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    Manga and anime, RPGs of all sorts, Touhou, strategy games and fighting games.
  1. In my game you can equip multiple accessories, I am going for something like FF6's relic system. There is an accessory that gives you the ability to dual wield weapons and an accessory that boosts your attack in exchange for losing your ability to use a shield. However since characters have multiple accessory slots they can equip both of these accessories at the same time and seal shield does not affect the Weapon 2 slot, allowing the character to dual wield and gain the Two Handed attack bonus at the same time. So I need a way of making it so that either you can only equip one of them at a time or making it so that the accessory that seals shields also seals the weapon 2 slot. I have already looked into making each accessory slot a different armor type using Yanfly's Equip Engine(which I also used to give the character's multiple accessory slots in the first place), which works alright but isn't exactly what I prefer to do, so I was hoping there is a way to solve this problem without doing that.
  2. I found some icons I can use, thanks for the help. A mod can close this topic as i got what I needed.
  3. The iconset i am currently using for my games in Ace is just too big and slows down the database, it also may not be allowed by the forums.So I thought instead of risking getting banned when I post a demo of my game I might as well just edit the RTP iconset using resources that are allowed. I am looking for standard fantasy and medieval based iconsets, or you could just point me in the direction of a site which has legitimate iconsets I could use,
  4. Historia Manis: The Gran Serena Crisis Abstract: During diplomatic talks in the city of Gran Serena, hideous monsters begin to flow out of the castle basement and the citizens are trapped inside the city behind walls of black fire. A foreign Knight investigates with the help of a local shaman, a general, a thief, a healer, and a mysterious man investigates what led to this event. Genre: Fantasy RPG Game Progression: Story is planned and development has begun. Recruitment: An artist for Character busts and facesets, Story and Setting Player Characters Credits Scripts Yanfly Engine Ace Ace Message System Adjust Limits Party System Yanfly Ace Battle Engine ATB add on by Formar0153 Elemental Popups Enemy HP Bars Enemy Info Casting Animation Visual Battlers Element Absorb Extra Drops Victory Aftermath Yanfly Ace Equip Engine Yanfly JP Manager Yanfly Learn Skills Engine Yanfly Steal Items Yanfly Ace item Menu Yanfly Menu Engine Yanfly Party Sized Menu Yanfly save Engine Yanfly Ace Shop Options Yanfly Status menu Yanfly System Menu Resources Music from Scyhtuz and Mirak from RMN VX first seed materials(Character Sprites and tilesets) Using Soruve's Faceset based on the FSM for the time being Kalaz's elemental group character sprites Yaosame's Mack Style character sprites Avy's/Ronja's Icons Screenshots Features -A skill learning system where every character has a at least 15 skills of skills to learn. -Equip up to three fetishes to increase stats and acquire additional skills -Two planned endings, maybe more. -Explore the lively city of Gran Serena and fight on map enemies, no random battles! -Explore the world of Manis in optional side scenarios delving into the past of the characters
  5. Illusionist

    Re Introductions

    Hello I am Illusionist, I am not exactly new, I was on here 4 years ago under the name Phantom Fire made a few posts,and just forgot I had this account so I thought I might reintroduce myself now that I am starting to get back into RPG Maker. I have a few projects in early development in VX Ace, which is the engine I am most experienced in, but due to my rather limited skill set I may need some assistance.
  6. Illusionist

    The One Night Trilogy (3 Full Horror Games)

    I love these games, they're extremely fun, very challenging and as scary as hell, literally! I really have nothing negative to say. Dark Gaia, you've made some of the best games with RPG Maker VX and I look forward to playing your VX Ace games, especially One Night 4.
  7. Illusionist


    Hi everyone, as you can see, I am Phantom Fire. I just started to use VX Ace, but I have some experience with VX, XP, and 2k3. I am currently using the trial version because I don't have $90 just on hand to use. I hope to get useful feedback here when I begin full development into my first VX Ace project, Death (working title). It probably won't be very long. I will also try to give my feedback on games I play. I hope you will all enjoy company, thanks!