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  1. RagingHobo

    RPG Stat Systems

    Character stats drive pretty much every aspect of a game. Personally, the DnD standard of Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, and Cha form a solid basis from which to generate other attributes. Depending on what version of DnD (or offshoot like Pathfinder) you're currently running the meta changes, but I think 5th edition has done a good job balancing most of it. My least favorite have to me anything that implements a stat system where one stat fill some singular purpose and the others have multiple roles. This quickly creates a meta around cranking a specific stat for most benefit and ruins the ability of the player to play how they want to play. What are some of your most/least favorite systems?
  2. RagingHobo


    Sorry for the outage. The host took the server offline to perform security patching and after everything came back up the db crashed the users table. This took some time to restore. Everything should be working normally now.
  3. RagingHobo

    Upgrade Issue Thread

    The ROI (in terms of time adjusted for testing in case of a possible failure that causes another issue) to write the script to perform this operation vs having the affected user make the change is heavily in favor of the latter. This is most likely a mapping issue in the current charset since part of the update was to convert the db. This was done with an IPB provided tool and may possibly be addressed in a future version of IPB.
  4. RagingHobo

    Upgrade Issue Thread

    Yeah they did, everything is moved around or just gone. Search still works though, somewhat helpful.
  5. Please post any issues you notice with the forum after the upgrade here. Before doing so please clear out your browser cache and close out your browser completely to rule out any caching related issues.
  6. RagingHobo

    Forum threads crashing on Firefox

    Yup these things seem to go in cycles, Opera Neon is looking promising at the moment
  7. RagingHobo

    Recent Shenanigans

    Trust me I saw plenty of these last night It's just your browser caching the site, if you clear your browser cache and go to any rpgmakervxace.net link, it should redirect you to the same link but use rpgmakercentral.com now. Mobile browsers are pretty terrible at caching and persisting data, so it is less of an issue there.
  8. RagingHobo

    Recent Shenanigans

    Please, I beg of you, do not upgrade to IPS 4. It's an absolute trainwreck. (See RMW) (Well I mean you can if you want, I just don't like it lol) Speaking of new board software, Xenforo is really good., much better than IPS 4 in my opinion. Anyways, good luck with the upgrade! Can you elaborate on this? I dont really frequent that forum so I'm not sure what you mean. What about IPB 4 dont you like?
  9. RagingHobo

    Recent Shenanigans

    I instinctively selected the space between 'and' and 'breathes' only to find nothing. XD My mistake, a typo, fixed now.
  10. RagingHobo

    Recent Shenanigans

    You may have noticed that the URL of the site has recently changed. Rather than chasing the latest version of RPGMaker we as a team decided it would be beneficial to open the community to all of the RPGMaker versions and even include other makers that aren't a part of the Enterbrain/Degica family. This is the first of many upcoming changes. The next major change will involve upgrading the board to the latest and greatest or quite possible a new board software. Right now we are on the upgrade path but that may change. We'll keep you posted. Things that are coming up but haven't been fleshed out yet: -New forum integrated front page -Game/Asset marketplace -Board RPG - We're a community of RPG enthusiasts, why not create a browser (or client) based game that lives and breathes with the community? We will be making announcements as the new features get closer to release and see what you as our community would like to see in said new features.
  11. RagingHobo

    Very Strange Occurrences

    This is strange. I cant get any of this behavior to occur for me on any browser I've tried, desktop or mobile (no banner of mangoes for me =( ). We did have some intermittent nameserver issues but those appear to have resolved themselves. Can you try using another browser and let me know if you are still seeing this?
  12. VXAce Steam Key for $10? Yes Please!

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    2. Darkanine


      Sweet! I just saved up 30 dollars to buy Luna engine!


    3. Chaosian


      That's some pretty impressive deals actually!

    4. taarna23


      Thanks for the tip! Was able to pick up a copy for a friend.

  13. RagingHobo

    Member Forum Themes

    Hi thanks for the offer, but at the moment we are not changing or re designing the forum. In the future yes, but for now no. Well, I don't think he was asking because he had any plans of implementing them. Some people just get enjoyment out of that like i get enjoyment out of writing long walls of text nobody with a lack of patience wants to read! (Which I'm okay with, guys, really, it's cool!) Just giving my two cents, wouldn't be bad to give him those details, would it? I dunno, it might be! I'm just a regular forum lamb here not anyone relevant or important. (at least not yet but shhhh! :0 ) Also if people can apply client side skins I think that'd be neat. I guess being the creative fella I am I just don't think we should waste a member's chance to contribute! Even if they are never used it's pretty clear he's enthusiastic about it. As Kaz mentioned above, this is something we will be looking for in the future but right now have no need of. Right now we're waiting for Invision to release a new version of the forums which from what I've been reading is completely rearchitected. Meaning, that everything is different under the hood and will not be compatible with anything from the previous version. dbchest, if you are still interested, be aware that skinning a forum can get pretty involved and has many moving parts. It is all mainly CSS and HTML with relatively few actual images. Below is a pretty decent resource but it is out dated. http://www.smartestcomputing.us.com/topic/37422-ipb-3-how-to-skinning/
  14. RagingHobo

    No birthdays? Glitch?

    I am showing 8 birthdays today. Theyre not calendar events so the wont show under the Upcoming Events section but if you click on the calendar and then the birthdays it will show you everyone that is celebrating today. Edit: Ah you must mean the Today's Birthdays block on the forum index. Edit2: Fixed.
  15. We are back up and running. Sorry for the outage, the database was being cranky.

    1. Knighterius


      Thanks, RagingHobo!

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