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  1. For the record: I don't want to sound smarter and wiser than everyone else. I want to be smarter and wiser than everyone else! It's totally different!


    ... Though really things like 'smartness' and 'wisdom' are kind of meaningless and impossible to measure, so it's pretty dumb to try and do that.


    ... I say trying to sound smart and wise.


    ... Am I joking or being serious? Ha! You should know by now the answer is yes.

  2. Kayzee

    RPG Creator

    ... You know what, no. I'm done here. I have more to say, but you will tell me if you wanna hear it. When you start insulting me it's not fun anymore.
  3. Kayzee

    RPG Creator

    Actually it's water that has no color. It's blue (azure, cyan, whatever) because of the sky. The reason the sky is blue is that blue light is scattered more than other colors because it travels as sh--- Wait a moment! You are trying to trick me again! *grumble grumble* But really... Do I post purely to disagree sometimes? Do I write paragraph after paragraph, meticulously breaking down why you are wrong, and I am right? Uh... Kinda? Isn't that kinda how discussion on the internet works? I mean aren't people more likely to post if someone says something I disagree with then if they say something they agree with? If you disagree with something shouldn't you explain in why you disagree with it with as much detail as you can so people know where you are coming from? If you have an opinion you stand by, don't you want to argue the point? A-Anyway you do the same thing! I-It's not like I enjoy arguing with you or anything! B-Baka! ... Oh no I have gone totally tsundere! Help!
  4. Kayzee

    RPG Creator

    I pretty much feel the same way... But I also often feel like it's kind of a lost cause honestly. It often feels like the more I try to explain myself, the less anyone actually pays attention to what I am saying. Or that I am just bad at explaining things, that might be the case too.
  5. Kayzee

    JPS Pathfinding

    Also: If you are still using this script, it's probobly what is preventing you from saving the game properly.
  6. Kayzee

    A better Skill Scene

    Hmm, I heard they took a lot of scripts down, but the github link worked for me on that one. Oh well... I am glad you got what you wanted though! :3
  7. Kayzee

    RPG Creator

    I wanted to point out that we shouldn't necessarily have a rigid set of golden standards in general, not that FF in particular is a bad one. I used some of your favorite games because I figured you would know what I am talking about. I'm just saying that you also shouldn't trap yourself into thinking that something with mainstream appeal is the only thing worth doing, especially if you really don't want to do something mainstream in the first place. People today often associate mainstream appeal with lack of quality because 'mainstream appeal' is often forced upon games by marketing gurus that really know nothing about games in response to crappy focus testing. There is nothing wrong with appealing to lots of people in general. Though really the idea of 'mainstream appeal' is pretty much an illusion if you ask me. Everything is a niche, it's just that some niches are bigger then others. But that's a whole other topic. Point is, I don't think people should be afraid to make the type of game they want to make, even if it wouldn't sell as well or be as popular as some other type of game. And I won't argue with that motivation. That's not a bad attitude to have all things considered! But it isn't the only motivation people have, and I think it's a mistake to say that there is one and only one point in doing anything. Also: A 'playable story' sounds more like an Adventure game to me, or even a Visual Novel if your definition of 'playable' is somewhat loose. :P I have always been drawn more to the simulation side of GNS theory though. To me RPGs were always better at simulating a world then telling a story. ... Wait a moment... Didn't I not want to end up having a big argument Here? AHHH! NOOO! I ended up having a argument with you anyway! You tricked me! >_<
  8. Kayzee

    RPG Creator

    Who's taking who literally? I wasn't implying you thought his game should literally be like FF. The point I was trying to get at was that not all games necessarily have mainstream appeal or are made for the same audience and that that's okay. All of my examples are less flashy and more niche then FF and have less of a following, but still great games in their own right. Or maybe even more broadly, that there is more then one measure for success. I don't disagree with you that serious thought should be put into how you invest time and money, I am just saying there are a lot of different ways to measure if that time and expense is worth it. You don't have to make it an all or nothing type of thing where you either go for broke and become the next big success story or go home. I'm just saying, sometimes it's not about being popular or selling a concept, sometimes it's just creating something you want to create and you aren't worried so much about reception or cost.
  9. Kayzee

    A better Skill Scene

    I use this script to avoid that missing/failed message myself. Anyway, so does that mean you would want something where you manually enter all the information for every skill? That sounds like kind of a pain. I have made a new item scene using this script to name traits/effects which has the pretty neat ability to name particular combinations of values, and I know it works for skills too (after all skills are basically a kind of item internally). I don't know if it can hide information though, and I am not sure any skill menu script exists that uses it.
  10. Kayzee

    RPG Creator

    I don't think it's always a matter of if you believe in what you're doing or not. Some people just don't want to make the next Final Fantasy. Some people rather make the next SaGa instead! Or maybe the next Dragon Quest? Next Earthbound? Or heck maybe the next Treasure of the Rudras or Live-A-Live or one of the other more obscure Japanese only RPGs that only super nerds like me have played! Heck, the game I have been working on is a Mystery Dungeon-style roguelike. While I am often lazy at the best of times and find it hard to motivate myself to work on it a lot of the time, I still believe in the idea and the work I have done so far. I even think that when/if it's finally released that there are enough fans of that sort of game that it might gather a small fanbase. That would be great! Realistically though I don't expect it to be noticed that much even if I do finish it. Not because I wouldn't seriously try and make the best game I can, but simply because my game will be pretty niche. That being said, I am also not really investing any money into my game at all and don't see myself doing so any time soon. I mean, unless you count the cost of RPG Maker it's self, but by the time I started really working on my game I have had RPG Maker for a few years already and I never really got it with any particular goal in mind. It was just on sale and I happened to kind of enjoy fiddling around in RPG Makers of the past. I always personally thought of the RPG Maker series as more toys then tools, and honestly I still kinda think that way. To me it's mostly about having fun and I kinda feel that's for the best. Honestly though, you would be surprised how much you can do without needing any money at all! There is a lot of free stuff you can use out there after all if you look for it. Though I might think about hiring a good pixel artist someday to replace most or all of my sprites, that's something I will only really consider doing after the game is basically finished. If you ask me it makes a lot more sense to basically do everything you can with free tools/assets to finish at least a basic outline/prototype of the game before you even think of investing any money into it. Not all game ideas really work out the way you want, so it's better to know how well something will work before polishing it up.
  11. Phew, after a loooong time being stuck on them, I fi9nally beat those two bastards in Dark Souls. You know the ones I mean. Now i finally got to see "Large Chest Ahead" and can warp between places! Yay!

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    2. Kayzee


      The problem could also be that a lot of modern 3D games use crappy depth of field effects, motion blur, and pointlessly over-detailed environments, and muted colors, resulting in a lot of them ending up being hard to navigate messes. Look at Doom 2016 compared to the original Doom for example. Not saying Doom 2016 is that bad, and I never really played it myself, but from the videos/screenshots I have seen it looked a lot more difficult to tell what was going on. The original Doom on the other hand is just the right mix of abstract level design and clear details that I have always found it pretty easy to tell what was going on. You could still get lost sometimes, especially when in the more overly abstract maze like levels without too much detail. But it's far better about that then Wolfenstine 3D where the levels were just too abstract and samey to navigate easily OR Doom 2016 where the levels look too muddy and over-detailed to navigate easily.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I haven't seen but a tiny bit of it. It looked a lot like Gears of War, FFS. 🤣

      One of the things about the original DOOM is that it's hardly 3D, and I can appreciate that a lot more.

    4. Kayzee


      It technically wasn't really '3D' at all in fact. It was basically all done with Mode 7-like tricks! :3 Even so Doom-like and Build-like engines were basically 3D in every way that really matters, and nowadays I play Doom engine games and mods on the gzdoom source port which is a proper hardware accelerated 3D engine anyway and supports creating true 3D levels using 3D floors and portals and things.



  12. Don't try and confuse me with details about what posted where, I said one argument post there and I meant it! But if you think that means I am done, you got another thing coming! Prepare yourself fellow nerd! For I... DISAGREE WITH YOU!


    Haha! What now my FF8 loving friend? Someone on the internet has disagreed with something you said!


    Edit: Darn it me, why are we so lewd sometimes? Edit that out this instant!


    ... Okay Fine! >_< *grumble grumble* Darn common sense, making me censor my jokes in a public forum.

  13. Kayzee

    JPS Pathfinding

    Might be! Hehe... I didn't even know yanfly had a stealth script. I kinda made my own in my game, but it's pretty darn simple. :3
  14. Kayzee

    RPG Creator

    Not sure if it's fair to clutter up someone's introduction thread with nerd arguments... ...But so tempting... Argh! Okay fine. I will give you one nerd argument reply. Just one. I for one like the materia system. Was it perfect? No, not really. I hear what you are saying about it's problems, but really it comes down to one glaring flaw in an otherwise pretty awesome system. Would it make be perfect without the flaw? Still no, but by far the number one complaint I hear about materia is how it invalidates individual character progression, and okay, I'll give you that one. The thing is though is that can be fixed with one simple change: Instead of the materia it's self gaining AP and leveling up, use AP to level up the character's affinity for that kind of materia. Really, that's all you need to do to allow characters to have their own unique builds while preserving everything else about the system. And is there anything worth preserving? Hell yeah there is. If the materia system was only used to gain spells/abilities and nothing else, then yeah I wouldn't see the point. But it's not. The cool thing about materia is that they can be equipped and chain them together in interesting ways. Adding effects and elemental attributes to weapons and armor, adding draining or an extra attack or the ability to steal stuff to other magic/abilities, stuff like that. That's what makes the materia system so unique and interesting to me, not it being yet another way to learn abilities. If getting abilities were all I cared about, honestly I don't see that much difference between the job system, magicite, and GFs (Junction system notwithstanding, that's it's own kettle of worms) except for being slightly different ways of packaging the abilities together. Materia though had the potential (as underutilized as it may have been in FF7) for whole new aspects of customization beyond that though. Also, as a side note I like the way materia is connected to the lore of FF7. Of course the job system in FF5, magicite in FF6, and (I think, been a while) GFs of FF8 were also connected to the lore pretty well, so not saying materia are special there. Just saying it's hard to imagine FF7 without at least some form of materia. There, that's my case. I am going to try and not clutter things up beyond this.
  15. Kayzee

    JPS Pathfinding

    Does that happen without any scripts? Maybe a script is doing something funky.