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  1. Hey Xypher, I was curious to see if you'd be interested in having it so that the text scrolls in a loop instead of scrolling left and then repeating. Like this [s this is an example of what I mean. Hey guy] [ys this is an example of what I mean. Hey gu] [uys this is an example of what I mean. Hey g] [guys this is an example of what I mean. Hey ] because if I make the wait time long, for text that requires little memorization and is merely long-winded, I'm waiting a while for the text to start scrolling, and if I make the wait time short, then I'm having to keep on go back to the start of a description that requires a lot of memorization and focus So there's no middle ground.
  2. Moo

    Effect: Strip Equip

    So if I wanted it to be 100% of the time and the move is Disarm to remove weapons, would it be <eff: strip_equip 1.0 x0> because that isn't working for me Oops, forgot to save before testplay. In terms of scripts and their compatibility with Effect Manager, Strip Equip could also be achieved by applying a 1-turn state that seals certain equipment types. So if you're using a mid-battle equip script, naturally you won't be able to change equipment until the turn is over. So you could have a skill, Disarm, that adds a state that seals Weapons for a turn. If you're using that system where each player is allowed to act automatically in order, then my solution won't work. So what you can also do is have it so that Disarm adds the state "Seal Weapons", and it removes that same state "Seal Weapons" at 200% (just so that it won't be reduced to below 100% with the Luck difference feature).
  3. Moo

    Level Bonus

    Does this bonus modify the base in use for base-related formulas?
  4. What about the ability to draw a given event's character graphic for gab text? Aside from the event/character graphical piece scripts like Modern Algebra's Composite Graphics and Victor's Visual Equipment, I know that I would like to have it so that when an event is talking, their character icon depends on what their graphic looks like, so I don't always have to condition that. Among other uses. Curious. How do I put quotations in mid-string? My text is gab_h(2) text = "("Now I'm going to need Leroy\n"+ "to disguise me again...")" gabmod(text, 1, nil) Which means ("Now I'm going to need Leroy to disguise me again...") The quotations inside of parentheses is to signify inner thought
  5. Moo

    VE - Visual Equip

    Would it be more efficient if it were like, say for armor 1 you could have the tags of <visual part> id: 1 name: "$cloth" hue: priority: 3 </visual part> <visual part> id: 2 name: "$cloth" hue: 155 priority: 3 </visual part> <visual part> id: 3 name: "$clothfemale" hue: 200 priority: 3 </visual part> ? I know there's the charactername + filename thing but that seems more limited and takes up more filespace. And I can't get it to work now Just curious.
  6. Listening to Gravitation music and trying to work around various limitations.

  7. Moo

    Skill casting time

    Omg, I love this. Wonder how you can make it so that a skill can wait actions instead of just turns, for a system of timing, like, you use the skill then right after, you get a state that modifies something, 2 slimes attack, then you cast the skill. Or you could have it so that the skill used, then activates at the end of that same turn, or the beginning of next turn. Because you could have it so that the character jumps up for 2 moves, dodging any low attacks, then after that they're back on their feet, or you could have it like on dissidia where moves have different effects on you, like, you null all low-priority damage while charging up your attack/etc
  8. Moo

    Raspberry Pi

    The maker does not work fully, on Wine, however.
  9. I make sure to save each time. I don't know why it is that this happens to me. It's like the game decays and things that once worked stop working and I have to test on a new project with the script file copied over to there then delete until I find what's wrong, and sometimes I'll be down to the bare script that won't even work by itself then I take a new project and don't copy the script file but instead just copy that individual script to that fresh project and it works. Like Sheolshade's Minimap and this one mystery dungeon randomizer, they will not work on my main project, even if I delete all scripts, and I haven't done anything to the main scripts. It's weird and I don't know what's wrong.
  10. Moo

    Map Drops

    How would one make it so that the drops have Through priority so they don't disrupt scenes? Wait, okay, you do def setup_event(x, y) @event = RPG::Event.new(x, y) event.pages[0].trigger = 0 event.pages[0].direction_fix = true event.pages[0].priority_type = 0 event.pages[0].through = true to make that happen. What if you made items flash/ go visible to invisible to visible like a bomb before they disappear? Or made it so that decay can be paused with a call/switch for like flashbacks/etc? Ooh if there was a common event system like <drop common event: 13> to this then it could be used for a monster touch encounter bait function *is hyper* Although I think the bait thing may or may not be achievable with Galv's Use Item on Event. Btw this script is so handy when combined with inventory weight.
  11. What about something where you put a notetag like \INFO{Boosts blah dee blah and stuff blah and has a priority\LBpower of blah and is below the character, speed is raised with higher TP, moo cats and stuff\LBwhy are we here} like Modern Algebra's State Viewer, http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=41992.0 but you use page up and page down to scroll pages? Although in battle, the page up and down buttons are already designated for moving up and down skills. But then if I have a skill that has 2 lines of description, even if they don't go outside the border, they scroll left, like "hey, I was trying to read that!" lol. Or, what if you did it where the text scrolls left then comes in from the right in a cycle, kind of like what you see on a city bus or an electric bulletin/etc?
  12. Moo

    Parameter Requirements

    This script doesn't work when Equip Restrictions is installed. Although I think you can achieve the same thing with that script that you can with this one. Just to mention.
  13. Moo

    VE - Anti Lag

    What I mean is, is there any difference between the Always Update event and the default RMVXAce engine events?
  14. Moo

    VE - Anti Lag

    What if I wanted an event that functions like default, or, you could say, isn't a Never Update but isn't an Always Update, be it, it functions and can be controlled outside of the screen like an event normally would in the RPGVXAce engine? Of course, when near, these events would create lag, but for unimportant npcs you can just have them use your anti lag function Events aren't Always Updated or Never Updated in the default engine, right? For example, if you walk near a croud of events in the default engine, then the game will lag, but if you walk away from them, then the framerate will return, but you can control them in a move route from a distance. But if your anti lag is being used and a croud of events have always update, then no matter how far you are from them, the framerate will continue to be lower. If right, then what about a tag like Or am I wrong, and that events with the always update tag function like default engine events? Don't get me wrong, I plan to use this script. Heheh. I especially love the never update feature. It's very staple for my game. And I plan to have a lot of un-interactable NPCs that move around in towns for atmosphere and the ones that are have an icon on the minimap.