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  1. Kayzee

    Too much info

    Though if you are a player who wants to play and not read for a half a damn hour, I am not sure if the kind of games most people make with RPG Maker are always all that appealing. :P I for one don't really have a problem with reading a lot of text. I sometimes even like visual novels, which are basically all text and pictures! But yeah, how the text is presented matters. The problem with Simon's Quest was the ridiculously slow text speed, not that it threw an unending stream of text your way. There is also the common problem of not having a chance to save after a big dramatic cutscene before you face a boss and so have to watch the same scene again and again. Also it really doesn't help that the text box can only really hold a few lines of text at a time, so when you have streams and streams of it and no real good way of breaking it up it can be pretty tedious. In the game I am working on I have a looooot of dialogue that explains this or that. Most of it is completely optional though and is only given to the player if they actually ask for info about something. It helped that I scripted something I could use to make adventure game style dialogue trees with topics you can ask about which can unlock more topics to ask about. I try to write most of it in a more natural casual way, as if I am actually talking to someone, with appropriate pauses and breaks to try not to just pile text on the player without giving them the space to take any of it in. Putting \. in a few places and breaking text across multiple message box commands can really help with flow if you do it right! In short, I try to write the text as if I am actually holding a conversation with the player. And, well, since the main NPC you talk to in the game is, in fact, me, I kinda am. :P
  2. Kayzee

    Too much info

    It's really not the amount of info that's the real problem, it's how it's presented to the player. It's too easy to fall into what I call Proper Noun Syndrome, where the player is just constantly peppered with bad exposition about things they don't care about. Like when you have those big open text crawls that go something like "On the world of Zig, between the Mushi and Holorin empires, lay the small kingdom of Gerglebutt, where King Snifflepinkle rules with a kind just hand, blah blah blah blah..." That's classic Proper Noun Syndrome. When something has no real context or build up, and instead it's just like "OPEN UP, I AM ABOUT TO FEED YOU A BIG 'O HELPING OF PROPER NOUNS AND EXPOSITION, AND YOU BETTER SWALLOW EVERY DROP YOU DISGUSTING LOREPIG!!!! SQUEAL FOR ME!!!" Now don't get me wrong, I love me a big helping of juicy exposition\lore sometimes... if it's actually written well and interesting. I mean I like Homestuck for goodness sake. Homestuck has pages and pages and pages of silly proper nouns and exposition... Though it helps that Homestuck is well aware how ridiculous it can be and is partly a huge parody of that type of thing... And yet still better at it then 99% of fiction. I seriously think a lot about proper worldbuilding can be learned thanks to Homestuck. It probobly helps that most of the exposition is explained by actual characters, talking in a natural and flowing way and it mostly introduces concepts and shows just enough to keep the reader interested before it actually fully explains anything.
  3. Yay! *sprinkles fairy dust around*
  4. Kayzee

    Undefined method error in script

    Uh... Looks to me like that code was made for an event call or something and you just stuck it in a class without understanding how classes work. You aren't actually defining a method, so your code just gets run once when the program starts up. I mean, when else would it run? But $game_variables isn't set yet. In general whenever you see an undefined method error about nil:NilClass it means you are trying to do something with something that isn't actually there. Even if it was, when starting or loading a game $game_variables gets reset anyway. What are you trying to do with this? I mean, when is this code going to actually be used? If you want to use it as part of an event call, you should define it as a method in the Game_Interpreter class like this: class Game_Interpreter def Calc_Hit_Chance <insert your code here> end end Or heck, just not using a class at all will work: def Calc_Hit_Chance <insert your code here> end Generally very few programmers program that way anymore, but hey, it works and is pretty simple! If you are just starting out, maybe ditching classes if all you use is event script calls is the right move. Though you have to be careful what you name your methods if you don't use a class or module, since if you name a method something that is already used it will be overwritten and that can cause issues. Half the reason programmers don't tend to do it that way anymore is because it can get annoying in large programs when you have to name every function something completely different. Of course in any case the code won't do anything unless you actually call it somewhere, but I assume you are using events to do that right?
  5. Actually, no... I think the weapons array only returns weapons, so 0 will be the first weapon no matter where it's slot is. But you may have to try it and see!
  6. No silly, why did you change the numbers? Did you think they were the index of the party member or something? $game_party.leader.weapons[1] && ($game_party.leader.weapons[0] == $game_party.leader.weapons[1]) For the party leader at least.
  7. Yup yup yup! I think you are right anyway...
  8. Well the methods are quite short so it could probobly all be rewritten to be pasted in an event script command, but using methods like that is handy. I might have over complicated things a bit really. If you wanted to do it in the simplest way possible all you would need to do is this to get the four nearby region_ids in an array is: x = $game_player.x y = $game_player.y [region_id(x + 1, y), region_id(x - 1, y), region_id(x, y + 1), region_id(x, y - 1)] Or you could put them all in different variables or something. It's just adding and subtracting 1 form the x and y really. Anyway, as for your other question: Assuming 'actor' is the actor you want to check, you can use this in an if statement or a conditional branch script call I think: actor.weapons[1] && (actor.weapons[0] == actor.weapons[1]) Not sure what actor you intend on checking or where you want to use this so I can't exactly give you anything more exact.
  9. I thought I answered something like it at some point... Anyway instead of complicated eventing you can use still fairly complicated scripting! Heres how I do it.
  10. Yay, I made a sprite... of a sprite!


    You see, sprites are fairy-like nature spirits. This one is a cute nature spirit of autumn!


    Edit: Better side animation, no ember things.

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    2. Kayzee


      I think this looks much better:



      Any advice from anyone?

    3. TobiObito4ever
    4. PhoenixSoul


      I saw that, yes. Looks fantastic, mi amour.

  11. I think I'm gonna have to take a deepdive into my database one of these days and come up with better items/weapons/armor. I feel like I don't have enough and a lot of them don't quite fit the fairyland theme I am going for.


    I have added some weapons that do fit the theme, but the problem is they are basically all replicas of unique legendary weapons like Caladbolg or Gáe Bulg. I probobly need to come up with more generic weapons.


    Also still kinda wanna turn potions into mushrooms or something and turn scrolls into something else (not sure what, maybe some kinda of tarot card).



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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Let me see...
      Skill Card
      Clothing x7
      Enhancer x3
      Accessory x4
      Relic x3
      That's...20 altogether, lolz

    3. Kayzee


      That's probobly too much for the player to really handle all at once... do you have that divided up into different menus? You could have a menu just for equipping weapons, one for clothing, and one for everything else. That would make te equip scene less bloated I think...

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I do not (I don't know how to do that either).
      Of course, seven clothing slots for various layers of clothing (because nude otherwise lolz)

  12. I guess don't use \e then and just use \\ like a normal person? :P Though no idea why that would happen unless maybe you used a \e without a message command code after it?
  13. Javascript is kinda weird, but then again this exists.
  14. Hehe I found a copy of the script myself. Looks like it mostly allows draw_text to call draw_text_ex if it detects any codes. Anyway I don't see any reason why there should be any incompatibilities between the two scripts, but I think I might know what your problem is. Are you using any other scripts where you put text in the script it's self? Because if you want to use any message codes in Ruby strings you actually have to use \\ (or \e I suppose) instead of \ to use any message codes. This is because Ruby strings have their own special text codes. Like you will notice a lot of the descriptions for Yanfly's System Options has a \n in it. That's a text code for a new line character. It's a bit confusing because both types of codes use the '\' character, but are completely different. Though internally any '\' characters in the text get converted into 'escape' characters (the normally untypeable character sent by the ESC key, which is given by the string text code \e).
  15. I only had a project get corrupted once, and I think that was because the editor crashed in a weird way while writing to the disk. Anyway I would think if it was corrupted it would at least give an error.