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  1. Hehe, I was working on my game today! I decided to implement friendly 'enemies' that can help you out! I already coded some of it because I had a 'charm' status effect, but there was lots of special case logic to get that to work. Now it's a lot more flexible.


    Hmmm, I wonder if I should have full on Doom-style monster infighting? Though often in Mystery Dungeon-style roguelikes like mine, you really don't want eneimes to kill each other because it causes the killer to level/rank up. If I was really mean I would do both. XD



    1. PhoenixSoul


      What it means is that taking out the leveled monster grants the player more bonuses.


      I set limits to various stats, limits that would please hexadecimal freaks like you and I.

    2. Kayzee


      Kinda yeah, though the exact mechanics of how it works makes it really risky. Because the enemies don't at all level up the same way player characters do. Most Mystery Dungeon-style roguelikes use a rank system where enemies have about 3-5 different palette swap ranks rather then enemies having a finely gradated levels. First rank enemies mostly show up at the start of the game and max rank enemies mostly show up near the end of the game. It only takes one kill to make them rank up. So they don't just become slightly more powerful, they get vastly more powerful, and often have better abilities too. The extra experience just isn't worth it most of the time.


      My game doesn't have ranked enemies but enemies with classes and levels like actors instead, but I could probobly do something a lot like the Disgaea games do when enemies fuse (usually happens if you throw an enemy into another one in the item world dungeons). Basically when an enemy fuses, the first enemy acquires all the experience points the second (and skills and stuff too, but that's not as relevant here) and levels up. That is to say, all the cumulative experience points mind you. That means a level 5 enemy that fuses with a level 10 enemy gets at least enough experience to reach level 10 from level 1. The result usually ends up being less then both their levels added together, but often not that much less. Granted this is actually really really useful in the Disgaea games for leveling sometimes, but it's also really really easy to create an unstoppable behemoth who will utterly crush your whole party.


      TL;DR: In most Mystery Dungeon-style roguelikes, a enemy accidentally killing another (often by shooting a projectile at you while another is in the way) is not something you usually want to have happen unless you are prepared for a tough fight, even more tough if it happens more then once. I don't know if I actually want to do that or not in my game. It might also be fun to just let you exploit enemies accidentally attacking each other. A large percentage if the exp you get in my game isn't actually directly from killing things anyhow.


      There are actually a few enemies in Mystery Dungeon-style roguelikes that exploit this though: Some attack other enemies and rank themselves up, and they can be nasty if not taken care of quickly. Some others will spawn a weak but fast spirit enemy a few turns after they die that just runs away form you, but if it finds another enemy it can possess it, making it rank up. The little ghosts can be a total pain in the ass to deal with sometimes, but if you aren't careful they will make your other enemies too strong to fight. I guess I could still make versions of these two enemies without doing the rank up thing though. The first could be reworked to a cannibal effect which ate enemies it killed with an attack, and the second doesn't really require it.



  2. Yay! More cute fairies! And witches too! Is this a different new project to your Outsiders idea? Don't burn yourself out now! Hey, you know these two characters might fit into your Outsiders game as NPCs or something and you could make your new project idea be connected maybe? Like a sort of spin off/sequel you can work on after Outsiders! I could see you making a whole bunch of Outsiders games in the same universe, especially if they aren't too long. Or you can make them different episodes of one larger game? Food for thought! You know, just in case your brain is hungry. :3 Also: Not all fairies have wings you know. In fact fairies having wings is a relatively recent trend! Fairies only started having wings a few hundred years ago, and fairies have been around for much longer. And elves and aos sĂ­ even longer then that!
  3. Awww! You are so cute now! *glomps and snuggles*

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    2. Kayzee


      *cuddles even more*

      You are just too cute! Okay then, only one thing for a self respecting fairy like me to do in this situation!

      *giggles and suddenly jumps up with you in her arms and runs off with you* Mine now! Tee-hee-hee-hee... ❤️



    3. Verdiløs Games

      Verdiløs Games

      😮 I'm ok with this.

    4. Kayzee


      I thought you might have been. ❤️

  4. Well, I think there is always a trade off between quality and file size you gotta be aware of. Video files can be insaaaaaanely large. Like gigs upon gigs. So most videos are highly compressed. Think is though the compression is always lossy and makes things blurry and introduces artifacts. But, well lets say a game only runs at 640x480. I think in the end it works out that a modestly compressed 1280x960 video is still way way WAY smaller then an uncompressed 640x480 video, and if you scale it with nearest neighbor instead of trilinear filtering or something, it will probobly look a lot more crisp too because the blurs and artifacts aren't as large. Don't quote me on that though. I mean I could assume there might be a way to take thousands of losslessly compressed .PNGs for each frame, and a 640x480 .PNG isn't that big is it?
  5. Every once and a while I feel to go back and watch some of the quality nonsense from the good old days of the web.


    Oh animutation, how I have missed you...

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      What did I just watch?

    3. Kayzee




      What is this? It isn't a badly animated flash animation collage of random images found from google image search and then reuploaded as a low quality youtube video at all! It actually has production values! I didn't even see even one JPEG compression artifact! This is an affront to my sensibilities!



      What did I just watch?


      A video on the internet.

    4. Animebryan


      For the record, videos like the 1st one should be avoided at all costs! Watching such nonsense has been proven by the MHA (Mental Health Association) to be hazardous to your mental health & has been known to cause loss in IQ points, especially in long durations (half hour videos or longer). Please watch responsibly.


      Signed, RPG Maker Central Neighborhood Watch Committee (PSA)

  6. I think I used OBS and OpenShot to make mine, but I don't think the quality turned out that good, it's a bit blurry. I think that might be because it was recorded at lower quality though. I recorded the clips in the same resolution as thy were displayed, and I think that might make things blurry due to the way the compression works, so maybe I should have doubled it? Was kind of a pain in the ass to record since my lappy is slow though.
  7. Kayzee

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    That reminds me of a story... maybe you have heard it? I wish this wish didn't come true.
  8. Kayzee

    The Side Villains

    Yay for Chaos! I do like to see plots where multiple plots are being launched by different factions for sure! Though I think I prefer a something a little more ambiguous. I mean, not all antagonists have to be villains, not all villains need to be antagonists, and sometimes it's hard to tell or at least describe what role a character even plays! My game is not really that plot heavy, but what plot there is/will be oven revolves around the idea that most of the characters the player runs into are pretty amoral. That is to say not necessarily immoral (as in actively going out and doing evil things) but still amoral (as in concepts like 'right' and 'wrong' don't really mean anything to them). For example, the trio of fairies I talked about before are really more interested in playing with the player then anything else (of course at least one is a sadist, so yeah). When you first meet them they really don't react to you that much and just sort of hang around doing their own thing. You can talk to them (and two of them even have a secret item they can give you if you figure out how to get them to give it to you), and they pretty much act like random NPCs. It's only after the player leaves the map they meet the trio on to press forward that a cut scene plays where the trio decides the player is interesting enough to play with. They aren't really what most people would think of as 'villians' exactly, just kinda playful bullies that like to mess with you a bit. Of them only one tries to actually straight up attack the player without being attacked first, the other two mostly just use their special actions to prank the player and run away until they take damage. Another example is, well, me! You see I, Kayzee, am responsible for spiriting the player away to fairyland in the first place! Why? I was bored of course! But I am helpful, honest! I will explain lotsa stuff, and will let you stay in my house, and will give you a cool book, and... I am cute! And I will just sit back and let you pretty much do what you want most of the time too! What's the catch? Oh, don't worry about that... Just relax! Look into my eyes... Just think of all the fun we will have! Just relax more and more... You wanna be my plaything, don't you? That's a good pet...
  9. Kayzee

    The Side Villains

    Hehe... My game has a trio of side villain fairy girls that are introduced pretty near the start of the game. Not sure how much plot relevance they will have in the end, but I do plan on making them show up throughout the game. They mostly show up as unique randomly spawning miniboss encounters in my game's roguelike dungeons. Each one has a slightly different personality and set of abilities. One can steal your items and teleport away, one can turn invisible and hunt you, and the third... Well I am not quite done with that one yet, but I plan to make her possibly alert monsters or use staus effects. They even have their own special music that plays when they spot you!
  10. Fae things are the best things! ...Wine, jewels and sweets? Wowsers, that's a lot of stuff! I think most fairies would be fine with only one of the three! And how the heck do you afford to give away jewels willy nilly? Hmmm... Is Lisa the girlfriend of Angel that was talked about or are they just co workers? Do the humans actually know Angel and Lisa before the game starts? If so... ...Wait a moment! I see what you are doing! *giggles* Sneaky!
  11. A fellow fairy is following the friends as they find themselves in a frightful fix? Yay! *excitedly plays with Lisa* ... Why does she like pop though? I would figure she would like good old fashioned Celtic music. I do! :3 Wait... IS she a fairy? She has pointy ears and no apparent wings... She might be a pixie! Or even a Aos SĂ­! That would be an embarrassing mistake... but sometimes it's hard for even us to tell the difference! Oh well doesn't matter she's cute! (Hehehe, the demon is named Angel.)
  12. Kayzee

    Entry 011: Clipped Wings and Broken Dreams

    Eh, I think I have argued enough anyway. It was fun, but I don't feel like keeping it up. I am glad I can have these kind of discussions with you though!
  13. Kayzee

    Entry 011: Clipped Wings and Broken Dreams

    And what if all provocations are made-up? A person who does their best to be a 'good person' and has no vices or problems will also 'infringe on the Free Will of others' if they think it is 'the right thing to do'. Punishment is as much an infringement of Free Will as much as anything else. Any being who willingly inflicts erasure regardless of the reason is still inflicting erasure. Last resort or not, the result is the same: One being who judges those they believe are under them. They will say how it's about 'the greater good' and come up with as many excuses as they can, it doesn't change what they are doing. At least Kefka Palazzo was, in a way, honest. He didn't try to be sympathetic, he didn't try and tell people he was doing the right thing, and he definitely wasn't interested in any 'greater good'. He played his role because that's what he wanted to do. He didn't want to erase everything out of some meaningless idea of balance, he did it because in his eyes it was all meaningless. No he wasn't a hero. He would never be a hero. But I can admire him a lot more for that then I would if he was one of those villains trying to destroy the would 'for it's own good'. And in turn I can admire heros a lot more when they don't fight for some great principle, but for themselves and their own wishes. On the subject of balance... Isn't the most balanced thing possible nothing at all? Nothingness has nothing to be imbalanced after all. Maybe in some ways everything is more or less 'balanced' by everything else, but to me it's the imbalances that really stand out. Things are defined by contrast. Light and dark, hot and cold, all things can only exist because of imbalance. Trying to balance everything just leads to entropy, like I said heat death. And yeah, maybe it only seems like an imbalance because of a limited perspective, but if so the true shape of everything has no shape at all. There may be no endings, or their may be many endings followed by new beginnings. Depends on your perspective.
  14. Kayzee

    Entry 011: Clipped Wings and Broken Dreams

    Except that most humans don't act like that, or at least can't be proven to act like that. They will make up a provocation in their head and actually believe it. They will come up with some excuse, some reason to attack someone, even if it seems like bullshit to you. The strong will even attack the weak in a misguided attempt to make them strong, or so they will say. True 'evil' may exist, but if it does it is rare and hard to pinpoint. Most humans do not do horrible things because they are 'evil', most humans do horrible things in a misguided attempt to be 'good'. If you believe that acting in any way shape or form that will infringe upon the Free Will of another is wrong, then why don't you also think punishing people for their 'sins' is also wrong? That is also infringing upon the Free Will of another. Karma may very well be a thing that exists, but if so it is not for you or anyone to dish out. Justice is a dangerous delusion that directly leads to more of the 'injustice' it tries to fight. Any imbalance that exists will either correct it's self over time, in which case intervention is unnecessary, or it won't, in which case the imbalance is probobly important to keep things going. Would you correct the imbalance between matter and antimatter? That would just result in everything in the universe blowing up. Would you try to perfectly balance all the energy in the universe everywhere? That would result in heat death. I for one think closure will only come once you have decided that story is over. I think you need to either write an ending or abandon it. Even if you never really finish getting all the answers, just make some up! Obviously not just any answers will do, you need to believe them. If you can't, abandon that story and start a new one. Maybe one that makes you happy? It's possible! I know it may seem like I am being a bit dismissive, but I mean it. You are the one telling yourself the story of your life. But I guess, we all grow sort of attached to our own stories. I can't say yours will have a happy ending, or even necessarily should. But in the end, I would at least like you to be able to look at yourself and say "Yeah, that was a good story" even if it turns into the kind that makes you cry. Besides you aren't the only one watching anymore. I only know a bit of the story, but it's interesting, if highly troubling. But it's not my story, even if I do manage to sneak in a line here and there. :3