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  1. -YS-

    Animated Faces

    Wow thanks very much. It's working now ^^ Time to continue my project
  2. -YS-

    Animated Faces

    Hai, I use your script for my project and I got this. This is work when I only have 1 actor in my party But if I add another actor, I got this. Can you please tell me how to fix this? I only use zeuz resolution++ for now this script is my 2nd after zeuz resolution and this is my actor setup : Thanks for making this script I hope this can be solved so I can finally use this nice one ^^
  3. Syvkal, your script is amazing But can you help me with compactibility? My project is use Equip Learn Skill from Fomar0153 with AP Learning System When I gave passive skill to my equipment with unlearn condition like +50 HP the skill it's worked, my actor gain +50 HP but when I remove my equip, that passive skill still there and not removed. how can this script come like FF IX ability system with AP you know in FF IX has many passive skill in their equipment skill learning system. Thanks, I hope you can solve my problem.
  4. I'm... not a Hero... I don't have requirement to be a Hero...

  5. I'm... not a Hero...

  6. -YS-

    VE - Animated Battle

    Wooow, you solved my problem ^^ It's worked, thx so much for your help ^^
  7. -YS-

    VE - Animated Battle

    I read the user manual but when I'm testing it, comes like this I tried to change positon but that's not work Please help me, thx so much. ^^