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  1. Hey there guys! I updated the main post for Tankentai Version 100 to include sleek simple steps to success and an updated video to boot! Also contains clear links to the error/add-on collection post and commercial availability post. Hope you guys like the changes. Happy developing! Your friendly neighborhood, Passive Lion
  2. The Passive Lion

    [RMVXA] Tankentai Commercial Use Status (RESOLVED!)

    Just updated the main post to reflect the new findings. Thank you all for your contributions! Your friendly neighborhood, Passive Lion Dream. Develop. Deliver.
  3. Through his website. However, I would recommend checking out the research I've done on if Enu already states his scripts are commercially available. My human translation didn't go over so well. Haven't been able to dive back into as of late. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/6857-rmvxa-tankentai-commercial-use-status-have-our-questions-been-answered/
  4. The Passive Lion


    You're missing one crucial part of your coded skill line. Its been a while since I've messed with Tankentai but as I remember, you need to look for the generic 'attack' skill in the script and find the part of the code that is something along the lines of "move in the presence of the enemy" except it will be in Japanese. You need to add that to your custom skill just before your character does the attack. This should solve your problem. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update to the Master List: -Added 2 new Tutorials -Added solution to New Error -Updated/generalized the message at the top of the post
  5. The Passive Lion


    Posting this real quick to say that I will add these new issues and solutions to the master list soon. Don't have the time now but I will get right on it when I can. Thank you so much guys for helping make this such an awesome community!
  6. Ashern, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but must applaud you for finding what looks like a plausible solution. I have not had the chance to test this out yet (or even had the idea cross my mind of enemies using weapons) and so I must say that I am excited to implement this technique. @Richard De Goede Yes this tutorial is very basic, however, I am currently uploading to YouTube a new tutorial (part 3) which demonstrates a way to get started on making skills. I'll also update this page when the time is right. Thank you all for making such a great community out of this! Your friendly neighborhood, Passive Lion EDIT: Part 2 and Part 3 have just been added to the first post. Unfortunately Part 2's video will have to be a link as I can't have three videos embedded in to the same post at a time. Hope you guys like the updates!
  7. Ok, to solve your gun issue: Check to make sure that your gun icon is set up properly. To be honest, the gun can be facing any direction in the icon box but in order to get it to appear correctly in game, you would have to go into the guns actions commands and modify its position yourself. To find these, go into Victors Animated Battles Script and press Ctrl+F then type in Gun and hit Enter. You see the parameters for the icon? This is sort of hit and miss (and least for me anyways) when it comes to messing with the numbers to get the gun to look just right as it animates. Keep a copy of the original presets and mess with these gently. However, if this doesn't sound too convincing, you can always open up an image editing program and modify your icon sheet so that the gun you are using is rotated in the direction best suited for the scripts icon animation presets. Now on to your bow troubles: So the reason why nothing is changing when you modify the icon is this: the script isn't using the icon. It is using the image that you downloaded from Victor's Site and imported into the Resource Manager. You'll have to import a new image (the one you want to use) and name it the same thing as the previous bow in order to change the way it looks. Or, if you want to keep the original bow and then add a new one, just import another bow with a new name and then tell the script to use that bow instead of Victor's. Simple enough. Let me know if my explanation was a bit too confusing. And finally, the claw: You are correct. Solve this the same way you would solve the gun. Hope this answered your questions. Very sorry it took so long to reply and I wish I had the time to include pics with these instructions. However, be on the look out for part 2 of this tutorial where I'll further explain some of the things you had issues with. Happy developing! Your friendly neighborhood, Passive Lion
  8. Have you set up your game project with Ver. 099's animations.rvdata2 file? This might be the issue. If not, when does this error occur? When the battle starts, when a character dies or is incapacitated, or when a skill or magic is used?
  9. The Passive Lion

    Yo~! Im a new random guy~

    Welcome to the community! I'm sure I'll see ya around again sometime. If you ever need any tips on some basics with the software, just let me know. Your friendly neighborhood, Passive Lion
  10. I'm going to go ahead and add this type of error to the Master List (as VenomTDA suggested...just can't find the post now lol) so that it stays updated with the current version of the script. Thanks for the submission and I'm glad you figured it out. I apologize for not being able to reply to it sooner. Your friendly neighborhood, Passive Lion
  11. The Passive Lion


    The spoilers for this thread are only to show who created the tutorial/guide. Click on the title link to be taken to the corresponding post.
  12. The Passive Lion

    Progress Report 2

    I do greatly admire your battlers, Holder, but seeing as the story elements of my game call for oddly specific creations, I'm unable to use your battlers or find a good way of inserting them in story-wise. I've got a feeling Venom is running into the same issue lol.
  13. I do believe a private message would work best in this situation. Try to limit conversations on this thread and only utilize it for posts about technical errors. In the future, if anyone wishes to post a tutorial or new discovery they've made with Tankentai for Ace, post it here and then send me a PM about it so I can add it to the Master List right away! Glad to see this thread has turned into what I hoped it would be right from the very start. Your friendly neighborhood, Passive Lion
  14. The Passive Lion


    UPDATE: -Added a new tutorial to the master list. -Updated information regarding Tankentai's Commercial Use Availability **NOTICE: If there is a Tutorial that you guys want to share, by all means, post it here! But if you do so, please send me a PM like Blobsndrees did about me adding it to the master list. It makes it a little easier for me to keep track of what I need to link to and exactly what to call it. Thanks. You're friendly neighborhood, Passive Lion
  15. WOW! A lot of posting going on and its only been a day! (or so...losing track of time lately). Just have one question: Is there anything new I should add to the master list? I was going through the posts and it just looks like VenomTDA has highlighted on some finer points of a workaround that already exists on the list. Not sure though, correct me if I'm wrong. Your friendly neighborhood, Passive Lion
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