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    estriole reacted to TheoAllen for a blog entry, TSBS Dev Journal #22 English Version won't come out so soon   
    Hi folks! It's been a while since the last time I wrote the journal
    I bring a sad news that the English translation for the next version won't come out so soon.
    There're many reason for this. The first one, I'm burnout....
    And the second one, the instruction itself is over 2000. Look at this spoiler if you don't believe. (It's Indonesian btw)
    It's kinda pain to manage a huge module script for two languages. You need to double check so you won't miss anything. And as you already know, English is not my primary language. That being said, I may release the next version in Indonesian at first just like before when I posted the script here.
    Not to mention, I will also need to update wiki about how to use this latest version. The advanced projectile control feature is not easy to use (or explain lol).
    As a closure, I just want to say that I need to take a break for a moment. Doing some little scripts, fixed some reported bugs from my script and such may works. Or maybe should I completely abandon the RPG Maker for 2 weeks and watch random anime?
    Anyway, see you later for the next development journal
    P.S : I'm not abandoning this battle system. I seriously need to take a break lol
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    estriole reacted to Kayzee for a blog entry, Super Dungeon Demo Thing   
    I decided to release a small demo/base/thing for my modifications of Saba Kan's random dungeon scripts. Attached here is a very striped down demo, but hopefully some people will find it useful as a base or something.
    Included are seven different maps that hopefully show off some examples of different types of levels. Look in the map properties notes for some of the different options. There is only one type of enemy and a dummy chest item for examples in each map for now, and some maps have traps. There are things I wrote that I didn't include here like dungeon enemy level scaling and randomly choosing items for the chest just to simplify stuff.
    (Made some basic documentation here.)
    Edit: Updated to make traps work right, and added the blank tileset for dummy map.
    Edit 2: Few more bugs due to left over code fixed.
    Edit 3: Added code to randomize rect devision more, and to subdevide blocks more. Updated the sample dungeons to reflect this (mostly Dark Place, it's insanly cramped and maze like now). Also traps shouldn't spawn on top of other traps anymore, and the entity placement may be faster.
    Edit 4: Fixed a big bug related to room lights not being disposed and makeing games not save right.
    Edit 5: Added code to make paths across map edges for wraping maps.
    Edit 6: Small fix for using this with the new version of my Cache Back script.
    Edit 7: Fixed shops and added the missing script to fix the debug shop work.
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