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  1. Review: X-Noir

    Thanks for the review Xephyr. I appreciate the kind words about the mapping. That bathroom actually gets a lot of "It's so big!" comments from people. I actually thought it was fairly realistic size. Also I appreciate you showing a screen of one of our few mapping glitches. XD Some of your complaints about the combat are being addressed. There will be improvements to the pathfinding so enemies won't get stuck on furniture and other objects. That boss fight will also be shortened in length. For the beginning of the game I didn't want to put too many enemies on screen as the player was learning the system. The sewers was actually created before the intro which is why it feels more like an introductory zone in terms of combat difficulty. I'll probably look into addressing that in the future. Glad you enjoyed the story so far! You forgot to mention the coolest character (Chicken Wayne obviously!). We're still looking into improving the way anxiety is handled in the game. The number of incorrect choices in the case report does have an effect on something later in the game. There was no real good way I could think of to indicate that.
  2. I'd appreciate a review of our game. Here's the details: X-Noir http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8466-x-noir-demo-available/ Estimated playtime: 4-5 hours