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    Skill type descriptions in help window

    Yessir, that's perfect! Thank you kindly.
  2. Minjo Master

    "Next Skill Learned" in skill menu

    Cool, thanks dude. After fumbling around a bit and studying the existing classes, I got the window where I wanted, and everything works perfect.
  3. Minjo Master

    Fantasy Bestiary

    This script is pretty awesome. About the only thing I'd want changed personally is the description window. The one right now isn't quite big enough for my needs (I'm using a scan script that shows a bio on scan that's four lines. But if I use it with this and just have a two liner in the book, it's kind of, yeah.) I took a look at it myself but I've got a lot of scripting levels to gain before I can even comprehend what's going on in there. Though let it be said that this script is still pretty awesome despite such a minor gripe.
  4. Minjo Master

    "Siphoning Strike" skill

    That's worked out nicely! Much obliged for the help. That's a super useful script, wish I knew about it sooner lol. I always wondered why it didn't store targets and users and such by default.
  5. Minjo Master

    "Siphoning Strike" skill

    Not just when it's used, nor a bonus parameter in particular. The value itself is probably easiest to just store in a variable. Whenever the character kills an enemy WITH that skill, and only with that skill, does the value go up. So only that skill ends up doing more damage, nothing innately changes about the character. The skill would only be on one character in the game, so I'm not caught up in having separate values for different users or anything like that.