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  1. I honestly don't really understand what you are doing there then... I guess looking at it, it looks like you are just looking at the array's size and not it's contents. Huh... f(j) = O(n^2) you say? Are you perhaps doing a rough calculation of how a function's time/memory requirements scale with it's input? Actually... Isn't that a type of limit?

  2. I mean that if you want to sum an array like that in ruby you usually do something like this:

    [1,2,3,4,5].inject(0) {|sum, n| sum+n }


    Unless what you really want to do are limits?

  3. Hmmm? You mean 'sigma' as in 'summation' right? There is a built in method for that. It think it's only for later Ruby versions though. You can also do it using inject/reduce.


    Also: Passing the function as a string to be evaluated? Tsk tsk... That's a bad practice ya know? There is a better way... Blocks are your friend!


    Another helpful message from Kayzee the programing snob! :3





  4. If you are curious how I did it in VX Ace, my script is here. It's probobly not too helpful for you though. Basically the way I do it is that when a letter is drawn, if it's a space, figure out how big the next word is going to be and insert a linebreak instead.


    I will say this: It looks like the text is redrawn every frame and the one letter at a time effect is done by adding to the text string being drawn. Is there a better way to do the one letter at a time effect? Like if there are color control codes maybe drawing the whole text in black and recoloring it one letter at a time or something to that effect? Maybe drawing it one word at a time and not one letter at a time? The problem is not really the word wrapping it's self, but how it interacts with the one letter at a time effect.

  5. You are making me sad Ashy, my inner programmer is crying bitter tears! :(


    But sure, do it the lazy way. Go on. I can't stop you. Even if it hurts my heart a little each time I see it....


    Hehe, I am just messing with ya, don't let my grumbles about word wrapping get you down. :3

  6. I am disappointed in you Ashy. That word wrapping is awful! It always makes me cry a little inside whenever I see a game do it that way. You need to count ahead if you are going to type out one letter at a time. Is that really that hard? I wrote a script for ace to do it...


    ... Could it be that I am a word wrap snob?

  7. *looks at the girl in the pic* Awww... There there, it's okay. You look like you are having a rough time. You kinda made a mess. Is this your first time? No no, it's fine, don't look so upset, I won't judge you. Come on, let me help you clean up.


    What? Come on why are you freaking out? Hey... watch where you are swinging that now, you will make an even bigger mess! I really think you should drop the knife and stay still.  Hehe, your mind really is a bit of a mess right now you know? It makes it too easy to manipulate. There there, don't worry. You don't need to worry about anything at all. Good girl, relax. I can solve everything. After all you're mine now. Fufufufu...






    Ooops, sorry my imagination got away from me there. :P

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