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  1. That script does pretty much what I expected, using 'snap_to_bitmap' to create a version of the screen to manipulate. Problem is, I am pretty sure 'snap_to_bitmap' renders a full frame on it's own, so you end up cutting your frame rate in half at the very least even on fast computers because you are basically rendering the screen twice. Of course fast enough computers might be able to bump the max frame rate up but pretty sure that's unsupported and causes the game to run faster or something.

  2. It seems to me like you are putting the buildings in the shadow layer! I think the shadow layer is subtractive. Change "shadow3-1.png" to "par3-1.png" and it won't be black anymore!

    Though it won't work quite as you want without some major tweaking. You need the "par3-1.png" to only display the tiles that should be drawn over the player you see. It's tricky work making an isometric tileset you know!

  3. Yay for making your own soundtrack! Yay for cute and whimsical music too! I briefly looked though them and they seem alright to me! Though sometimes some of the instruments seem to have reverb that seems kinda short and unnatural I think? On the other hand I think it's better then overusing long expansive reverb which I feel is something a lot of other RPG Maker soundtracks do...  Maybe there could be a bit more variety in instrument choices and styles? It still sounds pretty good to me!


  4. Be careful when using only state resists around the death state though! Remember if something resists death, they won't die even if their hp is zero! It's a good idea to use a state rate of zero if you want something immune to instant death spells. Good luck whatever you do! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*

  5. Remember that there are state rates and state resists. State rates effects the chance a stat will be applied, State resists are flat immunity. You can use @actor.state_rate(state_id) to get rates and @actor.state_resist?(state_id) to check for resists.

  6. Errors like that for nil:NilClass can be hard to track down. It means the game is looking for something that it expects to be there but isn't! Looks like the first error is the game trying to create an even from nothing! Events need to be created with an RPG::Event object. The second looks like an error that is coming from a script call. Script calls always report the error there.


  7. On 5/11/2021 at 6:52 AM, That One NPC said:

    Just telling it how it is. My opinion is worth no less because it's not candy coated and PC filtered. Or it could be because you like the Purple Monster, and I'm calling for it's head.


    It's all relative.


    I was mostly just teasing you with the grumpy gus thing you know. :3


    Though one thing does kinda bug me. Rather then just dislike it, you said it was "badly designed". Now design can be all kinds of subjective for sure, but when I think of bad design I usually think of something that is more objectively functionally broken somehow or has horrible clashing colors or something and I just don't see that in the night theme. I think it's perfectly well designed for what it's going for, even if what it's going for isn't something you appreciate.



  8. Heeeeey.... I like the night theme. :( I like it in all it's pruplly glory! It's whimsical~! Onesie some times you can be a real grumpy gus party pooper you know that? 😒

    ...But I guess so can I so, guess I can't complain too much. Ah who am I kidding, I probably will anyway!


    Still would like a darker dark theme, but I wouldn't mind keeping the purple somewhat. :3

  9. Team dark forever I say! We might have a few flashbangs, but still better. If someone doesn't like it that's what the light theme is for!

    Only problem is it will break all my invisatext I secretly scattered around my posts. Oh well!


    edit: Also:

    On 5/1/2021 at 12:39 PM, That One NPC said:

    White on grey is just.... ugh. lol There's no way for me to sugar coat it. It's so 2004 amateur fan board. I'd still use the site, but for in & out operations and maneuvers only. 

    Well discord's dark theme is basically white on dark grey and very few people complain about that! The way people see discord's light theme on the other hand... Anyway you don't need to use it, it wouldn't be the default anyway. That's why different themes exist ya know.

  10. You would basically need to redo the way the battle system works for that. As is, all enemies and actors choose the thing they are going to use before the round and use it later during the round. For this enemies at least would have to choose their action and do their action at the same time. There are alternate battle systems that do that, like ATB systems for example, where both players and enemies choose their attacks only right before they do them. Pretty sure their are turn based ones that do that too. I don't know of any script that makes just the enemies able to do it though. Seems a bit unfair don't you think?

  11. Running the notes though eval is only going to work if the notes contain only ruby code. Notetags are not ruby code, they are really just special strings scripts can get data from with regular expressions. Here is the big problem: All scripts that use note tags use them completely differently. There is no general way to read any and all note tags.


    25 minutes ago, roninator2 said:

    Can that be used to process the notetags from the states and not a file. (using a file would require me to change all 3000+ items in the game)


    That script can get things from the states yeah, but I think you misunderstand what that script is for. It's not for existing script's notetags, it's for easily making new tags that people can use for their own scripts (and it also uses it's own style of tag anyway). Every script basically has to come up with it's own way to parse note tags. Rather then bother with making each of my own scripts use a new notetag system like most scripters do I just use one general notetag system for all my scripts. Saves time and sanity not having to muck about with regular expressions in every script I write.



  12. Actually I found at least one game for VX Ace that managed to make higher resolutions work right. Looking at the scripts it uses it seemes it uses a 'Viewports Fix' script by someone named 'Esrever' and a 'Plane Parallax Fix' script by someone named 'FenixFyreX' along with a modified DLL.


    I think a better (and more legal, because yes engine replacements ARE LEGAL) way is to use a full engine replacement like mkxp or RGD instead.


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