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  1. I actually did some work on my game today! :O Finally made progress on the special ability for the last member of the fairy miniboss trio to need a special ability.


    Still not sure if I should have her alert all the enemies on the floor to where you are, or directly summon enemies. Maybe I should let her do both?


    As for the other members of the fairy miniboss trio, one has the ability to steal items from you and teleport away and the other has the ability to turn invisible. All three of them have the ability to 'blink' (a sort of short range rapid teleport spam).

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Neat. Me?
      Nothing yet...
      Still waiting on art...

    2. Knighterius


      I think directly summoning enemies that are from the floor, kinda like a rollcall orb. Make a fat monster house. Also ties in with the teleportation of the trio. 

    3. Kayzee


      Hehe, a rollcall orb is a petty good example of how that would work. Though if she alerted all the enemies on the floor it would almost effectively be kind of the same thing except instead of just teleporting into the room the enemies would all pathfind their way to the room. My game actually has a stealth system of sorts, so I kinda like the idea of a noisey enemy. Maybe I should make that more of a general feature for enemies that use loud skills to be able to alert other enemies. Also some enemies in my game can hunt the player though smell as well. :3


      Also I might have told you, but my game actually has monster houses in it too! Or maybe I should say M-M-Monster Houses!

  2. Kayzee


    Hello Echo! Hello Echo! Hello Echo! Hello Echo! Your eyes are very red! Pretty! *sprinkles fairy dust on the new person*
  3. You do realize that any "smart syntax reader" that would be able to properly syntactically understand English and program stuff for you would basically mean a program that was as or more intelligent then a human right? A syntax tester while you type could work but wouldn't necessarily catch all errors, especially with dynamically typed languages like ruby/javascript. Not all errors are a matter of syntax after all, and most of the ones that are end up being pretty obvious and easy to fix. You know what I would honestly really like to see in an RPG Maker? More generic databases with custom types/fields. Also a fully open source engine and editor, but I doubt it would be called "RPG Maker" if it was.
  4. Kayzee

    eddsworld life after the end The Box Part 2

    Yeah it was pretty obvious it was just a new weapon of some kind and you were being cheeky, but I like my version better. :3 Hmmm? A Bad Dragon thing buzzing around your head huh? I think if a Bad Dragon thing is buzzing your supposed to use it somewhere else, but to each their own. :P
  5. I was just thinking... People like comedy right? And some of the most famous people who make comedy are stand-up comedians. But people also like horror, so why aren't there any famous stand-up horrorians?

    1. PhoenixSoul



      Well, there was that 'Tales from the Crypt' person, but that was a show on TV...it's the closest I have...lolz

    2. Kayzee


      In anycase he wasn't actually scary. All the crypt keeper did was introduce the story and tell bad puns. :P

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Like I said, the closest I had/could think of. I don't even know if stand-up horror is a thing, but maybe, just maybe, @AutumnAbsinthe knows?

  6. Kayzee

    eddsworld life after the end The Box Part 2

    "What's in the box?" Though in the context of this story... I am imagining something from one of those "Bad Dragon" adverts I used to see a bunch of places. Mostly because it makes the final scene so much more interesting. <3
  7. Oh Tom Scott, you really made a thing of beauty this time... Sorry my most favorite of forums but...

    *suddenly air raid sirens start sounding*






    1. PhoenixSoul


      I don't even have to watch it. Just seeing the title is enough.
      I don't have the endurance to watch anyway, lolz

  8. I have been watching an anime called Saga of Tanya the Evil about a ruthless amoral businessman who was reincarnated as a little girl fighting in what is basically WW1 except with magitech after he/she mouthed off to god.


    Now I love stories about evil little girls and all, but there are some things about the show that do bug me. Maybe it's that I don't care for WWI with some magic as a setting that much. Maybe it's a bit too 'isekai' (I actually do have a soft spot for some isekai though). Maybe that the heroine strays a bit in to outright stupid evil.


    But it's probobly mostly just because god isn't mocked or called out enough for my taste.  :P

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Sounds like a whimsy of Talamiura...lolz

    2. Kayzee


      Pretty sure it's Yaldabaoth being a prick again actually.

  9. I just had a random thought: What would an anime adaptation of my game be like? My game doesn't really have much actual plot (but it has a lot of worldbuilding) So it's an interesting question.


    Even though my game is actually really tame, the idea that popped into my head was something like Ishuzoku Reviewers but in reverse.


    Like what if the show follows the diary of a rather perverted human I have spirited away to fairyland?


    Each episode is basically about them transforming in some way that appeals to one of their secret fetishes and they don't have enough willpower to resist taking advantage of it.


    I could totally see something with pretty much that exact premise being made!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PhoenixSoul


      As long as I can watch locally, I'm good.
      (I don't have a stream-worthy hardware setup)

    3. Kayzee


      I think most sites I have seen it streamed also have a download link. Also: No the new episode is tomorrow. :(

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Ah, well...I might have a look later on.

  10. Glad I could help explain that at least! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  11. Uh... Looks like you forgot an 'end' down at the bottom? Also what do mean it 'asks for' 'Game_Interpreter:Class'? Do you mean you get an error like "undefined local variable or method 'blah' for Game_Interpreter:Class"? Because if you are calling a method from an event the error should be more like "undefined local variable or method `blah' for #<Game_Interpreter:0x[some hex number]>". I assume by 'metaclass methods' you mean methods attached to the class object it's self. Not sure if it's the right term in ruby, I just call them 'class methods'. Usually I see eigenclass rather then metaclass for ruby too. But whatever. If it's complaining about 'Game_Interpreter:Class' that way it means it's looking for a (meta)class method. In that case 'Game.Interpreter.print_hello' should be 'Game_Interpreter.print_hello'. Not sure why it would look for one though. Anyway, (meta)class methods are usually defined like: class Game_Interpreter def self.blah() puts "blah" end end with a 'self.' in front of the method name or like: class Game_Interpreter class << self # the class's eigenclass/metaclass def blah() puts "blah" end end end Again though, I don't know why it would look for a method like that unless you are actually calling the methods using 'Game_Interpreter.blah()' in the events. If you are... well a Game_Interpreter instance is running the event. Just use 'blah()'.
  12. Eh? There is an anime about a team of adventurers in a fantasy world who basically do reviews of girls of various fantasy species who work in brothels? WHY WAS I NOT TOLD OF THIS SOONER!?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. PhoenixSoul


      Be patient, mi amour...

    3. TobiObito4ever


      What anime is this? I may have to check it out...

    4. Kayzee


      @TobiObito4ever Ishuzoku Reviewers (aka Interspecies Reviewers). And yes, you have to. You have been trapped in it's insidious web and won't be able to resist the compulsion. Even now you can hear it calling can't you? "Watch me.... Watch meee..." Soon it will dominate your thoughts and you will give in. But don't worry it's good! Plus it's just so delightfully lewd! <3


      Lewd enough that Funimation canceled the dub they were doing after a few episodes and it's been pulled from at least one tv station. There apparently was a loooot of drama about it in the anime community last month. Also the whole MyAnimeList thing...

  13. Kayzee

    I am a ninja. Mizunoue no kage.

    *suddenly there is a whisper in Mizunouenokage's ear* Hello ninja, I am a fairy. *when the ninja turns to look she is nowhere to be seen and odd giggles echo between the trees*
  14. Awww, I had a Zoidburg meme all ready and you spoiled it. >_> But wait... do you mean an actual physical trading card game with actual physical cards to play with actual physical friends? People do that?!?! Er... What I mean to say is, yeah of course there is yugioh and magic the gathering and such. Never played any of that myself, though it might sound mildly interesting if I had anyone I wanted to play with. But that's the rub isn't it? At least for antisocial introverts like me, no matter how good the game is, if I need other people (especially flesh and blood people) to play with, sorry not really interested. Plus no offense but even if I did have someone to play with, chances are they would want to play a more well known game. Though I guess I can think of a few ways in which making a trading card game might work... If you have a bunch of people you know personally who would be interested in playing the new game with you personally and it spirals out from there, or if you just have enough marketing savvy and industry respect that people will want to at least try. You could always make an RPG with trading card game mechanics if you wanted though! Sidenote: I always personally found the superhero thing more then a little silly. But then, I am a magical fairy so I am more then a little silly myself. I guess I just gotta ask if you are going to make a world with random superpowers, why not just make the world a bit more fantastical instead of guys in skin tight outfits running around a mundane normal city fighting crime or whatever? Though sometimes superhero stories are still pretty neat. Like Worm! In a way it's a bit like Evangelion only with loads of superheros and supervillians instead of giant robots fighting the angels... and losing (though really that part of the plot doesn't kick in for a while). Unlike Evangelion it has a main character that doesn't make you want to slap them... or if it does, it's for a completely different reason. The girl is way too stubborn sometimes, though to be fair getting powers in Worm usually involves events that really mess you up.