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  1. ekomega

    advanced drop system

    Did you check Modern Algebra's drop scripts? You can set a group of items as linked to a dummy item, and have an enemy drop the dummy item. Then when the player receives the dummy item as a drop, they instead randomly receive one item from the group. You can then set the 3 drops from the monster to each be linked to different dummy items, with different drop rates. And you can even use another script to extend the number of drops beyond 3. Does that sound like what you're looking for?
  2. ekomega

    equip/unequip turns on/off switch [SOLVED]

    Tsukihime has such a script. Get it from their page.
  3. It's not possible with a modification of this script. All this script does is allow you to enter the Equip Scene during the Battle Scene, by calling the Equip Scene and setting up rules for going back to the Battle Scene. AFAIK, you can't pass any restrictions or modifications into the Equip Scene through the scene call (someone who knows more may correct me on this).
  4. ekomega

    Issue with Yanfly's Ace Status Menu Script.

    Looks like a script conflict. What other scripts are you using?
  5. ekomega

    Pause screen button change

    What key are you changing it to? I have a feeling your problem is related to how the keys are named in the engine, vs. what you're putting in the script. If you check out Cidiomar's Input script, it will give you an idea of what keys are named in the editor. For example, "9" isn't that, it's "NUMBER_9" or the like (don't quote me on this).
  6. Do you have any other scripts? This looks like a script conflict issue. But also, that script got a little buggy in the later versions and is no longer supported. Try an earlier version? They all used to be on his website.
  7. ekomega

    Randomized stats

    There is one randomized item script. I'm too busy to look it up, but I wanted to let you know that I've seen it. Check RMRK and rpgmakerweb?
  8. ekomega

    Need ideas for target scopes

    1) All allies with a certain equipment equipped. 2) Level/stat based expressions (level/5, ATK/20, HP>250, etc.) 3) You already covered characters with certain states (all allies who are dead, etc.). 4) All allies, all enemies, all characters with an elemental resistance or weakness (target all enemies weak to fire or strong to lightning). 5) All enemies of a certain type (if a type is given in notetags, etc.) 6) The number of targets affected is based on a variable, for random/nonrandom allies/enemies/characters 7) Effects enemies if switch is off, allies and enemies if switch is on (or vice versa) or allies on, enemies off, etc. 8) Targets allies with one effect, enemies with another, with the same skill (kamikaze sacrifice that attacks enemies and heals all other party members and kills the user) Just some ideas. Some might be stupid or hard to script.
  9. ekomega

    MONSTER BOOK (v1.4) problem

    #EXP self.contents.draw_text(280,24 * 0 , 96, 24, enemy.exp,2) #Gold self.contents.draw_text(400,24 * 0 , 96, 24, enemy.gold,2) Those lines draws the enemy exp and gold. Nothing there indicates that they should be halved, and they're not referenced anywhere else. You could always try multiplying them by 2 and solve your problem the kludgy way. Does the script require any other scripts to run, like core scripts or anything?
  10. ekomega

    "Show Text" Event BUG

    Or find a text wrap-around script. There are several.
  11. ekomega

    Imported Map blurry as heck in game

    So I guess it looks a little blurry. What resolution is the image from gimp? and what script are you using to use the image in game?
  12. ekomega

    Imported Map blurry as heck in game

    When you say it looks fine in Gimp, what do you mean? I imagine that the problem is - since VX Ace has such a low resolution, it's difficult to actually make images for a game and view them reasonably on a normal monitor's resolution. If you resize the map, it can still "look good", but if you don't zoom in or change the scale you are using, you may not see what the map actually looks like. That's my guess. Provide screenshots?
  13. ekomega

    State protraits

    It's portuguese.
  14. ekomega

    Naming Save Files

    xxSmokeWeed4lifexx LOL.
  15. ekomega

    Bug with Exponents?

    ninja-ed. ** instead of ^
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