemental modifiers script (I think it's Tsukihime's) The problem is that there is no base formula for element attack and element resistance. I can try to write one, but no guarantees, since I will probably be going on hiatus soon. Cheers ~DisturbedInside
  3. @Sievn What do you want to see added? @ Mr. Bubble. Thanks: I already fixed this. Thought about it last night SCRIPT UPDATED!! to version 1.04
  4. @Sievn If you're using the default size for the RPG MAKER VX ACE here is the code to use @element_window = Window_ElementStatus.new(wx-144, wy, 544, Graphics.height - wy) just search for @element_window = Window_ElementStatus.new(wx-240, wy, 640, Graphics.height - wy) it should be around line 560. if you are using a different size by using Yanfly's core engine or someone else's core engine, let me know. @Tsukihime You're absolutely right. This particular Yanfly script doesn't allow scrolling within certain tabs. I suppose I could make it more like the custom 3 (class system) But I always figured I could resize the window that was created. BTW: I found one small error in the script (didn't test O_o) So I updated it!
  5. DisturbedInside

    Yanfly Status Menu & KMS Generic Gauge

    Ok mr bubble. I updated it and followed the guidelines. Better?
  6. DisturbedInside

    Custom Item Screen

    lol oh great script btw!
  7. DisturbedInside

    RBA - EXP gauges for VXAce V1.4

    nice work! Will it work with yanfly status window?
  8. DisturbedInside

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Sorry casper the size i am using is 640 x 416
  9. DisturbedInside

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Its not really compatible with Yanfly's core script (the window size part) is it? the windows and locations of numbers are skewing... Any suggestions on how to fix this? the window size I am using is 544 x 416 thanks ~DisturbedInside
  10. DisturbedInside

    KMS Distribute Parameter - Full Translation

    Awesome! This is an epic script!
  11. Naruto Manga is the best!!!

  12. DisturbedInside

    N.A.S.T.Y. Animated Main Menu

    having a problem adding flipelyflip window time. The game keeps freezing during transition Here's what I have I think the problem is here orig_x = 0#Graphics.width - @playtime_window.width orig_y = 308#Graphics.width - @playtime_window.width I can't figure this out
  13. DisturbedInside

    DisturbedInside's Party Manager

    No problem. I don't know why Yanfly's battle system would cause a problem.... It didn't for me... Did you place the Party regroup and Party manager above the battle script? Thanks. I know. I just uploaded it and haven't gotten around to adding anything or more script. I think the script is pretty self explanatory. Just post if you have questions
  14. DisturbedInside

    VE - Visual Equip

    Hey Victor, I have a question regarding the Visual Equip and events. I know that you said the graphics for an event can be changed with the Visual Equip. However, I am using a script where events are created on the fly. A player is dropped off and they are placed on the map as an event. I was wondering how and if it's possible to change the graphics of the events then... The script I am talking about is: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/4130-party-regroup/ Thanks ~DisturbedInside