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  1. Kayzee

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    The engine isn't really designed for tricks like zooming in the whole screen so it's sadly going to cause lag no matter what you do.
  2. It's Mabon today! Or in other words, the Autumn Equinox. But I like names like Mabon better.

  3. Kayzee

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    It seems to me like you are putting the buildings in the shadow layer! I think the shadow layer is subtractive. Change "shadow3-1.png" to "par3-1.png" and it won't be black anymore! Though it won't work quite as you want without some major tweaking. You need the "par3-1.png" to only display the tiles that should be drawn over the player you see. It's tricky work making an isometric tileset you know!
  4. Kayzee

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    Place the patch in it's own script below the extra frame script... Like this! Or you can add it to the bottom of the extra movement frames script I guess
  5. Kayzee

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    I noticed that the 8 directional script has a patch just for the extra frames script, so make sure you are using that! Also, I would assume that is the case for the index but I am not sure.
  6. Kayzee

    Need Help Sprites Are Cropped In Half

    I think you just doubled the number of frames per index but you still need the same number of indexes so your image should look like this:
  7. I found out today my Gaia Online account is still able to be logged in to. It's been like a decade since I used it! I bet no one even remembers Gaia Online anymore... Maybe that's for the best. Gaia Online was... yeah.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kayzee


      I did some RP there too! Though mostly in PMs. It was a rather neat place to hang but... it had a reputation too. Kinda too much weeb energy ya know?

    3. Aslanemperor


      That was bound to happen.  The creation of the anime avitar was always going to result in such things.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I had a Gaia Online account, long ago...
      I don't recall any of the information, or if the email is still valid (not likely).

      Why did I have one?
      I think it was a recommendation, but all I recall was...

      "Your fish eke out a terrible existence"
      (I think the whole fish tank thing was bugged)

  8. I was messing around in my game and found a +34469697580 weapon! How did that happen? 😳


    1. PhoenixSoul


      Who knows...

    2. Aslanemperor


      Did you add some sort of randomized weapon generation and just land on the most improbable RNG?

    3. Kayzee


      Yeah I was using a wacky RNG formula. It should be better now.

  9. Yay for making your own soundtrack! Yay for cute and whimsical music too! I briefly looked though them and they seem alright to me! Though sometimes some of the instruments seem to have reverb that seems kinda short and unnatural I think? On the other hand I think it's better then overusing long expansive reverb which I feel is something a lot of other RPG Maker soundtracks do... Maybe there could be a bit more variety in instrument choices and styles? It still sounds pretty good to me!
  10. I have been actually working on my game today! I am making wands!  Wands are handy usable tool items that will be able to be used multiple times before they run out of power. Still working on them but they should have lotsa useful effects!

  11. Kayzee

    Calling state resist variables in scripts

    Be careful when using only state resists around the death state though! Remember if something resists death, they won't die even if their hp is zero! It's a good idea to use a state rate of zero if you want something immune to instant death spells. Good luck whatever you do! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  12. Kayzee

    Calling state resist variables in scripts

    Remember that there are state rates and state resists. State rates effects the chance a stat will be applied, State resists are flat immunity. You can use @actor.state_rate(state_id) to get rates and @actor.state_resist?(state_id) to check for resists.
  13. Kayzee


    Yay another new person! *sprinkles fairy dust around the topic*
  14. Looks like the Legend of Mana HD remaster is out now. Probably going to buy it as soon as I can.

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