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  1. Oh dear my new lappy does not handle some of the lighting effects I am using very well... not sure why exactly since other ones work perfectly fine. Maybe it's the size of the images?


    Edit: Nope, it wasn't the laptop at all, it was me making a dumb mistake. Tee-hee... Sorry lappy for blaming you!

  2. I got a new lappy toppy! Donno if it is as good but it seems nice. Now I gotta reinstall everything... and get used to having a working s key again.

    1. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      Getting a new computer is a lot like moving to another city. You feel lost and alienated until you finally settle in.:ph34r:

    2. Kayzee


      Or it feels new and exciting, you know, same difference.

    3. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      xD, Maybe I just get to attached to my machines...>_>

  3. I was working on a boss for my game thing today. Tee-hee, I added a secret trick to the fight too.


    I think most of the bosses will end up sorta semi-puzzley in my game. Also tempted to try and do a kinda 'turn based bullet hell' thing... no not like Undertale. I mean like turnbased dodging. It actually isn't quite as crazy as it sounds, I just mean making projectiles move in turn like everything else or find another way to telegraph attacks. I just wonder how interesting I can make fights that way.


    And speaking of Undertale, I am mostly fiddling with a boss cause I came up with a boss tune the other day. Thee boss tune I came up with I called 'TransylMania'.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      One idea I had for a boss was having the boss be unfairly overkill weak to one specific type of attack, and be just as unfairly overkill resistant to everything else. 


      Of course, I never quite figured out how to do that; here's to hoping that at some point (Divines granting), I am able to figure it out. 


      Right now, I'm completely bored beyond tolerance... 

    2. Kayzee


      Hang in there, okay?

  4. Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Hehe, awww shucks.... *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  5. Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Huh... I didn't know choiceboxs used draw_text_ex... Anyway, it's strange because I don't have that problem at all... choiceboxs should always be wide enough to fit the text in. I think this might be an issue with switching fonts? Only way I can see why it wouldn't size things right. Anyway, here is a widdle script to force choiceboxes to not use my wordwrapping if you want to use it: class Window_ChoiceList < Window_Command def process_character(c, text, pos) process_character_kz_window_base(c, text, pos) end end That said, the issue remains that your choiceboxes are smaller then they should be. If they don't wrap they will be cut off. It might not be noticeable though. Another script may be at fault and changing the font when using draw_text_ex causing the size calculation to be wrong... or maybe you are using special control characters? Edit: Now I am wondering if I can mess around with the way choiceboxes calculate width to do a better job... Edit 2: Wow that was more simple then I thought... If you feel like it, try this, it should make choiceboxes resize better: Even works for control characters and icons too!
  6. Huh well, the replacement screen for my laptop isn't working... But at least I got it in! Probably messed up the connector though, which is why it's not working. Oh well, srill got my spare for now.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      As long as you have a reliable backup drive, you should be alright. 


      Wishing that I was able to have the same... 

    3. Kayzee


      I make backups all the time... I am a bit paranoid since I almost lost a bunch of stuff a while back.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I was striving to obtain a large enough flash drive to do the same; not that it matters now because of...you know what... 

  7. You know, I am surprised something like shareware hasn't made a comeback. Not sure if I want to see what today's gaming industry will twist it into, but in today's would of digital downloads and free to play games you would think it would fit right in.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I think shareware is done with. 


      Demos are downloaded, then with the purchase, the demo just gets the files for the upgrade. 


      That's the fate of shareware. 


      But I agree; shareware should make a comeback. 

  8. *hugs*
  9. EEeeep! My lap top's screen has a big o' crack in it. It still works sorta but it's freaking out. Pretty colors though. Better back everything up in case it fails on me.


    Been spending a lot of time lately playing Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded for my switch anyway, though it does inspire me to work on my game more. Can't really do that very well with the screen glitching though.


    Oh, it's also my birthday! Funny  my screen cracks on my birthday, but I am not gonna let that ruin my day!

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Did that one night with an old GBA. 


      Never worked after that. 

    3. jamesdomus1861


      Happy birthday!

    4. Kayzee



  10. The problem with that is that the lookup tables for what stats you get per level only go up to level 99. If you are past level 99 it will give that error when trying to look up stats because there is no data there and will return nil. Only way to fix it is to either import your own larger table, or recode it to use a formula.
  11. the Grind

    Hehe, I get ya. It's kind of a tricky thing to think about in any case. I just think a player who takes the time to explore and do everything they can should have an easier time then one that just grinds away mindlessly.
  12. You know, I never really got into the dark souls series (because I didn't own any consoles for a while and I never really got the steam version to work quite right, maybe I should get the new switch version sometime), but god damn it if I didn't fall in love with a particular invisible crow even if I never played the game.


    How could a dark souls NPC sound so cute? That fan art doesn't help.

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    2. Kayzee


      Is it weird that I find girls squawking like a bird extremely arousing?

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Nope. You're not even alone in that, lol

    4. Kayzee


      Really most any animal sound will do, but something about bird squawks...

  13. the Grind

    Hehe, it's your game of course. Though I should say I don't think overleveling is really the problem for me. I am more interested in discouraging the kind of mindless repetition grinding often involves. I am making a roguelike, so I can effectively make a dungeon as deep as I want. I want to encourage the player to go deeper and explore more places, so I think it makes sense that they have a cap based on how far they have gotten. Of course randomized dungeons do get a bit repetitive after a while too, but I find it more interesting. You have different design goals of course and are making a different type of game. Even so, I still think in principle that if a player ever thinks they need to stop and do any one basic thing over and over for some reason, then that means your game hasn't given them enough reason not to. Not that forcing them to move on is necessarily the answer either, maybe it means you just need a few more side areas. I just mean, I doubt many people actually like to mindlessly grind. We do it so we can get something out of it. If there was a less boring way to get that something, isn't that better? :3
  14. the Grind

    I kinda like the way Chrono Cross and Brave Fencer Musashi handled it really. In those games the player had a cap on what stats you could gain that went up as you progressed in the story. I think you still gain 'experience' even if you don't gain any stats, so when you reach the next cap level you can instantly gain the stats you earned. You know, thinking about it, I may actually do something like that in my game... That's kind of how I handle stats already, but maybe having a overall level cap that goes up the more you explore would be a good idea. I already calculate a dungeon floor's level to do some level scaling of enemies (each dungeon has a base level and a per floor bonus), so I could make it so when you complete a dungeon floor your level cap can go up depending on that floor's level... The more higher level dungeons the player explores and the deeper they get, the bigger their level cap is. You can go back and redo previous dungeons to level up a bit more, but it won't make the cap go up. That sounds like a nice compromise.
  15. RPG with no levelling / stat growth?

    I always assumed the original point of this topic was more about getting rid of the grind of unneeded character progression systems rather then either making a new system or getting rid of character progression it's self. I do think Zelda/Metroidvania-style items/equipment/upgrades work the best for that.