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  1. UltimateBoskonovitch

    Custom Item Screen

    This is cool. So using this xD
  2. UltimateBoskonovitch

    CSCA Achievements

    I want to request that feature too! just make a Pic in Photoshop to use as the window and add the image to the picture. no need for an add-on just did'nt check the config of the script is all lol.
  3. UltimateBoskonovitch

    Window_MapName+ edit with image -FIXED-

    I'm slightly more interested in the open source of Valkyrie Stories as the link was taken down before I got my hands on it. :'(
  4. UltimateBoskonovitch

    VE - Pixel Movement

    Overlord Victor strikes again. Yet another great and usefull script. Love it!
  5. UltimateBoskonovitch

    [GDS] Picture Menu

    I secound that request if at all feasible. ALSOooooooo....... Loving the script, no longer am I forced to use generic menu's!! This is what I've been after for ages lol. Thanks a bunch!
  6. UltimateBoskonovitch

    CSCA Achievements

    Oh sweet aquiring this now xD and myself among many others have been waiting for this although is it possible to display an image when an achievement is acquired? like with xbox achievements display the xbox icon to the left of the text? Ok, Ignore that lol custom graphic in place of window will do the trick very nicely indeed. Thanks for this.
  7. UltimateBoskonovitch

    WFz - MenuBase

    Does this work the same as MOGhunter's wallpaper ex? A screenie would be appreciated if yo don't mind.