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  1. Kayzee

    Help with Composite Graphics / Visual Equipment

    If you use a full sheet, all your composite graphics also needs to be full sheets. You see the composite graphics script is really quite simple and just draws images on top of other images and it doesn't really care what the images are, so you can trick it to doing whole sheets at once as long as you are using full sheets for every composite image. I know it's still limited that way for total frames though. Unfortunately there isn't any easy way to trick the composite graphics script to do what you are asking. Doing so would probably require rewriting a big chunk of it.
  2. Kayzee

    ya-hallo~! I have come bearing art!

    Yay for Art! Looking good there! Hmmm... The first looks neat with all the tattoos! The second one reminds me of Jade Harley from Homestuck, especially with the green fire. And the third is a neat angeldemon, but do I detect a tiny bit of Philza Minecraft there? I mean the hat, the sandles and the pose reminds me of some fanart of his... Maybe not. Neat anyway! *sprinkles fairy dust around this topic*
  3. Kayzee

    Help with Composite Graphics / Visual Equipment

    Have you thought about using a whole sprite sheet rather then a single sprite (using $ in the file name) for your composite graphic? Then you could have a standing/walking set and a sitting set without much trouble. Also: The Composite Graphics script works based on the graphics you set so it's easy to have an event with the same appearance as the actor: Just set it with the same graphics file!
  4. Kayzee

    hi im new

    Hii new, I'm Kayzee! Welcome to the community! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  5. I am glad you figured it out!
  6. Aww shucks, glad I was able to help! *sprinkles fairydust on you*
  7. Undertale was made with Game Maker not RPG Maker. No reason RPG Maker can't do the same thing, but it would require a plugin.
  8. Oh wow... I knew they announced a remaster of Chrono Cross a while ago, but I didn't know it would also come with a version of Radical Dreamers as well! And also they announced a remake of Live-A-Live of all things! Square is really diving through it's old library huh?

    Edit: Apparently they are doing a remake of the original Front Mission too. Never got into the series, but more old games being remade well is nice to see.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I wanna see how well that CC remake turns out myself.

    2. Kayzee


      The Chrono Cross one looks like a 'remaster' not a 'remake'. You know like the SaGa Frontier and Legend of Mana ones that came out a while ago. Same game, just with upresed graphics and a bit of polish. More interested in what they are going to do with Live-A-Live myself, since that game is at the very least getting a complete graphical overhaul.

  9. Yes, finally got Roland MT-32 emulation working with dosbox! Now I can play Ultima Underworld, Ultima 7, Ultima Underworld 2 and/or Ultima 7 Part 2, (yes that's the canon order) with the music sounding like it's supposed to.

    Mind I donno if I actually will ever play those games any time soon, but now I can with proper music!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Nice. Roland MT-32 was way ahead of its' time, for certain.

  10. I thought you could just flag tiles to not let you move certain directions in the tileset editor...
  11. Kayzee

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    Not what I was thinking but I think that works? What files are corrupted? If they are full of nulls then yeah the data is gone. You can replace them with files from a new project but the stuff in them will be gone. If your mapinfo file is corrupted it's slightly more cumbersome to fix though. Basically you make a new project and create a whole bunch of blank maps for each of the maps in your project then save the blank project and copy that mapinfo file over.
  12. Kayzee

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    That would probobly make things worse.
  13. Kayzee

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    It depends. Sometimes the data is overwritten and useless. Sometimes it exists somewhere and it's not indexed properly. Like I said, run the windows error checking utility for your disk! It will be able to recognize when files are messed up and sometimes fix them! A corrupted file means it wasn't written to the disk right, the mapinfo file just lists what maps your game is using, and you can always try starting a new project and replacing files one by one to see what files are good. It's a fix for windows not properly recognizing the file type. It's useless for your issue. In fact it's pretty useless in general.
  14. Kayzee

    How to fix corrupted data files?

    Backups are the best for sure! But if you don't have any first thing you should do is check your disk for errors! Sometimes it can recover lost files that way! Right click on your C drive (or wherever you had the game stored) select properties then click the tools tab to find the error checker. Don't wait to long or the files might get overwritten! Make sure you save any lost chains/clusters it finds as they may be missing files!
  15. "Play Hard, Neversoft..."

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. PhoenixSoul


      That, dearest love @Kayzee, @Rikifive, is Neversoft Eye; the mascot and an unlockable skater in THPS3 (except for the PlayStation iteration). Neversoft Eye has also been imported into Guitar Hero World Tour: Definitive Edition.

      I also know the skateboard tricks NSEye pulled off in that vid clip.
      1) Truckstand -> Truckstand Flip
      2) To Rail/Primo
      3) Casper -> Casper Shove

    3. Rikifive


      I only played THPS3 and 4 on PSX. Now that I checked it, I didn't even know it was on PS2 as well! How come I didn't know about it?

      I miss playing these on PSX though, I often was doing dumb things rather than playing normally. I really miss these times...


      Nice, I never paid too much attention to name of the tricks, so I remembered only few basic ones lol.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      THPS3 was on PlayStation, PS2, Xbox, and PC. (I forget which Nintendo console got THPS3)
      As for the flatland tricks, most of them would actually not even be in the game proper until THPS4 or even THUG1.

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