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  1. What I have been up to lately.

    Well, I wasn't making a list of moves, but a list of places to move to. Deciding how to get there is another matter all together. It don't matter what order the x and y are in, as long as they are all in the same order so I can tell them apart. Look at it this way. Say you have a hat or something right? You stack blocks with numbers on them into a hat. The numbers are not labeled at all, they are just numbers. So if you want to have a bunch of numbers for different things you need later and all you have is this hat and the blocks, how will you possibly be able to tell what number is what? The simple way is to put the stack of blocks in an order, and then you just have to remember the order the numbers are in to tell what they mean. So in this case I say to myself, 'okay self, the number that comes first is x, the next one is y' so later the program can be all like 'hey there is a hat here with two numbers in it. The first must be x and the next y' and stuff. Maybe I could use a hash too, but that seems like a waste. Also, you forgot an important thing about knights! They don't really walk. They jump! If I make a monster like this, it won't move one way then the other, it will jump and land on the new square. :3 But the question is... how would this monster attack? Hmmm...
  2. What I have been up to lately.

    Swapping x and y just mixes up which is which. Think of it this way: Instead of a list of one type of thing, I am wanting a list of a pair of different things, an x and a y. To tell which is which, I simply make sure the x is first. I could also have made a flat array that alternates so the array goes x,y,x,y,x,y: def knight_moves_xy(x, y) [x + 1, y + 2, x - 1, y + 2, x + 1, y - 2, x - 1, y - 2, x + 2, y + 1, x - 2, y + 1, x + 2, y - 1, x - 2, y - 1] end But this is slightly more tricky to use with loops/blocks.
  3. What I have been up to lately.

    Well there are only a number of valid places one can land from any given spot with a knight move, I just need a nested array of where they all are I guess. I already have a method that returns an array for each neighboring location for any given x and y like this: def neighboring_xy(x, y) [[x + 1, y], [x - 1, y], [x, y + 1], [x, y - 1], [x + 1, y + 1], [x - 1, y - 1], [x + 1, y - 1], [x - 1, y + 1]] end So given what you said, maybe this will work? def knight_moves_xy(x, y) [[x + 1, y + 2], [x - 1, y + 2], [x + 1, y - 2], [x - 1, y - 2], [x + 2, y + 1], [x - 2, y + 1], [x + 2, y - 1], [x - 2, y - 1]] end
  4. HOLY CRAP ON A CRAP CRACKER! They actually remade and translated Romancing SaGa 2? I just saw it there whole browsing the Switch eshop and it's also on steam... but looks like it's a crappy port on steam. Maybe the switch version will be better?

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Never got to play it. Hope it is a good experience.

    2. Kayzee


      Well I enjoyed what I played of old incomplete unofficial translations of the SNES version, but I am a weirdo who really likes the SaGa series.

  5. What I have been up to lately.

    One Way Heroics uses it yes, it is basically a roguelike it's self after all, if a slightly gimmicky one what with the whole one way thing and all. And yeah, I do have diagonal movement, it's basically a must for this kind of thing if you ask me. Yeah there are a few more enemy types. Fast enemies are already in. Bats are a fast enemy, though their gimmicky in that though they get two moves to every one you make, they can only attack with one and the other is in a random direction. It mostly makes it so you have to be careful. There is also a hornet enemy I made that right out moves and attacks twice. The jumping spiders basically do very short range teleports and I think ghosts also had a fast escape move at one point that made them teleport away but I probobly need to redo it. I was wondering if I could make an enemy that moved like a knight in chess using jumps. I could do other things too, since all the enemy moves are handled by events following move routes, so just about any possible pattern if I wanted. Also there will be more things then just movement of course. What skills they use and the range they use them at is something worth thinking about too.
  6. Warm Greetings From a Frog Dude

    Yay! A froggy! *snuggles and sprinkles fairy dust on you* Just don't tell Cirno!
  7. One thing that I haven't been very shy about admitting is even at my most active I have never been that serious about game development here. I like to code neat scripts sometimes yes, and I do like to experiment, and I love to discuss and theorize, but sitting down and actually trying to make a real game by myself always struck me as kind of too much work for me. Mostly probobly just cause I am lazy, but even so when it comes right down to it I am not sure I ever had a really good solid idea for one. Oh don't get me wrong, I have plenty of ideas that I think are neat, but most of them are either random mishmashes of ideas that don't fit together in any real way or are just too overly ambitious to really get anywhere on. Every once and a while I have this 'big project' I want to work on but don;t end up really doing much with. The one time I tried to team up with some other people didn't turn out that well and I am not sure I am cut out for teamwork. That being said, I still have been ever so slowly chipping away at my own little block of stone. For all the years I have been on this site I have maintained a RPG Maker VX Ace project that I occasionally fiddle with, adding more and more experiments and random ideas to. It's more of my own personal script testing bed then anything else. I know I probobly should have moved on to MV ages ago but... there is just so much I have done with VX Ace! And bit by bit I think it's starting to pay off. It's still a mess of experiments without much underlying theme or idea behind it, but I am slowly seeing more and more a shape emerge that I might be able to refine. One might remember my old dungeon demo thing. I have added a ton to the scripts there since I bothered to update it, and it seems like I added another ton jut with in the lat few months. I just more or less managed to finally get a roguelike-style battle system (or as I like to call it a 'one-step tactical battle system', since it's basically like a tactical RPG battle system only things can only move one step per turn, or one could think of it as a 'turn-based ABS' perhaps if that idea doesn't make your head explode) working properly. Now I have wanted to do a proper roguelike for a while, and I basically have all the major parts needed to make one from the random dungeons to even the item identification thing. I have a number of interesting tweaks to the generator to produce what may be some of the most pretty dungeons I have seen from similar style dungeon generators, and a number of dungeon types already done. I have a fair variety of different critters too that move and behave in different ways. Imps that can fly over gaps, Sea creatures that can swim, Bats that can fly and move quickly but erratically, Spiders which are slow but can suddenly jump at their target, Ghosts which phase through walls, and so on. But if that were all I would still probobly end up with a bit of a disconnected mess of ideas. As much as I think gameplay is more important then story or presentation in games, I can't really deny the importance of theming at the very least. Just blindly programing in whatever idea I can think of without some overall hook to the design to tie it all together probobly will just leave me with what I have been doing for the last few years: Just throwing stuff into a pile and poking it to see what it does. Ah, but fortunately I do have the perfect thing to tie it all together I think, and I didn't even really have to go far to find it! Just look at all the stuff I have been telling people about fairies over the time I have been here. A lot of the details could fit right in with a roguelike actually. Even my older abandoned team game had a big focus on that kind of thing. I even have a name picked out! How about "Dwimmerdelve: Adventures in a Phantasmagorical Fairyland"? What do you think?
  8. Wowsers, I did some major coding today... It feels like my random mess of experimental ideas might be slowly coalescing into an actual game too! I will have to wait and see, but I am getting a much stronger sense of the shape of what I want to do.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I know what it feels like to not have the energy to make something happen.

      Being called 'lazy' when there's nothing to support such other than not conforming to the will of someone else is actually harmful to an artist.

      Yeah, I'm not lazy; I don't function as you're trying to will me to.

    3. Kayzee


      You aren't lazy at all, you are always working hard. I definitely am. But being lazy actually isn't as bad as a thing as you might think sometimes, especially when it comes to programming. The trick is to be lazy in the sense that you work as efficiently as possible without being lazy in the sense that you do things sloppily or never do anything at all. After all, it's much much less work to program well in the long run then to be sloppy and have to correct a billion mistakes.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Seriously, thank you for that. Now tell my 'parents' the same thing.

  9. Cheebz

    Cuuuuuuute! *snuggles it and tries to take it home to fairyland with her*
  10. Edit: Talked about North Korea a bit because I mistook loney's comment for the blog post, so I got rid of it for being off topic. I have mixed feelings about the whole brexit thing to be honest. On the one hand, I am not a fan of how the the EU appears to do stuff. I think I have a unique kind of outlook on the whole 'globalization' debate in general: In my view globalization is a good thing if and only if it is decentralized. The EU simply puts too much emphasis on centralized control. Free trade and open borders is all well and good, but the EU to me seems like it goes way too far beyond the scope of that. If the EU were more of a loose confederacy and less concerned about dictating it's own laws and having it's own bureaucracy I might be much more positively inclined to it, but it doesn't seem worth it to me. On the other hand, yes the EU isn't perfect and I don't trust it one bit, but I think brexit was sort of a mess. I think several of the motivations behind the whole brexit movement was misguided and dumb, and the whole thing was kind of a reactonary lashing out rather then a serious attempt at positive change.
  11. depression Entry 00A: Just a blurb mostly

    Respect doesn't really work like that. Honestly if you ask me the whole idea of 'respect' is kinda screwed up. Remember those same greedy politicians and corporations live off people's respect. Maybe you think they haven't 'earned' it, and maybe they haven't. But they are given it all the same. Because they are rich, because they are famous, because they did such and such or so and so. So they learn to demand it, become spoiled with it, don't appreciate it. Now imagine if people treated them the way you say they treat you? Always have to ask why they should give it, regardless of what you feel you have done to earn it. Wouldn't the world be a much better place? Wouldn't that mean the assholes who get away with things would have to face consequences for once? I rather see less respect and more actual caring myself.
  12. depression Entry 00A: Just a blurb mostly

    I rather download it from MEGA myself, I am not sure I even have a torrent client installed. Also: How much do you even actually meaningfully interact with people anyway? I mean, if you purposely try and do things in a way you know will call attention to yourself that's one thing (and it's not always a bad thing to do so, I mean that's basically what protesters and other activists do in order to support their cause). But if all you want to do is be left alone and have tons of nosy people judging you for things that's something else. I wish you could move up here to Ithaca NY, we are all a bunch of lovely 'freaks' and 'weirdos' here and I think you would fit right in. :3
  13. depression Entry 00A: Just a blurb mostly

    Air mail me? What would you mail me exactly? You couldn't end it over the net somehow? But yeah, I haven't been doing much coding lately since I got my new toy though, so I donno how much I will be able to help anyway. Also, it's not as simple as things being either real or illusion you know. Or so I think anyway. It's perfectly possible for something to be both. Regardless, if you ask me the past is just a story of what might have been, and the future is just as story about what might be. Memories are always imperfect, so they say. If other parallel realities exist, chances are at least one probobly matches your memories regardless. In an infinite omniverse all possibilities are true after all, right? But honestly, again, I don't think it matters. All I know, is I want you to stick around here. I have fun talking with you, and feel it's meaningful for me. It's selfish of me, but this flesh you hate allowed you to talk to me, so I am grateful for it and don't want you to abandon it. I can't make you stick around, but I think the mortal world can be fun, and I wish I could help you at least enjoy your lifetime here, trapped or not.
  14. depression Entry 00A: Just a blurb mostly

    If you ask me, it doesn't even matter if it's a 'fantasy land' or not. It's important to you, and that's all that matters. Plus I would not truly trust the ability of anyone to tell what is 'fantasy' or not anyway. Especially me! Regardless of if you are 'off your rocker' or not, I know I absolutely am. I don't even own a rocking chair in the first place! :3 That said, I am often troubled by the philosophical implications of some of the things you have said. But that's okay, there is no need for my truth and yours to be the same now is there?
  15. I just learned about Touhou: Genso Wanderer... A Touhou Mystery Dungeon game? And apparently it's out on the switch in japan? Now I want it out in English on the switch. :(

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    2. Nekotori


      But it has an english version on Vita xD But yeah, the Switch had the updated version

    3. Kayzee


      I don't have a vita... :( Really I would ideally want the PC version I guess but I don't think you can buy it anywhere.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Now is as good a time as any to buy one though...