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  1. Sailerius

    SAI RMXP Blending Options

    Yeah, that's doable, but as you mention, it occupies your custom moveroute slot. I also like using the name because it means you can easily tell which events use it from the editor without needing to open them.
  2. Sailerius

    [Project BC] Vacant Sky Vol.1: Contention

    The answer to that is kind of complicated. All three parts are out and playable, but I'm presently working on upgrading the graphics and gameplay of the first two parts to bring them up to bar with the third. 1+ is the upgraded version of the first episode, but the second one hasn't been finished yet. If you want to play the full game, I advise playing the original version (since saves aren't compatible between the upgraded and pre-upgraded versions). If you want to play the originals, you can grab them here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1046/downloads/ And nope, none of them require RMXP.
  3. Sailerius

    Longtime RMXP user about to upgrade

    Awesome! Great to see you around here and even greater to hear that there's more to come. If you're in the market for a scripter in the future, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand to a fellow old-timer.
  4. Sailerius

    [XP] Finding Eden (Complete)

    http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/37615/B..._Hard_Place.php Finding Eden was featured on Gamasutra for their Best of Indie Games column back in October!
  5. Sailerius

    [Project BC] Vacant Sky Vol.1: Contention

    The genre is fairly atypical, especially since it takes place in a modern era setting. Technically, the game is done, all three episodes. But so much time passed between them that the third was markedly better than the first, and so I'm now working on a director's cut, the Complete Edition, which improves the first two. The download link for the public beta is in the first post.
  6. http://www.projectbc.net/vacantsky http://rpgmaker.net/games/1046/ Death is the least of Auria Edith's concerns. After being unceremoniously murdered on a weekend trip, she has found herself thrust into the heart of a mystery involving an eclectic organization of masked people known as the Virad. Who are they and what is their connection to her murder? Vacant Sky is the first game created by studio Project BC and was made in RMXP. Development began in late 2006 during the days of RMXP.net and continues to the present day. It's a deconstruction of the classic JRPG story and follows the psychological journey of Auria as she's forced into the role of protagonist, having no choice but to fight through everyone who stands in her way. It explores the damaging effect that being a "hero" has on one's state of mind and how they try to cope with it. Features: -Original soundtrack composed by Tarranon, featuring vocal tracks by Melody Yoo and Melanie Ehrlich -8 playable characters (along with up to 6 guests) -Customize Auria's stats and growth -Select your own progression of techniques -Interact with your party members to strengthen your relationship with them -Unlock guest art title screens through sidequests -"Reaction" system to determine whether you parry, block, or counter attacks -Six endings gained over the course of a New Game + -Your choices radically affect the course of the story and the lives of others Download: Acquire the Act I+ public beta here: http://rpgmaker.net/...downloads/3034/ Please feel free to post your comments and thoughts! Music: Check out the OST here: http://vacantsky.bandcamp.com If you like the music, support the composer by buying the soundtrack!
  7. Sailerius

    [XP] Finding Eden (Complete)

    The art was done by the gorgeous charming tall talented Hirei.
  8. Sailerius

    Hey guys.

    Sailerius here. You may've seen me around the other sides. I'm the RMXP and projects mod over at RPG Revolution. Looking forward to using Ace! The new engine looks great, even if the tileset limitations still leave a lot to be desired.
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