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  1. Archeia

    RPGMaker MV

    And your source for this? http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/43220-rpg-maker-mv/?p=426410.
  2. Archeia

    RPGMaker MV

    It's already in English.
  3. That's how it works. I linked a wiki that explains all the mechanics if you get confused!
  4. Pass will always cost a half turn. It won't be a PTB anymore based on what you're trying to do
  5. Archeia

    Need Opinions On Luna Engine Please?

    Yeah it's just OP is asking for opinions Ergh, another thing, Neonblack is just a volunteer that wanted to do some scripts for it and not really active. But it's just technically Yami doing all the programming who's in uni. I just do very small fixes (and at one point I even had to ask you lol). It's why updates and compatibility fixes comes in scarce haha. And man I don't have that much patience, more power to you bro.
  6. Archeia

    Need Opinions On Luna Engine Please?

    We have over 3-4 examples for the UI demo (Ys, Factory, Etrian and the Default Luna layout) which I think is a sufficient amount. They've been there since the beginning. And of course, just like Yanfly, I do wish that people would make alternates of the same thing to solve the compatibility issue, because let's face it, it's impossible to do compatibility for every script out there. I don't even want to touch Victor's because he does things way differently. But my reply is mostly that I don't like how some seems misinformed as to what we're actually aiming for even when I have wrote the reasoning for Luna Engine in my site. It would be cool if you could finish your iteration and I hope if there's a newer RM series, more people will do the same thing (although I highly doubt it because of the sheer amount of work).
  7. Archeia

    Need Opinions On Luna Engine Please?

    Hi there Takeo, I am one of the makers of the Luna Engine but I wanted to clarify something No, Luna Engine's point is not to rely on scripts that has predetermined UI like MOGs (if we follow design AND typography rules, I would argue they're not beautiful at all) with limited options and functionality. But MOG's scripts are following a different mindset, he's making a set of scripts which the common folk would love to have since their job is cut out for them which is an awesome endeavour. However, a lot of people seem to be missing the point. Also your comment about the helpfile is highly outdated now as the script comments does all the talking for the helpfile. There's also some tutorials and there is not much you can teach people on how to make something if they themselves are not sure what kind of layout they wanted to do to make their games standout. We also update it (now at 1.04) as much as we can and trying to streamline the process even further. Just like most software programs! The reason we made Luna Engine is because there is not a single script out there that gives an artist with creative freedom to do whatever they want. If Destiny engine (IIRC which I'm pretty sure has been released after Luna Engine's conception because I spent a lot of years looking for something like Luna Engine) does the same thing, well done! That is exactly what we wanted ages ago and more options are always welcome. We already do this and in fact, we have added a new add-on that allows you to make your own custom scenes without having to write from scratch and compatible with Luna. I'm not trying to start a war/I'm better than you scenario but I wanted to clarify some misconceptions you have now of the engine as opposed to its beta version. Oh wow, I must admit, I really like that menu style and layout. It looks really, really nice! That layout is based on my Factory menu demo which you can also easily modify.
  8. Archeia

    Taller Sprites

    I'm not really emotionally stable right now so I did a really bad edit: It's not 100% perfect but I just can't focus enough. But some notes. Learn about hue and value shifting. Don't settle for monochrome colors as they are boring and makes it hard to make details pop out. Lighting doesn't work that way especially if you research about Refracted light, etc. Learn a little bit about anatomy. I suggest looking over SNES sprites to learn how they are simplified. Pixel Art relies heavily on colors so you need to make sure they have enough contrast to print out details. Light source is usually top left. Try focusing on that as it's easier and gives you more space for depth. You're also almost on the borderline of pillowshading so try to research that and avoid it ASAP.
  9. Archeia

    Full-body images

    I really like how they look like but I'm bad with words so I hope you don't mind this. It's kinda rushed. :0
  10. Archeia

    RPG Maker VXAce Profiler

    Since it checks the time between frames and then updates based on that; it was probably skipping frames and got knocked off. That means that particular section of your game is lagging.
  11. Archeia

    Utilizing GIF images

    It took forever to find but here you go! http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/281-gif-animation-sequences/
  12. Archeia

    Theo - VX Style Choices

    I still wish this was still part of VXAce default ;w; Thank you for this~
  13. Archeia

    Resizing view to 800x600 (without scaling)

    It's hardcoded to be capped to 640x480. Unless the DLL itself (against the EULA) is changed it's not possible.
  14. Result of the Stream :Dhttp://i.imgur.com/oELolyy.jpg Thank you for watching!

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      Whenever I see something like this, I just look at my hands and think "Why can't you guys and my brain get on the same page."

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      Ooooh superb job, hun! ^0^

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  15. Hey guys, I'm going to stream a drawing session over here if you're interested: http://www.twitch.tv/archeia

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