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  1. Omen613

    Unique Bosses

    I like that the enemies have their own strategy but I personally feel that you have a lot going on all at once. A full enemy party of 8 counting the jester and the king that revives fallen enemies is a lot for the player to monitor (assuming your player party isn't packing super powerful target all foe skills to just mow down the slimes) I'd suggest cutting that number down. King. Healer, Jester, Tank(with cover state), and Jester. So they would have to take out the healer first, then the tank, then beat down the king until he revives the healer and the knight again. Or could make him revive random pairs like Tank Tank Healer Healer Tank Healer can all be done without scripts (besides the cover script your mentioned) either way the player has to take out his minions before he can really start hurting the king jelly. and the jester can just be a pest throwing out status conditions. he could be dealt with if the player choices to focus on him but due to his evasion its not gonna be easy so most likely just deal with the debuffs he tosses out every X turn to one unfortunate player character. Good luck on your game. **minor edits
  2. Omen613

    ? Input for Skill customization ?

    Yanfly has a script that does Area of Effect damage that might interest you for your Cleave skill https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/target-manager/area-of-effect/
  3. Omen613

    Making Guard Skill useful/disarable?

    Can go the bravely default style and make the guard command store a turn so later the Actor can take 2 actions in one turn.
  4. Well you could make the main character a "Red" Rook, Bishop, or Knight......that has the ability to use both the White and Black abilities of the chosen class. If your party size is 4 its like having a party of 5.....or if your party size is 3 its like having 4 that would make them special
  5. ooh, now that sounds very interesting. How did it turn out by the end? But, now that I have given it some thought, and I had a funny idea suggested to me... How could Art and Grappling work together? Sounds far-fetched, but I'm curious, I can imagine Ink and paint flying from his hands and feet with each motion. The game ended in my vast graveyard of games sadly...but in test plays he was the heavy hitter of melee hits. Art and Grappling? Could do dances that form a glyph on the ground or in the air...and then they grapple and toss foes into the glyphs for damage and effects. Or Maybe he can see the color of people's auras and can alter them by striking Chi points on their bodies. Red Aura - makes them Berserk Blue Aura - Makes them Fall Asleep Yellow Aura - Makes them Regen HP each turn Green Aura - Makes the Sick and lose HP each turn (poison) Maybe even have them mix colors for extra effects. Doing Yellow Aura then next turn do Blue Aura makes it turn into Green Aura
  6. Omen613

    Blocking Off Pathways

    I always liked how most Zelda games blocked content off...you needed a new tool in order to pass an obstacle. Big huge Rock blocking the path.....you found titan gloves in the last area that lets you pick up huge rocks. Cracked walls....needs a bomb to clear the way. Fenced area...needs a horse to jump over them. You could make this linear or you could make it semi linear based on how you design it. you can have 3 requirements before the player advances the storyline but they player can do those 3 things in any order they want.
  7. A previous Monk like character I made did about 1/4 the damage of the other characters but he attacked three times per normal attack. Each hit generated TP (a lot faster generation then the other characters) And all his special TP moves were instant abilities (see yanfly's instant script) that did combos if used back to back in the same turn. if you used grapple before you used throw, throw did like 3x the normal damage.He was a powerhouse of a character....he just had to build momentum first.
  8. Omen613

    Let's talk about game intros.

    You got like a good 5mins for people to decide if they are gonna keep playing your game as soon as they hit the New Game option, so make those 5mins count! Most of us aren't making AAA games here with a brand name to back it up. If your fan of of the Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Zelda, etc. You will sit through 15mins of intro because you go into the game already with expectations of awesomeness once you gain control of their character. Most of us don't get that luxury of a fan base. Your game has to stand on it's own two feet and sell itself to the audience as soon as possible. No wall of text with a 10000 names of countries and leaders that people can't possibly remember because they didn't make your world like you did. I'd recommend going right into gameplay in the first minute. They should be able to control the character in less than 60 seconds of pressing New Game on the title menu. Give them a quick explanation of the goal and let them have at it. They can learn about the setting through visuals and interactions with the game not through a history lesson. Example:1 Scene is a group of modern day looking rebels are in the back of a moving van, a man explains that they are breaking into the president's office and steal some important item thats there. And explains everyone's job during the heist. They all jump out of the van and burst through the doors guns drawn and the player takes control. We explained a lot without actually saying all of it. The setting is modern time (Van, guns, modern dressed characters,)the government has a president and there is some kinda organization against the government (rebels breaking into the president's office) and that your on the side of the rebels. Example:2 Scene is up in the sky on an airship where two characters with cargo pants and goggles on their head looking into the clouds and chatting about how much money they gonna make once they land. When all of a sudden outta the clouds they notice another airship with pirate flags and one of them runs below deck and yells "PIRATES!!" the other character comments to himself that if he still plans on paying rent this month he better protect this cargo from the pirates. Pirates shoot hook lines into the cargo ship and zip line onto the ship and starts a battle. The battle shows the character using a sword and a friend ally who is using a pistol. Setting is steam punk like (airships, goggles, guns, swords), airships are rather common since the pirates have them just to raid other airships, and money is tight probably because pirates are looting tradable goods. We hit enough highlights so the player can engage into the game in less than a minute of intro. wow longer post then expected haha....oh well
  9. Omen613

    Enemy protagonists

    I'll give the usual "if done right it can work" response. To really show the frustration levels between the characters have the player get frustrated with them to a degree as well. Have the characters do irrational things out of spite between one another (thats what real people do) and have it lead to big consequences. I don't wanna do this just because they want to do this....i don't care if it's the easier option... I want to do the harder option because i'm better then they are kinda attitude. Watch a bunch of 5 year old kids bicker about things for a easy crash course on how adults handle real life rivalries...there isn't much of a difference. And they have to have a strong motivation to stay with each other over the course of the story for it to be believable. Not just because the bad guy burned both of their villages to the ground. Otherwise they would seek retribution without the help of the other person they hate. ------ quick examples of why people wouldn't want the other person to leave their sight. The bad guy swapped their bodies....He is now in her body and she is now in his body....lets fix this like yesterday They are magically bound to each other by the bad guy....if one of them gets hurt, so does the other....if one of them dies, so does the other. They are both trapped in a dangerous labyrinth together for unknown reasons and have to get out....one is an Orc and one is a Knight who fought in the past but need each other to get out alive.
  10. Omen613


    theory crafting! fun! D.Magic + Thief = illusionist Can control enemy minds with illusions and deception. (Confuse, charm, blind, stun,etc.) D.Magic + L.Magic = Blood mage Can minor heal allies instantly but at the cost of HP (their abilities don't take your tun to perform but can only be used once per turn) all HP related abilities (Demi, Reraise, drain, mp drain, raise all allies at once, etc) D.magic + Warrior = Spell Blade make self and allies melee attacks do elemental damage. Convert MP into TP abilities and TP into MP ----------------------------------- L.magic + thief = Demon hunter (bow and arrow) Removes foe's buffs with blessed arrows. Light based attacks (rare attack element?) Weaken ghosts, undead, demons, etc. dramatically Immunity to dark based debuffs. L.magic + Warrior = Paladin Physical and Magic Defense buffs to party attack down states to foes. Damage immunity for 1 turn L.magic + D.magic = Necromancer summons undead pets to fight in battle Weaker pets provide buffs to the party Stronger pets replace the necromancer in battle Stronger Pets can be a tank class or a Damage class. -------------------- Warrior + Thief = Ranger Beast killer like skills that do damage to beasts based on number of beasts the Ranger has killed. Resist dragon based damage based on the number of dragons the Ranger has killed. Disable a random skill on a foe chance of success is based on number of foes of that monster family you have killed. (can't disable more than 1 skill per foe) Warrior + D.Magic = Rune Warden(Mage Tank) Fire Cloak : does fire damage to foes that damage you and makes you resist Ice moves etc etc. Thunderclap : does minor earth damage to all foes with a chance to stun them. MP Shield: 25% of all damage is dealt to MP before HP Reflect Warrior + L.magic = Monk attacks do flat damage and can't be resisted. like a move that always does 50 damage no matter the foe's def rate. Attack X random foes Convert TP into HP --------------------------- Thief + Warrior = Assassin Posions and % based attacks Sleep Skills that do heavy damage to poisoned or sleeping targets Poison immunity can do melee and ranged attacks Thief + L.Magic = Chemist Can use item command once per turn without using the action turn items target all allies or foes instead of a single target. items potency x 2 can make a healing item into a damaging item. Can multiply potions, antidotes, etc. Thief + D.Magic = Blue Mage Learns enemy skills Mimic's allies moves well that was fun. hope it helped
  11. Omen613

    Skill casting time

    Awesome! Looking forward to it
  12. Omen613

    MP, TP, Cooldown or all of them?

    Well you still make each class a main focused resource while still mixing and matching. I have 3 characters who use 3 resources but each have main resource theme the others don't use. The Priest I shared earlier uses HP as it's main theme, but MP is it's secondary resource and it uses cool downs as utility. My Warrior uses TP as its main theme, MP as it's secondary and cool downs as buffs. My Mage uses MP as it's main theme, TP as it's secondary and status effect consumption (Generated from MP moves ) for utility. All 3 of my characters can act as the Tank, the Healer, and the Damager (not usually at the same time) but each one achieve's these roles differently than the other 2 characters using their resource theme. Example: Priest tanks using it's high HP and HP stealing abilities to survive Mage Tanks by making his MP take damage for him instead of his HP Warrior Tanks through Buffs and Debuffs created through it's TP abilities. So you can still have a centralized resource while still mixing in other forms of resources
  13. Omen613

    MP, TP, Cooldown or all of them?

    I like to mix all the resources to do different things but work together. MP uses skills that you can spam but generate TP TP Skills are more powerful than MP skills for they are something you have to build up for 3+ turns And cool down abilities are usually utility abilities that are used instantly (without using up a turn) that enhance other abilities, Restore MP, or maybe Stun an enemy for 1 turn. My healer class uses HP as a resource as well and starts every battle with 0 MP. When they use an HP costing ability the amount of HP they lost is transferred into MP to use for powerful abilities. simple example: Sacrifice - Give target 25% of your current HP Smite - DMG target equal to your MP then convert MP into HP. Pray - instantly restore minor HP to all allies - 5 CD Faith's Reward - instant - your next healing spell restore double for no extra cost - 8 CD
  14. Omen613

    Tedious Spells

    Do other classes in the game also use black magic? if so a tiered system helps display which class has higher proficiency in black magic. Black Mage can learn Fire1 Fire2 and Fire3 Red Mage can Learn Fire1 Red Mage can double cast Fire1 to pretty much equal Fire2 but doesn't have access to Fire2 or Fire3 to double cast. --------------------------------- If not, then I'd go with option B for making all skills efficient from start to finish and power is based off levels and gear or upgrades to the skill itself.
  15. Omen613

    Skill casting time

    Hope this script is still supported.... Would be awesome if a message popped up saying what spell is being cast by foes so the player can decide if the spell is worth trying to stop with a stun or something. like "Dark Wizard starts casting Super Nova" or "Dark Wizard starts casting Fire 1" (weakest spell in the game damage wise) The player might only have 1 stun ability with a cool down timer...and doesn't want to waste it. Or maybe they could use a defend skill to take in less damage....but if the spell doesn't do damage (like a healing move) then its a waste of a turn to defend. Love your Scripts!