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  1. Koru

    Advanced Lighting System

    That's not what the person is asking for, though, I'm pretty sure. They are just asking if they can toggle the script they are already using. TheCosmicRustle, here is what I recommend. Make a common event and put it on parallel process. In the event, put in a conditional branch that checks for if the player hits L or R or whatever button you want to make your "lantern" button. Uncheck processing if the conditions don't apply. Then within that conditional branch, make another. Have it check for if a certain switch is on. Make sure you don't use that switch for anything else. Keep the box checked for if conditions don't apply. Set it so if conditions apply, you edit the variable that controls visibility range one way and turn the switch off. Then set it so if conditions don't apply, you edit the variable the other way and turn the switch on. There is a part of Galv's script that says "SIZEVAR = 5000". This is the variable I refer to. Whatever variable you have listed there, changing the value of that variable changes how far the player can see. I hope that helps. Let me know if it doesn't.
  2. Koru

    [Request] Mixing Skill System

    Oh, I know what he's saying Mr Trivel. In the Grimrock game, your spells are done by highlighting certain runes. It's neither items nor spells, it's like a code. You have a 4x4 square with each square in it containing a different rune. To cast spells, you either need to have which runes need to be selected for a certain spell memorized or find a scroll within the dungeon that tells you what runes cast the spell. You have a cast and reset button beneath them. When you hit cast to cast the spell, it goes off and the runes you had selected deselect so that you have to input them again to cast again. I'm not sure if he means for an action battle system or the normal battle system or what though.
  3. Koru

    Custom Sell Price Per Item via Notetags

    I'm using a custom shop script but I put yours below it and it's perfectly compatible. I'm sure that since no other script I'm using does a thing with the sell price method, as long as I keep that on bottom, I'll probably have no issues. Thank you so much, works perfectly
  4. Koru

    Dynamic Objects and Fading Parallax Maps

    http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/3230-proximity-events/ can help if you want items to react to the player from further than a block away. If you're looking for a way to fade parallaxes from one to the other because a map changes shape at night, I have no clue how to help there. But if you're swapping between a day palette and a night palette, you could just use tints instead. Vlue has a night/day script that automatically sets the tints for different parts of the day here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/1079-basic-game-time-nightday/
  5. Koru

    Menu for One Actor

    It's working perfectly now, thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate it
  6. Koru

    Menu for One Actor

    The script adds it itself, I'm not actually the one adding it. But I think I see the problem. The script uses on_personal_ok and all that such business I'm trying to eliminate, so I guess it's not going to want to play nice. http://galvs-scripts.com/2013/03/24/magic-shards/ That's the script, for reference.
  7. Koru

    Menu for One Actor

    It seems I can't add custom menu items, like quest logs or journals. When I try to add a new item to the command list and select it, i get this: Script 'Scene_Menu' line 55: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'select_last' for #<Window_Status:0x920548c>
  8. Koru

    Menu for One Actor

    You are a miracle worker, pure and simple. Thanks so much, this is exactly what I wanted!
  9. Koru

    (Doubt) Rgss3 "Ignore collision".

    I think I get what he's trying to say. There was a similar mechanic in Final Fantasy X-2. If you told Yuna to attack while Paine was just running out to attack, the result is that Yuna wouldn't wait for Paine's attack to finish, she would attack close to the same time. You could create some interesting intercept strategies with way, like attacking an enemy that was making a beeline for Rikku and managing to kill it before its attack actually went off. It basically removes the turns out of it and just lets everyone have their own attack and ramp-up times independent of what the other actors are doing at the time.
  10. Koru

    Socketed Items?

    http://grimoirecastle.wordpress.com/rgss3-scripts/gameplay-scripts/runic-enchantment/ This script can be used in a socketing sort of sense. I used it in a socket system for a game before and simply renamed the references to runes into references to socketing. Not sure if this is what you'd want exactly but I thought I'd point it out.
  11. Koru

    Multiple Iconsets and Music Intros

    Ty for taking the time to look into it Tsuki
  12. Koru

    Convert to ACE "Guild Scene"

    I'm more than aware. Which is why I was aiming that toward anyone who might take your request, not you. And I asked for them to be optional because I figured you would probably not want those features. And rank as it stands currently can only be edited through an event manually. I want something automatic where when it hits X GP, it will rank up on its own without an event. I simply put this here because I didn't want to make a whole other thread just to say "I want what that guy wants, just with a small edit."
  13. Koru

    Convert to ACE "Guild Scene"

    I would like to see this ported, too. Could be rather interesting to use. Though I wonder if it's possible to have levels within each guild as well. Like if someone could add something where when you hit 100 reputation, it doesn't just stop. Something where you can set up the max level you can achieve for each guild and how much rep you need to get the next level. Maybe a script call that lets you check in an event what level you are with a guild (for things like locking you out of an NPC's shop until you reach the right level). Don't know if this would be hard to add. Though I'm sure not everyone would want levels, so possibly optional?
  14. Koru

    Extensive Magic System -- Paying if Needed

    That's a shame. I started reading this thread getting rather excited because I like the concept behind it, but didn't look at the dates and just now realized how far back this was. I was hoping to see a completed product. D:
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