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  1. Hehe, I like to help people when I can! :3 *sprinkles fairy dust on you*
  2. Normally the game uses RPG::AudioFile subclasses (like RPG::BGM) to hold data about volume and pitch, and those classes call the Audio module to play themselves. The way Yanfly's system options volume settings work is to adjust the volume automatically as the RPG::AudioFile subclasses play themselves, but the jukebox script just uses the Audio module directly so it completely bypasses yanfly's script actually... May look into it more later. How isn't it working? The tricky bit is step 2, because you can't just create a sprite for that mask. Instead you have to draw it on top of the map's bitmap (or a copy of the map's bitmap). It won't work otherwise. Remember Bitmaps and Sprites are different things! A Bitmap is the image you want to draw, a Sprite is where and how the game should draw it. I will have to look over that script in detail later I think.
  3. Nope, only one. Doing this for every other number to check for x and exactly x results isn't nearly as useful as you might think.. Plus, if they wrote a method for every number, that would be a lot of methods! :3 If you want to check for an exact number, you are better off using "return a.count" to just get the number of matches. Hehe, I was using Khas Awesome Light Effects at one point, but I was never really happy with it's terms of service and I ended up needing to heavily modify it so much to get it to work the way I wanted anyway, so I eventually scraped the whole thing and wrote my own lighting/effect script from scratch. XD Only thing missing is the real time shadow effects Khas Awesome Light Effects has, which are honestly slow as heck and don't look all that great, so no big loss in my eyes. I also use the same script for a fog effect in one area. Not sure if it looks that great, as is though: Edit: Oh also, for reference, most of my dungeon areas also are covered by a 'fog of war' effect which hides unexplored tiles in addition to lighting. Here is a shot of my foresty area with the lighting script disabled:
  4. Yeah I figured that is what you meant. :3 I just mean you can't easily just make an image to use as a mask because you can't copy channels form one image to another. You would either have to clear the transparent bits line per line, or do tricks with additive blending. Here look I made this thing to show you what I mean: This is the only good way I have found to do masks in VX Ace. Oh oops. I was saying addictive instead of additive... Silly Kayzee they aren't the same word at all! I mean a sprite with a blend_type of 1 okay? >w< Er, anyway, I am not exactly sure how that minimap script works and most of the links on that page are dead, so I don't think I can help code it right now, but the basic idea is something I have done before. For example, the glow effects on my title sequence near the start of this video (after I am done talking about 21 seconds in) Is done by hiding a repeating plane behind a mask and additivly blending the background on top of it (uses quite a bit of subtractive blending too). Never tried it on a ui element though. :O
  5. Unbelievably enough, it actually is that simple! You can also use "return a.none?" to make it require that you not have any of the item IDs and "return a.one?" to make it require that you have exactly one and only one of the item ids, but I don't think they are as useful as any? and all? really. Also if you use "return a.select" instead of giving you a true or false answer for if you have the ids, it will give you an array of the ids that match what you have which can be handy in some situations. Unfortunately, there is really no easy way to make masks in VX Ace. I managed to make some mask-like effects using subtractive and addictive blending, but it pretty much only works in some situations.
  6. Well, sorta... you could call it like hasitem?(*(20..30)) to 'splat' the range in as arguments (this is just like how *args 'splats' the arguments to an array), but I think it's more flexible to use this: class Game_Interpreter def hasitem?(*args) a = [] args.each do |arg| if arg.is_a?(Enumerable) a |= arg.to_a else a.push(arg) end end return a.any? {|id| $game_party.has_item?($data_items[id], false)} end end # Game_Interpreter It's more complex , but it lets you use hasitem?(1..6, 8, 20..30) or whatever. There might be an easier way to do this, not sure.
  7. Uh, you can't use || that way. If you wanted to check multiple things you would need to do the full check, not just the id. Like this: $game_party.has_item?($data_items[1]) || $game_party.has_item?($data_items[2]) || $game_party.has_item?($data_items[3]) || $game_party.has_item?($data_items[4]) Which would be a pain, and you don't know how many things to check in this case anyway. Anyway, off the top of my head, here is how I would do it: class Game_Interpreter def hasitem?(*args) return args.any? {|id| $game_party.has_item?($data_items[id], false)} end end # Game_Interpreter Methods like .any? are very useful because you can give them a block of code to check each member of an array with! This is called a Closure, and while they can get sort of hard to explain, this is a pretty simple one. The block of code is passed one argument which we "bind' to a variable by surrounding the name we want to use with | |. For .any? it steps though each member of an array passing that member to a block, then if the result is true it returns true, if not it checks the next member of the array and if it runs out of members it returns false. TL;DR: Code you can pass code to is neat!
  8. I decided to put some music I made for my game up on Soundcloud. I have used it before to share a track or two to people privately but I put a bunch of stuff as public today.


    I just figured since I haven't been working on my game much lately I might as well upload some of the music that I feel kinda proud of, just so something I have been working on is out there somewhere.

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      Loving this for certain.

  9. Kayzee

    Math teacher incomming (Fr/En)

    I am glad your class allows people to find other ways to learn! No matter what you do not everyone will be good at learning the same way, and that's always a problem with any school program. Still, no reason not to do your best! I am rooting for you! Hmmm... Now that I think about it, I think the best thing that games could offer education is that a games are both a lesson and a test. Most of the time in classrooms it seems people are doing either one or the other but not both, either sitting there trying to pay attention to what is taught, or stressing out while they try to recall the exact bit of information they need to pass. With a game people do both at once in cycles... Uncovering more and more knowledge as they fiddle with things which in turns lets therm figure out how to get to the next stage. That makes it much more satisfying and engaging then staying up all night studying everything and then trying to recall everything while being under stress from being forced to preform. Just food for thought.
  10. Kayzee

    Math teacher incomming (Fr/En)

    It seems pretty easy to understand to me! I heard about teachers trying that kind of thing before, though to be honest I have kind of mixed feelings about it. It feels sorta like doing the same thing schools have always done with a slightly different coat of paint and doesn't go much deeper then the superficial. It honestly kinda feels like a cheep trick... I don't know if every type of student will really engage with that the way you might want them too. Really if you ask me grinding for XP is pretty much the most boring part of most games anyway, so that shouldn't really be the kind of thing you are trying to emulate. :P I kinda think games can actually do more then that! Games can teach people in a whole new way though the gameplay it's self! Games are mostly about problem solving and playing with sets of rules after all... So many games have you learning a ever expanding set of tools and using them to solve increasingly challenging problems. I think a good example is Baba is You actually. Or maybe even more to the point, Shenzhen I/O. Seriously Shenzhen I/O and other games like it are a pretty amazing introduction to the basics of computer programing while also being pretty fun games in their own right. I can't help but wonder if a fun game could be built that revolved around using math as a game mechanic, something that actually made playing with math it's self feel fun! I have seen some attempts at this before but I am not sure if any game has really quite nailed that sorta thing. Oh well. The important thing is that you are a teacher who is willing to try things, and that's fantastic!
  11. Kayzee

    Math teacher incomming (Fr/En)

    I am kinda curious... What do you plan on teaching with RPG Maker, and how do you plan on doing it? I absolutely believe RPG Maker can be used to teach, but I think you need to be careful not to make it a gimmick that overshadows the rest of the lesson.
  12. Kayzee

    Noob vs Newb And Why it Matters

    I don't really want to be needlessly contrary again so soon, but I am going to have to bring up the old "prescriptionist vs descriptionist" debate. You may believe that newb or newbie is more 'correct' then noob, but the problem with this kind of logic is that language is kind of alive. Words change and mutate over the years, new ones are born and old ones die off. In short, like it or not you could say language is really nothing more then a collection of dank memes. :P This is not a new thing either. For example, did you know that it is believed 'ok' started as a kind of tongue in cheek abbreviation for a deliberate misspelling of 'all correct' ('oll korrect') that was popular in the 1830s? If you want to go even further back, it's kind of silly to talk about correct English when half of the words in Modern English actually come from French. I can't help but mourn a little when I think about what English could have been like if the whole Norman invasion thing never really happened, but I am rather fond of the language we got anyway. Though correct or not, I think noob has a slightly different shading to it then newb or newbie and is still rather insulting. I have heard it described like this: A newbie is simply someone who is new. A newb is someone who is new and as a result doesn't know what they are doing. A noob is someone who doesn't know what they are doing and never learns and thus is doomed to be a noob forever even if they have been around a while. And a n00b is a noob who thinks they are '1337' because they can replace letters with numbers. :3 Sidenote: When it comes to "alternative facts", I will just say I think a lot of people underestimate just how easy it is to fall into that kind of thinking. I honestly don't believe that people are as dumb as some people seem to think, it's just that the truth is actually a really tricky thing to get a handle on and people are often just caught up in their own little lives and don't bother trying. And I don't think that's a new thing either.
  13. It is now my birthday! I was born in the early morning I think, so I may be officially 40 now! I am ooooold... but I am a fairy so 40 years isn't really that old for us. Probably won't really do much today, but I am gonna try and have fun today anyway!

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      Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! ASS! ASS! ASS! ASS! lolz


      Well, happy belated birthday, love...

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      Awww it's okay. :3 *gives PS a big snuggle*

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    Add barriers to fly script!

    I think I know why mine doesn't work actually. Maybe try this? It would probobly be simpler then using yanfly's region restrict, unless you wanted to use that script for other things. class Game_Player < Game_Character NO_FLY_REGION = 8 # change to whatever you want. alias map_passable_vehicle_check? map_passable? def map_passable?(x, y, d) if self.altitude > 0 return $game_map.region_id($game_map.round_x_with_direction(x, d), $game_map.round_y_with_direction(y, d)) != NO_FLY_REGION end map_passable_vehicle_check?(x, y, d) end end I forgot you needed to round the x and y coords like that. Well, actually I didn't exactly forget, I just thought for a bit that it already rounded. I was going to post this before, but I thought roninator2 had a pretty good idea too! Also this should actually work better with looping maps then yanfly's region restrict since yanfly's region restrict doesn't use round_x_with_direction and round_y_with_direction. That's a really really minor problem though. Also, this doesn't really work with 8 directional movement, but most people don't use that anyway and I sorta know how to fix that if needed (it depends on what 8 directional movement script is used).
  15. Can't you just... uh... set a number in a variable and just use that variable as the map to transfer to? I think you might be over thinking this.
  16. And what is AM1? Can't you just set it to a number?
  17. Kayzee

    Add barriers to fly script!

    You know, you have return true if $game_map.all_restrict_regions.include?(region) then follow it with return true if $game_map.all_restrict_regions.include?(region) && @in_air which is the same thing with an extra condition. Shouldn't you delete the first line? That script seems like it would work well though!
  18. Well, what exactly are you trying to do there? Where does AM1 come from? Like I said, the easiest way to set what map to go to is to make an event that sets that variable when the map loads.
  19. Oooh, are you making an RPG version of Eversion? :3 Anyway, I don't really use MV, but I think the way you do this with MV events is the same as the way you do this with VX Ace events. There should be an event command to set variables which will let you set one to the player's x coordinate, one to the player's y coordinate, and one to the map ID you want to teleport to. Then when transferring the player to a new map there should be the option to use variables for the x/y/map id. I think you could use a 'parallel process' common event that has a conditional branch to check if the button is pressed and if so set the x/y variables and transfer the player. Meanwhile the variable of what map to go to could be set with a 'parallel process' or 'autorun' event on the map to set the variable to the right map id when the map is loaded I guess. Sorry if I can't provide that many good details.
  20. Kayzee

    Add barriers to fly script!

    Then I have no idea. :( Maybe try putting it last in the script list?
  21. Has anyone ever found it annoying to manually break up text to fit in the message boxes, especially if you start tweaking with the game resolution or the text box sizes? Well, I sure have. It's rather annoying to me that simple word wrapping is beyond the capability of the vx ace engine... but no more for I bring ye, yonder script to solve yon problem! It also adds a few new escape sequences and a optional HTML-like whitespace mode that converts linebreaks to spaces. More features (like possibly a option to get rid of leading/trailing spaces for a line) may come in the future. Edit: Now up to version SEVEN! Six is afraid of it!)
  22. Nope, sorry. VX Ace only.
  23. Kayzee

    Add barriers to fly script!

    That's funny, it was made for the script you linked to, so it should work although I haven't tested it. Maybe try this? class Game_Player < Game_Character NO_FLY_REGION = 8 # change to whatever you want. alias map_passable_vehicle_check? map_passable? def map_passable?(x, y, d) if self.altitude > 0 return $game_map.region_id(x, y) != NO_FLY_REGION end map_passable_vehicle_check?(x, y, d) end end You sure you set the areas you want flying to be blocked to region 8?
  24. As I said in a status update, today I added a second actor who was intended for puzzles and special dungeons. I wanted to talk a bit more about my ideas behind them and how they will work, but didn't want to ramble on my status for 50 pages like I often end up doing so... Hey, I haven't made a blog post thing in a while, here is a good excuse to! I have said before, but Dwimmerdelve is based a lot on the Mystery Dungeon series of Japanese roguelikes or other games in the same style. While I do plan to do my own little twists on the formula, I want to implement as many features from the series as I can. I think at this point most of the basic stuff has already been done, but I still have a ways to go. Anyway, a common feature of the series is to have a little puzzle/tutorial mode with hand designed puzzle maps, and special dungeons that the player basically need to complete from a fresh character (if the whole game isn't that way already). Both require the ability to "reset" the character. Now originally I had the game do this anyway after every death anyway except for any items the player kept in storage, which is the way Shiren the Wanderer handles things. But I decided that although all your carried items should still be lost and all the player's progress toward your next level, it was better to allow the player to keep their current level and skills and make level 1 challenge modes/dungeons for those who want a more classic hardcore experience. So I needed to think about how best to let the player keep their progress mostly safe even if their character is reset. I found it the easiest (for now anyway) to just have a second actor who more or less is an identical copy of the first who's status can be discarded and reset at the start of a run. I did come up with a kind of neat idea for how that would work in lore actually. I decided to make puzzles and such take place in a special dream world under my control, hence why the player can't bring anything and the player's character reverts to their 'natural' state. It's not really their body, but a 'dream pawn'. As a bonus it also gave me a more direct way to play with the player! After all, I abducted them to play, but I mostly ended up standing around in my house in game not doing much. Not anymore! Now I can play in their dreams! Even added a little cutscene that shows me casting a sleepy spell on them, and they wake up in bed after. That also gave me idea of calling the special level 1 dungeons "Nightmare Dungeons". I haven't made any yet, though I have a bunch of old bonus dungeon maps I made ages ago before I really started working on my game properly that might make some good ones. One of them was eventually changed into a normal dungeon, but some of them are a bit too weird to really fit in anywhere. Such as one being a sort of half lava cave half swamp and another being a sort of bathhouse with elevated walkways. Not sure if I should go with my original idea for them though. The way I designed them originally was they were all parts of one big dungeon, and one of the dungeon maps was a kind of 'hub' map with like 5 different exit teleporter places of different colors, each which would take you to a different map next floor, which would have an exit back to the hub. Each map had a completely different look and feel, but one thing they all shared was wrapping borders which could be disorienting unless you were looking at the minimap (wonder if I could make the minimap kinda scroll centered around the player and wrap around too, but eh, maybe later). Anyway, still have lots to do before i quite have everything working the way I want it too, but the basic idea seems to work pretty well!
  25. Phew... I haven't done much work on my game lately but I did today! I made a whole new actor! :O Brings the total in my game to a whole two actors!


    Though the second actor is not a party member, it's actually used as a back up version of the main character that can be safely reset to level 1 for puzzles and/or special dungeons.