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  1. What I'm looking for is a way to set up an event that lets you jump across single square gaps. Obviously, what I've been doing is setting up touch events on the same layer as the player, which have them jump based on the direction they're facing. However, therein lies the rub - It was a lot simpler back in previous versions of RPGMaker, it seems, as you could just tell the game to disallow the move if it was "impossible" and it would. But now you jump almost no matter what. In order to fix that, I tried using a conditional script branch. $game_player.passable?($game_player.x - 2, $game_player.y, $game_player.direction) And a variation for every other direction, where either X or Y would have either + or - 2. I figured this would check the passability of the tile that the player is trying to jump to, and if it was passable, it would return true, and allow the jump. Otherwise it would be false. And this does work a little better - no more randomly leaping out of bounds. However, it's also lacking in that it lets you jump right on top of an event if it's across from the player. And it also refuses to cooperate with autotiles for some reason. When I looked deeper, I saw that the passable? method in Game_CharacterBase seemed to be checking for all of those things - And I figured that must be the one I was calling, right? Since it goes CharacterBase > Character > Player. But it doesn't seem to be the case - I dropped a msgbox_p in the middle of that method and it never came up. It was about that time I realized I was probably getting pretty far out of my depth again and I ought to ask those wiser than me for some further insights. So the long and short of it is - How can I check a specific map coordinate for the ability to be walked to from an adjacent one? Passability may not necessarily be what I'm looking for, though it seems the closest thing.
  2. I've looked around a bit and I don't think I found anything quite of this flavor. This would be similar to the Boost system in Xenosaga, or S-Breaks in The Legend of Heroes. Your four actors in the party would each have a corresponding key to press - I assume like, A S D F for 'em. When their TP is high enough, you can press that key to give them a free turn, right away. It would simply pause what's happening right then and there, and allow that actor to take one action immediately, at the cost of however much TP. Once their action was resolved, the battle would pick up again. And they'd still get to move when the battle resumed if they hadn't yet. I like this kind of feature because it gives you a sort of emergency response when something unexpected happens, if you're willing and able to sacrifice TP for it. Also, bonus points if enemies can do the same thing - though I fear that would be a real pain to make happen. So any ideas on how this could be done? Or anyone bold enough to try and make it themselves? Thanks much in advance.
  3. Skill type descriptions in help window

    Yessir, that's perfect! Thank you kindly.
  4. So I've got a fair few different skill types in my game. I would like to give them all some flavor text explaining some of the subtle differences between them (like which skill types are sealed by which states, etc.) and I think the help window up in the skill scene would be perfect for that. But it's only used when you've got your cursor over individual skills by default. What I would like is for a way to set up a short little description for each of my skill types. I'm pretty sure this isn't too hard... I would imagine I would set up an array of the strings for each one, corresponding with the Skill Type's ID. And then set up the scene to display the corresponding string in the help window when the cursor is over that skill type. Sadly, Ace's scripting language is Ruby and not English, and I'm still not above "fiddling" levels of scripting. Can anyone lend me a hand with this?
  5. "Next Skill Learned" in skill menu

    Cool, thanks dude. After fumbling around a bit and studying the existing classes, I got the window where I wanted, and everything works perfect.
  6. So I was thinking it would be nice to have a little window that showed the next skill whichever character was going to learn next, and at what level, when you're checking out their skills in the Skill menu. Unfortunately I don't have the foggiest idea where I'd begin to check that. Is it something I'd have to write a bunch of conditional stuff for, or is there a way to actually get the name and level of the next skill and then display it? I'm guessing it would look best at the bottom of the screen, pushing the skill list window up one line and having a line to itself. But I'm really inept with this stuff, so if anyone could give me guidance or if anyone's done it before already, hook me up?
  7. Fantasy Bestiary

    This script is pretty awesome. About the only thing I'd want changed personally is the description window. The one right now isn't quite big enough for my needs (I'm using a scan script that shows a bio on scan that's four lines. But if I use it with this and just have a two liner in the book, it's kind of, yeah.) I took a look at it myself but I've got a lot of scripting levels to gain before I can even comprehend what's going on in there. Though let it be said that this script is still pretty awesome despite such a minor gripe.
  8. "Siphoning Strike" skill

    That's worked out nicely! Much obliged for the help. That's a super useful script, wish I knew about it sooner lol. I always wondered why it didn't store targets and users and such by default.
  9. "Siphoning Strike" skill

    Not just when it's used, nor a bonus parameter in particular. The value itself is probably easiest to just store in a variable. Whenever the character kills an enemy WITH that skill, and only with that skill, does the value go up. So only that skill ends up doing more damage, nothing innately changes about the character. The skill would only be on one character in the game, so I'm not caught up in having separate values for different users or anything like that.
  10. "Siphoning Strike" skill

    So if anyone's ever played League of Legends there's a character named Nasus. He's a dog, but that's not important. What is important is that one of his skills gains bonus damage every time it kills something - permanently. But only that skill, and only if he gets the kill with it. I've been poking around various VX Ace sites and I've seen some kill counter scripts that looked good, but I specifically need only kills with a certain skill to be tracked. Everything beyond that is easy enough (I'd just implement the variable into the damage formula) but I'm absolutely stumped on how I would go about tracking these kills. Any generous souls out there that can help me out? And yes, I'm aware that such a skill in a turn-based RPG is probably beyond broken.