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  1. Glad I could be of help (and make you laugh lol). Yeah there's a lot to learn, but you'll get the hang of it! Anyways, good luck with your game!
  2. Sednick


    Thank you!! I was using Yanfly's passive states but it didn't give the option of adding the states in-game so your script is a life-saver!!
  3. I'm not exactly very experienced at this so someone else might be of more assistance or have a better solution, but you could get something close to your desired effect by using Elements. Make an element with the name of one of your categories (Spiders, etc.) and make those types of monsters weak against that element. Make skills for your characters use that element in their attack, making them deal extra damage to all enemies you set with that element but normal damage to all others. As for effects such as "Rodent Hatred" that you mentioned you could use States for that. Create a state that gives the player that Element and give the player that state after they've achieved your 'certain event'. However, keep in mind that using the 'Recover All' event command will erase states. To remedy this you could use Yanfly's "Passive States" script. Like I said, someone else may have a better way. This way would make your "Rodent Hatred"-like abilities only affect normal attacks...unless you created a conditional branch in each skill that checked to see if your actor was inflicted with the Rodent Hatred-ish state and inflicted a state on the enemy that set its defense against your element at a lower rate. I've never tried this but in theory it should work. edit: Yanfly's Passive States script doesn't give you the option of handing out passives in-game unless they're attached to weapons, classes, etc. I found another script from Estriole called "Permanent States" that will grant this effect, but allow the flexibility of adding it whenever you want. I should thank you, as working out your problem has helped me find an answer to one of my own. If you need any more help or have questions just ask.
  4. Got to say I'm really enjoying the game so far! Just to let you know, I did find an error you might want to know about... (for anyone that hasn't played yet, this post contains spoilers) Nothing that can't be easily fixed. Haven't finished it yet...currently playing it in the background lol. This actually made me realize how dull and boring my dungeons are and I really like the way you handle yours- it keeps the player interested. I'll be checking in on your progress! Anyway...back to playing.