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  1. Creativity, good story and moderate challenge
  2. TheFaceless

    Dear God I'm wasting my life

    I rather the final boss be more theatrical than lengthy Like have the initial fight for approx 5mins then have a theatrical scene/evented scene or w/e and have the boss bust out their 2nd form
  3. I view almost all scripts including the 2 which you posted in the OP, dunno how they only got 2 views
  4. TheFaceless

    Dear God I'm wasting my life

    I took an hour in megaman battle network 4 using the sub folder. My battle chips ran out and megabster was crap damage
  5. A tri approach but I'll only list 2 since I don't want my method being over used. 1) I sound it out 2) I determine the adequate reply to the text so that it wouldn't sound wierd or corny
  6. What about Platinum arts for starting off? I've heard it's rather simple
  7. TheFaceless

    Question about Game Production

    Advertise in alot of game forums
  8. TheFaceless

    How you deal with non-linearity

    Non-linearity is fine so as long as it provides a clear story to follow
  9. TheFaceless

    How do you make your game?

    Well when I starrted, I cleared out the database excluding the animations cuz I can't find those anywhere unless they're meshed in with something else so I'd maybe mix them up when the time comes around. For the mapping, I have seperate event maps and normal field maps. The event maps are special maps for Boss Rooms and mini game activity. I'm meshing some tilesets together as well as using customs and mixing those as well For the actors and (some) NPCs, Character Generator.
  10. @Hao Agreeable on all points really, you use what you have and make it the best to what your imagination shows. What you say here is what pretty much every RPG maker user agrees with, express your imagination to its maximum potential and not throw it away because it would be easier to do otherwise.
  11. I never said the RTP was bad, heck I'm using it myself but think about it, when you alter nothing and give a near zero effort on everything cept the story what else do you expect of a game made by such person?
  12. TheFaceless

    What if someone was lazy like this

    I actually like these comments, great for new builders (like me) to see what's up with using the base RTP. I did an almost complete rehaul of the database because I didn't like the reused icon sets for certain things like skills and statuses (which had none on occassions) as well as altered the actor list with character generated ones. Mapping, I mixed the tilesets around as well as got a few tilesets from sources to not be named until game completion thanks guys and keeep the flame down please
  13. TheFaceless

    from rm2k3 to vxace?

    It'd be best to wait for others tho because I'm still not 100% sure and even then I know it'd be nnigh impossible for stuff like ranged attacks
  14. TheFaceless

    Field Skills.

    For the dungeon one, have a switch for dungeon entry then use a common event which checks that switch then initiates the teleport out Not sure if that's clear enough For the skill with the no MP... I'm not sure...
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