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  1. Why does this need a hacked DLL exactly I wonder? What exactly is being changed in the DLL to allow this? Is there any way to inject the right code into memory without changing the DLL it's self? Or maybe you could try using mkxp instead? I am not sure but I think it might be able to support higher res stuff?
  2. Kayzee

    List of My Scripts

    Awww, shucks... I don't think I have really released anything in a while though, mostly because I don't use MV and I don't know how many people are still interested in VX Ace stuff.
  3. Kayzee

    Rave Heart

    Tee-hee, careful what you wish for, you might get it someday.
  4. Kayzee

    Rave Heart

    Hehe, though really we have been around and living on Earth for hundreds or thousands of years before we were pushed back to our own realms, partly at the hands of humans (mostly Christians really, we coexisted with humans for quite a while). Plus if another 'dimension' counts can be vague don't you think? Just cause humans can only sense and navigate in 3D dosn't mean other beings are as restricted. There could be a whole other world right there that you can't see just because you don't know how to turn your head in that direction. It might be that something could be standing just kata of you and you wouldn't even know. Maybe if they are feeling playful you might see or hear something strange for a moment, but when you look around nothing seems to be there because they are juuuust outside the 3D space you know. You will never be able to see them or touch them as long as they stay that way. But they can still see you, can reach into 3D space anytime they want, anywhere they want. It would only take a little touch inside you to mess things up wouldn't it? Have fun with that thought. Anyway, I wish you luck on this game and any and all of your other projects too! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  5. Kayzee

    Rave Heart

    Hehe, I agree actually, the word gets a bad rap. Though my reasoning is a bit different. Historically Aryan referred to Indo-Iranians, and I have no idea where the whole blue eyed blond haired nordic thing came from. It's funny, cause 'Pleiadians' are just as much obviously really Ljósálfar (light elves) as greys are obviously fairies, so it's a bit silly to name them after people who lived in Iran. Hehe, don't get me wrong, I don't mind that the old legends live on in a new modern form. Heck the full version of my name (no it's not my 'True Name' just a longer version of my commonly used one), Kayzee Lalee'lay Lalilulelo, contains a reference to the greens/greys. Or really a reference to a reference to the greens/greys. Anyway, I don't dislike that humans think of us as aliens now. It's not like we aren't aliens of a sort, we just live in a different 'dimension', not a different planet. There is a difference. I just wish the new form were more flattering. Plain and grey or green? No no no... We need style! How come Pleiadians get to be pretty and not us? This is more like what I want to see!
  6. Kayzee

    Permanent Death Mod?

    Hehe, neat! I did wonder about that roguelike script you were talking about. The system I made works a lot like that though with a bit more complexity. I use checksums (switched from timestamps) to look for if the saves have been fiddled with as I said before, plus I have saves you make when you save and quit in a dungeon have a 'suspend' flag so it sort of 'deletes' it's self (really it marks the save as 'dead' since I am using 'soft' permadeath where death just gets rid of your items and sends you back to the start as opposed to deleting everything) when it's reloaded (to prevent you from manually closing the game to go back to an older save, though if you save and quit it will save another suspended game). Like I said though, it's pretty easy to cheat systems like that if you really want to and I am not sure if it's the best fit for the exact type of thing asked for here. Still it's a start right? It will probobly need to be modified a lot if it's going to be optional. I see no reason why it couldn't be optional though, it would just take some recoding. Hmmm... I am kinda tempted to fix up and release my version with this in mind actually, but that will have to wait for a bit if I do since there are things getting in the way of my coding right now.
  7. Kayzee

    Permanent Death Mod?

    Well, permadeath Isn't really a very well established mechanic outside of roguelikes. I mean the exact details of how it works isn't really that set in stone, and that makes it harder for people to design generic scripts. Like I said though, there are 'autosave' scripts which can do some things you might want, but depending on the details and how picky you are about it you might not find that enough. I am going to release my own system eventually, but I don't see very many people getting much use out of it unless they want to make a roguelike thing.
  8. Kayzee

    Rave Heart

    Personally I would have used the word "Alfar" rather then "Aryan". The word "Aryan" has somewhat of a... bad reputation. Especially when used to refer to a race that is in some way 'superior' to base humans. Though maybe that's the whole point? Anyway they seem more like Alfar then they do Aryans from what I have seen, but that's not much. (Also, I still find it amusing whenever humans reference the idea of 'The Greys'/'Little Green Men'. All the UFO stuff really. Silly humans. Little strange aliens from another planet haven't be abducting you. It's been us fairies the whole time. We have been doing it for a loooong time. Just look at how similar the UFO abduction stories are to legends about fairies. We even both mess with cattle a lot.)
  9. I found myself kinda binging on Goriliaz videos lately. It's funny, I remember when the band started, but I never payed much attention to them in between then and now.


    A lot has changed since then. 2-D looks like he may have actually been happy for a bit there, Russel is no longer possessed, Murdoc is in jail and was replaced by Ace from The Powerpuff Girls of all people for a bit (guess greenies make the best bass players), and Noodle... Uh... Wow. She definitely is not 10 years old anymore, I can tell you that.


    ...Now I feel old.



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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, I might do that after a break.

      It is a great idea though.

    3. Kayzee


      It won't necessarily gave you what you want all the time, but you will get something!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I think I will progress a lot more in Pokémon Crystal Clear first.

  10. You're usually on Steam almost daily, but I haven't seen ya in almost a week now.

    I kinda miss that...lol

    1. Kayzee


      Hehe, been kinda recovering from pulling a muscle, so I havn't been  doing much on my game or such lately. Would have healed it with magic but it happened when I was in my human disguise, so it's a lot more tricky to deal with.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Happened to my leg while shopping a while back.

      Of course, it wasn't until the next day that I felt the effects of it.

  11. Kayzee

    Stack Level too Deep?

    Well there are some other anti lag scripts, but fair enough. It's just kind of a nightmare to get some scripts working together sometimes, but it seems rommy worked it out for you? I hope so!
  12. Fufufu... I made a 'trickery' detector in my game to detect if anyone has been messing with time and space the save files. I still let the player load the game, but I let them know I am watching them. I keep track of how many times it detected trickery too. :3

  13. Kayzee

    Stack Level too Deep?

    As far as I know the Graphical Object Reference script is really meant as a debugging tool and can cause plenty of problems. Personally? I blame Effectus for all the problems you are having, everything about that script just smells like something that could cause major problems. Might be partly personal bias on my part I admit, but given it's supposed to be a really involved closed source antilag script I don't hold much trust for compatibility.
  14. Kayzee

    Stack Level too Deep?

    Eh? That's not a log for the backtracer at all, it's a log for the Graphical Object Global Reference script. But it seems to show a problem with creating windows I guess? You know... why are you even using that script anyway? It doesn't seem useful unless you are looking for a particular hard to catch bug to me. What's this about disposed windows?
  15. Kayzee

    Permanent Death Mod?

    Yeah, I am probobly just especially picky about it because I can be. I feel fairly comfortable with scripting in VX Ace, so I can afford to experiment and do off the wall things. As a new person I don't at all expect you to be able to do much more then you can with existing scripts. Most of my ideas are totally not going to work well for new people. Even so, it's good to think about this stuff. It's surprisingly difficult to do a permadeath system in a fairly foolproof way, and there are lots of things you should account for if you are able to. Like, what about crashes? It wouldn't exactly be fair to lose all your progress because the game crashed right? But you don't want to let them exploit crashes either. There is the problem of copying saves like I already said. I just implemented one of my ideas on that the other day... Right now my game keeps track of the save slot number and timestamp of save files. Basically coping a save to another slot or using a back up save will set a 'trickery' flag. I could easily treat the save as 'dead' when the trickery flag is set, but honestly I am thinking of just letting the player off with a warning or doing a Mr. Resetti type rant. Because like I said, a determined person will always be able to savescum somehow, or otherwise cheat the system. Because even with that there is still the problem of the player simply closing the window if something doesn't go their way. If you autosave as soon as something bad happens it can make it really difficult, but you can't expect to autosave all the time. That would cause slowdown and other problems at least. There are a few ways you can fiddle with win32api stuff to stop you from being able to close the window normally, and there is at least one solution I saw that uses a DLL file to run a script on exit, but you can still manually kill any process without giving it a chance to save anything I think. Not to discourage you or anything, because a lot of these problems are not going to matter for most people and they are common enough in many games with permadeath anyway. Don't worry too much about it, but you should be aware of how a player could cheat the system anyway. In the end though? If permadeath makes the game more fun then cheating is punishment enough it's self. Anyway, I have seen the idea of permadeath being tossed around, I just don't remember any scripts for it. But if rommy here says there is a roguelike death script floating around, that might work along with an autosave script, I just don't know about that script.