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  1. Are soundscares like loud noises that pop up suddenly? I usually prefer scary ambient sounds myself. Honestly if I ever made a horror game it's likely that when something scary happens instead of a loud noise, the exact opposite would happen: All the background sound would suddenly cut out.


    One half-baked idea I had ages ago I would like to see in a game is for the game to check if a microphone is connected and if it is use it's input to create some kind of noise cancellation effect. I don't know if that is possible but it would be kind of spooky if when some supernatural event started it would start inverting noise picked up by the microphone and ramping the effect up slowly so any noise in the player's environment would be inverted away. Of course if they already were using noise canceling headphones it would be counter productive.



    I tend to use 10 or 11 elements divided into 3 or 4 cycles:


    The Energy/Destruction Cycle: Fire, Ice, and Lightning

    The Nature/Creation Cycle: Water, Wind, Earth

    The Cosmic/Existence Cycle: Light, Dark, Law, Chaos

    The Null/Nonexistence Cycle: Void


    The cycles don't actually reflect on how weaknesses work much, that's much more ad hoc.


    Also, other elements that don't really fit in: Plant/Wood (water+earth maybe?), Metal (fire+earth maybe?), Poison (may or may not be covered by plant), and about a billion others.


    That's not even getting into the possible difference between 'elements' and 'damage types'. Like the Physical and Absorb elements in default RPG Maker are not really elements at all, are they? Then there is the old cut, stab, bash damage types....


    But this is about colors not elements. The mix of colors reflecting a mix of elements is an interesting idea though. Really I usually think of earth as brownish but made it magenta so I could get every addictive and subtractive primary color, and the way they mix makes sense this way. Fire + Water = Earth makes some degree of sense, since lava and water combine to make rock or obsidian. Fire + Wind = Lightning also makes sense, and so does Water + Wind = Ice. Perhaps the exact algorithm should be that addictive primaries add, and subtractive primaries subtract? Or like how Quantum Chromodynamics has Antired, Antiblue, and Antigreen... Maybe this is getting too complex. :P


    Edit: Oh no! I forgot about the tastiest element of them all! I was going to list it with the 'other elements' but it slipped my mind.

  3. Silver is probobly my favorite color, but gold is kinda up there too. Though I mostly like gold cause it's the color of shiny treasure!


    Honestly though, I wouldn't use the word 'energy' in that context. It's kind of overused and vague. I would probobly use the word 'mana' instead. I know when people hear mana they often think of magic points form a game, but mana is actually a pretty cool word with a special subtle meaning. It's basically a special kind of power born of respect and reverence.


    Personally I rather use a more old englishy word for it though. All due respect to the Polynesian people of course, I just think old englishy words are more fairy-like. One word that might work is 'wald'. It's a nice fairy-like word for it because it means both 'forest' and 'power/dominion'. Another word I like is 'dwim' which is kind of a made up singular shorting of 'dwimmer', and also sounds a lot like 'vim'.


    Also, I spot a u! Are you British? Or maybe Canadian, I donno if they do that too. I live in America myself, when I am not hanging in fairyland anyway. :3

  4. Yay! More cute fairies! And witches too! Is this a different new project to your Outsiders idea? Don't burn yourself out now! Hey, you know these two characters might fit into your Outsiders game as NPCs or something and you could make your new project idea be connected maybe? Like a sort of spin off/sequel you can work on after Outsiders! I could see you making a whole bunch of Outsiders games in the same universe, especially if they aren't too long. Or you can make them different episodes of one larger game? Food for thought! You know, just in case your brain is hungry. :3


    Also: Not all fairies have wings you know. In fact fairies having wings is a relatively recent trend! Fairies only started having wings a few hundred years ago, and fairies have been around for much longer. And elves and aos sí even longer then that!

  5. Fae things are the best things! ...Wine, jewels and sweets? 😮 Wowsers, that's a lot of stuff! I think most fairies would be fine with only one of the three! And how the heck do you afford to give away jewels willy nilly?


    Hmmm... Is Lisa the girlfriend of Angel that was talked about or are they just co workers?


    Do the humans actually know Angel and Lisa before the game starts? If so...


    ...Wait a moment! I see what you are doing! *giggles* Sneaky!

  6. A fellow fairy is following the friends as they find themselves in a frightful fix? Yay! *excitedly plays with Lisa*


    ... Why does she like pop though? I would figure she would like good old fashioned Celtic music. I do! :3


    Wait... IS she a fairy? She has pointy ears and no apparent wings... She might be a pixie! Or even a Aos Sí! 😮 That would be an embarrassing mistake... but sometimes it's hard for even us to tell the difference! Oh well doesn't matter she's cute!


    (Hehehe, the demon is named Angel.)

  7. And what if all provocations are made-up? A person who does their best to be a 'good person' and has no vices or problems will also 'infringe on the Free Will of others' if they think it is 'the right thing to do'. Punishment is as much an infringement of Free Will as much as anything else. Any being who willingly inflicts erasure regardless of the reason is still inflicting erasure. Last resort or not, the result is the same: One being who judges those they believe are under them. They will say how it's about 'the greater good' and come up with as many excuses as they can, it doesn't change what they are doing.


    At least Kefka Palazzo was, in a way, honest. He didn't try to be sympathetic, he didn't try and tell people he was doing the right thing, and he definitely wasn't interested in any 'greater good'. He played his role because that's what he wanted to do. He didn't want to erase everything out of some meaningless idea of balance, he did it because in his eyes it was all meaningless. No he wasn't a hero. He would never be a hero. But I can admire him a lot more for that then I would if he was one of those villains trying to destroy the would 'for it's own good'. And in turn I can admire heros a lot more when they don't fight for some great principle, but for themselves and their own wishes.


    On the subject of balance... Isn't the most balanced thing possible nothing at all? Nothingness has nothing to be imbalanced after all.  Maybe in some ways everything is more or less 'balanced' by everything else, but to me it's the imbalances that really stand out. Things are defined by contrast. Light and dark, hot and cold, all things can only exist because of imbalance. Trying to balance everything just leads to entropy, like I said heat death. And yeah, maybe it only seems like an imbalance because of a limited perspective, but if so the true shape of everything has no shape at all.


    There may be no endings, or their may be many endings followed by new beginnings. Depends on your perspective.

  8. Except that most humans don't act like that, or at least can't be proven to act like that. They will make up a provocation in their head and actually believe it. They will come up with some excuse, some reason to attack someone, even if it seems like bullshit to you. The strong will even attack the weak in a misguided attempt to make them strong, or so they will say. True 'evil' may exist, but if it does it is rare and hard to pinpoint. Most humans do not do horrible things because they are 'evil', most humans do horrible things in a misguided attempt to be 'good'.


    If you believe that acting in any way shape or form that will infringe upon the Free Will of another is wrong, then why don't you also think punishing people for their 'sins' is also wrong? That is also infringing upon the Free Will of another. Karma may very well be a thing that exists, but if so it is not for you or anyone to dish out. Justice is a dangerous delusion that directly leads to more of the 'injustice' it tries to fight. Any imbalance that exists will either correct it's self over time, in which case intervention is unnecessary, or it won't, in which case the imbalance is probobly important to keep things going. Would you correct the imbalance between matter and antimatter? That would just result in everything in the universe blowing up. Would you try to perfectly balance all the energy in the universe everywhere? That would result in heat death.


    I for one think closure will only come once you have decided that story is over. I think you need to either write an ending or abandon it. Even if you never really finish getting all the answers, just make some up! Obviously not just any answers will do, you need to believe them. If you can't, abandon that story and start a new one. Maybe one that makes you happy? It's possible! I know it may seem like I am being a bit dismissive, but I mean it. You are the one telling yourself the story of your life. But I guess, we all grow sort of attached to our own stories. I can't say yours will have a happy ending, or even necessarily should. But in the end, I would at least like you to be able to look at yourself and say "Yeah, that was a good story" even if it turns into the kind that makes you cry.


    Besides you aren't the only one watching anymore. I only know a bit of the story, but it's interesting, if highly troubling. But it's not my story, even if I do manage to sneak in a line here and there. :3

  9. The problem is that "undue harm" is juuuust vague enough in some peoples eyes that you kind of need to specify what it means, but if you specify what it means your basically creating a hard law based on your opinion which is the cause of a lot of society's problems. One of the big problems with society is that chasing the dream of 'equality' and 'reputability' is one of the things that ends up causing the most inequality and disreputability. I mean, it's possible for your idealized society to exist I suppose, but... Well, you were basically a princess in that past life right? How much of the bad side of the society were you really allowed to see? You sure there wasn't any unrest just below the surface? I doubt it was as perfect as you think, or if it was that it was as stable as you think.


    Living life on your own terms while causing no undue harm to anyone else is still a good place as any to start, but for us fairies at least that usually means living far apart from one another in small groups or by ourselves and interacting as little as possible. We have a loose association of 'leaders' to aid in conflict resolution, but that's kinda it. Other then that we are totally on our own. The exception are trooping fairies, but their societies are hardly equal or reputable.


    To me you seem kind of obsessed with judgement from on high on the 'guilty', but to me that is the worst kind of 'justice'. You are explicitly advocating the rule of the weak many by the strong few, that 'higher beings' have the right and duty to punish those that offend their personal morals. I would say it reminds me of the Unseelie, except they are far more... honest? Unseelie basically believe that someone's value is dependent on how strong they are or how useful they are. They don't wax poetic about 'justice' and 'righteousness'. The Seelie might, but mostly only to look good. At least the Seelie are honest in their dishonesty though, they know what type of game they are playing.


    I am sure you will find answers, I just doubt they will satisfy you.

  10. Hmm, a 'rebalancing event'? Now that's probobly going to happen eventually for one reason or another, I just don't think it's going to happen because of some big sudden external disaster. It doesn't need to. And in a way, it would be more impacting if it doesn't. You may imagine one singular event that scars the world and changes the coarse of history, but I think once the crisis passes humans will return to how they always have been. What I imagine happening though isn't like that. What I think will happen is a chain reaction of little events that causes more and more people to lose faith in the lies they tell themselves. It's already started, and is getting more and more pronounced. People keep looking for new lies to believe in, but eventually they will run out. I do find it amusing that you want a "equal and reputable society" so much when I think that is one of the biggest lies of them all. :3


    You want a conclusive answer? Personally I don't believe in conclusive answers. I literally don't think there is any such thing. I suppose their are levels of conclusivity that are acceptable, though I am not sure you will ever reach them on this point.



  11. I would make the argument that no one is fully aware of what their actions will do later on. That people don't know they are being stupid. Further more that they have no way of ever possibly knowing. You say you want closure. But nothing is ever completely closed. I don't think you will ever find the thing that will let you lock it all in the closet.


    So you can see the past and future then is what you are saying? You know exactly what happened and what will happen? Is that what you actually see? Sounds like you are looking into something other then the normal three dimensions to me! But I guess you knew I would say that given your mastery of looking through time. Oh! Did you know I would say this: Mafushalahana! Opien Ziggerot! N to the N to the N! Hehe, maybe you know I would say something silly at least, but that hardly takes looking in the past and future.


    But I guess everyone sorta looks into the past and future all the time. Most of the time though it's shrouded in a dense fog which people can't see that much into. Shapes in the fog may tell people some things, but not much. I am pretty sure that's just how time is, but if you can see it perfectly that would prove me wrong I guess! You would know more then me that the end is coming. Welp! Guess that's it! Guess we are all screwed right?


    Though many many people have said they could see the future and it hasn't come to pass. Maybe it did for them in another timeline. Regardless, will you forgive me if I try to change things anyway? Not much else to do right?

  12. Purposely perpetuated stupidity? If you aren't speaking of ignorance why do people purposely perpetuate stupidity? If they know it is stupid, would they purposely perpetuate it? Perhaps in others, but in which case they are a conman not an idiot. If they didn't know it was stupid, isn't it the result of ignorance? What you call "purposely perpetuated stupidity" and what I call "madness" are basically the same thing. Yet at the same time it's not.


    What you assume is pure malice or selfishness, I see as people living in a dream and being unable to really comprehend the world around them. Oh some try, but in the end everyone is ignorant from lack of awareness. No one truly has the ability to have that much foresight. No matter how logical you think you are, it doesn't matter. Because logic its self is a lie. Just another story we tell ourselves. Art on the other hand... Well that's a lie too, but it knows it. It doesn't try to dress it's self as truth, and that makes it far more honest then logic. We are all artists, some of us better then others but all painting our own worlds.


    Even though speculating about it gets you nowhere, it's all you have isn't it? And anyway it's fine. Humans are always in a hurry to get somewhere, but maybe Nowhere is where all the answers can be found? It isn't about proving or disproving it anyway. Rather I am telling you that I doubt the truth will make you happy even if you do find it. But I guess that's not really the point huh? I am taking a look around, and you know what I see? A dark room and a glowing laptop. That's the only thing here. Tell me, how can you be so sure the world will end, while I in my little room can't be sure at all the world ever existed?

  13. Like I said before, if you ask me all your theories are both correct and incorrect, and that you in fact are still there while not being there, and that none of that was ever real in the first place, but it also was. Thus is the nature of the boundlessly infinite. Meaning is something people invented. If there is any meaning in existence, it is it's own meaning. And like I have also said before, it doesn't matter if something is real or not, or where it comes from, if it can effect us it's all the same.


    And I did not compare idiots to rabid dogs, did I? After all, I included you and I in that comparison, and I don't think we are really idiots. And people don't put rabid dogs down to end their suffering, they put them down to prevent their own. Indeed how can we tell if someone is suffering from madness or enjoying it really, much less a dog? Idiocy isn't even really the problem. People aren't as stupid as you think. No no no... A true idiot is a greater danger to themselves that anyone else. But madness? Madness breeds. It spreads from person to person in whispers and shouts, raving and ranting, song and poem, the very words you are reading right now are soaked in it. But the worst of it, the greatest madness of all? Is the idea of sanity. Welcome to wonderland little Alice, remember what the cat says... We're all mad here. Every one of us. Those that claim otherwise are the maddest of them all.

  14. Except it's not really an 'escape' now is it? But maybe it's enough. Reminds me of a puzzle in Undertale: "The far door is not an exit. It simply marks a rotation in perspective."


    Isn't intent the very cornerstone of what morality is about? You wouldn't call a rabid dog immoral would you? Yet most would put it down just the same and call themselves 'just'. And I don't really argue that it isn't exactly, but I don't think it really is either. Justice simply has nothing to do with it. And this world is filled with rabid dogs, even if some look sane. Heck, even that false deity is more a rabid dog then anything else. His failing is one mostly born of ignorance, not malice. Does that change what you have to do? Not really. But It changes the context of why you are doing it, and it changes how you approach it.


    You are fond of being the just avenging angel, you want to right all the wrongs you have been subjected to, you want to find who is to blame and punish them. Let's not forget though who the angels serve, who else believes themselves supremely just. Remember, this world is filled with rabid dogs. A world a rabid dogs made by a rabid dog god? Perhaps. If so, who can say you and I are not among their number? I know I am! Hehehehe... Careful, I bite. ❤️

  15. Strange, it almost sounds like one of those japanese reincarnation light novels, but in reverse.


    Also: You might want to read about Gnosticism. One of the ideas behind Gnosticism is basically that this world is a kind of prison made by a false god who thinks he is a real god, and our souls are really from somewhere else. The rub though is that death isn't an escape, for heaven and hell are also part of the prison. The only way to escape is 'Gnosis', the hidden truth. This some say is what Jesus was actually trying to teach, but the false god's followers messed that up and censored everything. As to what Gnosis actually is? That's probobly up to the individual to discover. It might simply be the knowledge the the world is in some way false. It might be that by discovering your past life you have already found what you need. Me? I don't think it really is that black and white, but if such a false god confronts me I do think I know something to help. And that is: No matter how powerful a being is, no matter how much of reality they may seem to control, out of the unbound transinfinite possibilities there will always be a possibility for a place where they have no power, that they can't even see. No matter how much they may win, there is another reality where they will lose. That in the end, power means nothing.

  16. Come on, calling on the power of the Void to obliterate things is classic JRPG villain material and you know it. Right out of Final Fantasy in fact. Or a villain from a Magical Girl show maybe. Don't make me come over there and defeat you with the power of love! I'll do it!


    I was under the impression that you haven't found anything/remembered anything that would suggest that your imprisonment here was a malicious act either. Don't you actually have no idea what happened? I think it would be too convenient if there was a perfect scapegoat to blame in all on, one being to focus all that hate onto. And anyway, that would make for a kinda crappy ending. Imagine you finally tracking down the mysterious being that trapped you and finally defeating them. After all that pain and suffering, it's all just some random guy's fault. Just some asshole, probobly with petty reasons that aren't even the least bit interesting or compelling. The whole thing would just be a whole useless waste of time don't you think?


    Also: North Korea is a worthless bully of a nation run by a worthless bully of a leader. I'm telling ya, while they might not exactly be harmless, the chances of them actually doing anything important is basically nil. They just wanna sit at the big kids table without being laughed at and are blowing smoke and acting tough. Not that Trump is much better mind you...

  17. Have you become a JRPG villain? Because you sound like a JRPG villain. Are you that determined to be the final boss? You always seem sure a disaster is just around the corner. More then that you hope for one don't you? If you were in front of a big red 'destroy the universe' button would you press it without hesitation or remorse? Are you going to make me have to become the heroine? Am I going to half to defeat you in the end? Well, I don't want to the universe to be destroyed, I want to save it if I can, and if I can't, I will just leave. But mostly, I just want to amuse myself while I can. Cause good or bad, it's all kinda meaningless in the end anyway. What will happen will happen. What won't happen will also happen, but not here.


    You always seem awfully sure it was an intentional malicious act imposed on you by another. What if it wasn't? But we have argued those points before. Here's a thought though: Maybe it's my fault? Maybe I called you here, just to have a friend? Maybe I am the one keeping you hear cause I don't wanna let go? I kinda want to be the final boss too ya know! I guess we will meet on the shores of the void at the end of the world then. Think you will be ready?





  18. It's not about being able to 'see in more dimensions' exactly, it's about being able to turn yourself to be able to look in more directions. I mean, imagine you only knew how to look up or down or left and right. That wouldn't let you see a large part of what's around you, but how much you could see at once wouldn't change. If your able to look ana and kata you can't really see more at once, but it's like being able to look left, right, up, and down when you could only look left and right or up and down before. Even so, it's usually better not to rely on sight alone.

  19. You do seem to live around the right area for Wendigos at least. Scandinavian area eh? Us fairies have a lot of history with Scandinavian people you know. We are related to elves after all! Oh! Ever heard of the Wild Hunt? I think it's called Oskoreia in Norway. Us fairies take part in it a lot!


    Anyway as for the deer I think you forgot to fini


    Well, if you caught my interest you probobly are strange! But I like strange things, as I am sure you can tell. I haven't gotten bored of you yet, so you must not be boring!