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  1. Kayzee

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    That's okay, that's what fairy magic is for! *sprinkles fairy dust on you that gives you cute bunny ears and a little bunny tail* Tee-hee...
  2. Kayzee

    Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

    For some reason I keep thinking you have bunny ears on top of your hood... Do you have bunny ears on top of your hood? Well regardless, you are cute! So welcome! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  3. I actually have been working on my game a widdle bit! 😮


    I was reworking the intro and stuff. Still not sure I am happy with the basic set up though. Partly because I keep wanting to write my own meta-commentary. XD

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I've mostly finished the base character art bits; still have a few to do that I had started, and a few more I have no art bits of at all made. Also ran into a glitch with a scriptlet (one of yours actually) that affects graphic layers that are not attached to equipment, that I'm not sure I can do anything about, nor is it that big a deal (yet).

      There's one character I'm working on a bulging abdomen bit for, but I'm not sure if I have the proportions right...

    2. RavenBlueIndigo


      Heck yeah! Do the devving of the game~

  4. Kayzee

    Mirroring tiles via Tile Swap script

    People usually use scripts for that I think. I think using events is actually a pretty good idea honestly! Parallax mapping tends to lead to big bloated images anyway.
  5. Tiles are square, so it's always going to be easier to do square tiles, and sideways doors are a matter of projection. ... You know despite what I said before about isometric tiles, there is an exception I can think of and that is Ultima 6: For reference this is the whole game's tileset (including sprites) and it's pretty compact... Ultima 6 doesn't even use multiple tile layers (doorways/doors are objects in U6) so it could probably be cut down a little even. Still need to basically draw everything with that projection in mind though. That's the biggest problem. (Also Ultima 6 might still be my favorite RPG, haven't played it in ages though.)
  6. Kayzee

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    Unfortunately no... All the ABS scripts I have seen are kinda crummy for various reasons. Again, that may just be me being a picky grump though. Really the main problems I have with Falcao Pearl ABS is the excessive number of keyboard keys you need and the lack of pixel-based movement. Other then that it's a little clunky but seems to work.
  7. Kayzee

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    As cute as it is I do have one complaint. My complaint is that it uses Falcao Pearl ABS. I am not a fan of Falcao Pearl ABS. That may just me being a picky grump though. XD
  8. Kayzee

    Mirroring tiles via Tile Swap script

    Okay first of all: Remember that anything you do will not show up in the editor. No matter how clever you are with figuring out how to reuse tiles it won't matter unless it's actually practical to make maps. Unless you want to make your own map editor, don't bother. Also, most retro games use the concept of 'metatiles', aka tiles that are made up of smaller tiles which can be mirrored or reused to save space. Is this possible to do this in RPG Maker? Well... Yeah. You can basically use any image you want as a tileset and draw to it anytime you want. But you won't really be saving tiles this way. If you have one normal metatile and one mirrored metatile, you might be able to reduce the graphics space it takes, but it's still two metatiles. So yeah, over all? I would say it's way more trouble then it's worth. If you are trying to mirror tiles anyway. Mirroring backgrounds/images is way easier.
  9. 2816 is actually autotile 16, or the first tile in the third row in the editor's tile picker which is grass in the default rtp tilesets. Why? The thing about tile ids is they are all scrambled up compared to the editor, largely because of how autotiles work. Tile 0 is actually the first tile of the B tiles. Autotiles start at 2048 and each autotile is really 48 different normal tiles. The formula for getting an autotile number from a tile number is (tile - 2048) / 48. So (2816 - 2048) / 48 = 16. FYI: I am pretty sure the A1-A4 tiles are all autotiles. Can't remember off the top of my head what the IDs for the A5 tiles are.
  10. Kayzee

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    Only things I know about Black★Rock Shooter (can't forget the ★ ya know) is because it was part of the Battle Fantasia Project fanfic setting, and I can't remember even that all too well... But cute is cute! :3
  11. Kayzee

    Entry 015: 'Cuties' (Twatties)

    I dunno about you, but I can't take 'brat' or 'twat' seriously as insults. I mean 'brat' just sound way to much like something a rebellious teenage girl would secretly love to be called because it sounds cute. Also 'twat' is also another name for vagina, and ya know what? I am kinda baffled how people calling each other vaggies and wee-wees became an insult. They are some of my favorite body parts! And nether are very creative. I think the insult that really comes to mind when I imagine the kind of people I assume you are talking about... Is empty. Or The Empty if you need a catchy term for them. I mean to be clear, we all have some emptiness inside us. I know I do! Not nearly as much as I did once upon a time though I am sure. Because that's the thing, everyone and everything starts out empty and is slowly filled as they grow and develop. But everyone once and a while you run into someone who... didn't. No matter how much their body has developed or their ego has matured, their soul is still mostly or completely empty. They can walk, but they walk nowhere. They can talk but they talk about nothing. They can act in a manner that some would call kind or act in one some would call cruel, but they have no understanding of either kindness nor cruelty. The thing is though? That type of emptiness? It's a waste of time to even bother to engage in. Why you are being up yet another trash movie made by the empty for the empty that obviously was never going to be good in a million years? I sometimes dare to hope that by understanding the empty I could find a way to get through to them and open them up to more... To find just the right words to show them the way. But... Well that was probably mostly always my own foolish arrogance talking. Maybe you can't help everyone, and some people will, for whatever reason, always be empty in your eyes. I know, I know, you 'care too much'. But what are you attempting to do here by bringing this dumb movie up? Are you trying to say something or just rambling? Nothing wrong with rambling, goddess knows I do it all the time!
  12. I made a blog post about some stuff I was doing for my game! Haven't done that in a while!


  13. Yay, I have actually been doing stuff related to my game for once! For example. made a basic sprite for a character I have been thinking about adding to my game for a while. I present to you, "The Azure Demon": She's the owner of one of the dungeon areas in my game, a mansion near a misty lake I called "The Azure Demon Mansion". I know, I know, a color themed 'evil creature' girl who owns a mansion, never been done before! She also has an army of ninja maids! 'Original character do not steal'. Maybe I should populate the mansion with more wholly original characters! Like a lazy gatekeeper, a sickly librarian with a cute imp assistant, a head maid that can stop time, and a sister she keeps locked away in the basement because she's too wild. Woah there maybe I should spread some of that originality around a bit! Thinking of having her actual name be something like Lapidea Lazul Lājevard. ... Though I could imagine her fairy name being Lazzy Lass Glasgeamchloch if she was a fairy. Personally I think that name is muuuuch cooler. Maybe I will use that as a pet name! Think it would annoy her? Edit: Oh! Almost forgot to say what her roll in my game is! Looking like she is going to be the second major boss in my game, and probably going to be the leading character in what I have called before the 'demon subplot'. She's also cute as a button. That's a very important plot point that needs to be addressed up front. So be warned, I intend to make this demon super duper cute.
  14. Not very many classic SNES JRPGs have sideways door sprites either. There is a reason for this. As well as a reason for why almost every wall asset is square, and at least partly why most roof tiles are flat. Because honestly? It just makes working with tilesets way way less needlessly complicated and fiddly. The more you try and force things that don't neatly fit into the forced perspective most JRPG maps use into a tileset, the more over-complicated it is to actually build maps with them. The whole concept of using tiles starts to break down. That's when many people turn to what they call in the RPG Maker community "parallax mapping", but that has it's own set of problems. And yes, isometric 45 degree tiles are a thing... except not really. Look at this image of isometric 45 degree 'tiles' and see if you can spot the problem. Thing is, those aren't 'tiles' at all by game standards. They are sprites. Tiles are all about being able to quickly draw things by quickly copying memory in linear easy to manage chunks (though when an alpha map is involved it may be a moot point). Drawing maps with little 45 degree sprites like that is a perfectly acceptable way of building maps, but try to fit those isometric 45 degree sprites to an actually tileset? Doable, but makes working with it on a tile by tile level an absolute nightmare. Better off just using sprites.
  15. I'm beginning to think the 'demon subplot' I have had kicking around in my head might end up being much more important to my game's plot then I thought...


    Why do I think so? Well it's true that it was one of the few scraps of actual plot that didn't boil down to me messing with the player for the lulz, but I still didn't expect to start composing a multi-part boss battle theme related to it. I also came up with with a kinda delightfully meta twist to the whole thing.


    I am suddenly reminded of @Verdiløs Games a lot... I really hope they are doing okay!

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Same here; haven't heard from them in some time, here or on Discord...