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  1. Absolutely stunning job, Galv. This is the best project I've seen since Linus, and definatley the prettiest. I would do anything to be able to map like you You've obviously put tons of effort into this, but, um...please do more. Pls. Haha.
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  3. Hortator

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    Well then, this is my first blog of any sort ever, so here goes, I suppose. I am Hortator. I'm a musician, writer, and dabbler in the arts. I've been involved with the RPG Maker community on and off for a while, beginning projects and having them fail miserably. However, at about the beginning of this year, I began to have a thought, and this thought turned into another thought which simultaneously led to a cacophony of thoughts which spanked my mind into submission. These thoughts eventually formed into my current consommé of an imagined universe, the egg world Ano-Ormos and the duality of continents, Anumhtet-Kiron and the unknowable Ulmoradjer. For months I've been developing the history, culture, myth, and cosmogony of this place. To fill it out, I've written journal entries, treatises, poems, letters, essays, and other diatribes from the perspective of various people living within the world, who themselves deserved biographies, and so on. You see my point; it's become a huge and nebulous thing that I've in many ways lost control of; but I can't just stop, can I? In other words, I've put a whole hell of a lot of effort into this. Anyway, I thought about writing a novel. I'm not a huge reader of fantasy, but why the heck not? So I'm working on that. But then I had an idea. A series of micro-games, set in the world, telling a continuous story, but each with their own style. I think that the reason I've always failed in making games in RPG Maker (other than my vast deficiency and laziness) was that I always took on something too BIG. 40 HOURS GAMEPLAY LOL, SO DEEP STORY, MUSIC BY ME, GET READY FOR THE ADVENTURE. Honestly, can anyone do that by themselves? Much less in RPG Maker? And another point, and lets be honest here, who the hell would play a 40 hour RPG Maker game, all RTP, or even with custom graphics? I can't really think of many. Of course, if it was like...ya know...fantastic...tons of work, TTTTOOOONS of work into it, maybe. But that's one in a million. And a conversation for another day. So anyway, let me get to my point. The micro-game. 4-6 hours, sleek, compact, well designed, more than enough to whet your palette. With my other projects I always wanted to be huge, and to do everything myself, which simply doesn't happen. A micro-game is much more manageable; though there's still tons of work to go into it, there's at least a part way achievable goal you're looking at here. I can still do mostly everything myself (of course with a little help from my friends ;P). So that's what I've decided to do I guess. A series of 3 micro-games, a continuous storyline, maybe some re-playability and diverging paths here or there, fun for everyone; and not only that, but I'd learn not only more about RPG Maker and my own abilities as well. So there. It might still be too much for me to undertake, but if it is it is, and if it fails, at least I tried a bit more than I did before. I've been working on the first installment for about a month; the story is almost totally written, the characters are taking shape, and I'm at least past the introductory sequence. I've also begun making a soundtrack for the game, part of which you can find on my topic: http://www.rpgmakerv...tors-music-hub/ (shameless self promotion within self promotion, I know, though I doubt anyone will ever read this)(On extraneously long links, you can just get over it, I'm lazy.). I'm no artist (at least not a pixel artist by any means), and nor am I a scripter, so I'm ever employing myself in gathering resources. But its coming along much better than anything I've ever tried to do before. The title, I think, will be The Manticore. I dunno about an "Chronicles of X" or "Secrets of X" or "The Legend of X" before it; just isn't my style, but I may capitulate eventually. In other news, I've been listening to and using as inspiration the Journey OST pretty heavily lately. Ex: There's just something so haunting and mythic about it; Journey was seriously a great game. Speaking of games, lately I've been playing a lot of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the GBA, Mother 3, and Vagrant Story on my PSP. I'm a sucker for Ivalice, I tell you something. Based Matsuno <3 Anyway, I guess that's it for the nonce. Hopefully I'll keep this updated on a bi-weekly, whenever-the-hell-I-want-to basis. Like I said, this is my first blog of any sort, so I'm still a bit skiddish with it knowwhatimsayin. And I doubt anyone will ever read this so. For posterity I guess. Anyway, if all goes well I'll make a topic for The Manticore soon so as to keep the EAGER CROWDS updated. Honestly I've been too lazy to do it because I have so much crap that I'd need to put in the topic. But no matter, I'll get to it eventually. Enjoy your Monday, American friends, and for now, ã¾ãŸã­ã€‚
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