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  1. Kayzee

    Play test crash related to removing pictures

    Uh oh, sounds like one of those tricky crashes related to not disposing sprites correctly! I can create and erase 17 pictures fine though. Are you using any scripts? Or maybe you have an older version of VX Ace? I heard there was some bug related to erasing pictures in older versions. Not sure of the details though.
  2. I got Dark Souls for my switch because I never got around to playing it before.


    Honestly it's kind of silly how unforgiving it can be. I mean, I get you wanna be hard game, but do you really have to let me dive right off into a pit if I am slightly at the wrong angle?


    You know in so called 'real life' people usually instinctively stop themselves from walking over edges. Just walking over one without thinking is something that mostly only happens in video games.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      The AVGN has reviewed both of them, lol

    3. Knighterius


      Ya know Kilo, they say to try tongue but hole to become grossly incandescent in that game

    4. Kayzee


      Tee-hee, i'm not that far into the game, but I hear there is a spot where people like to say that there is an amazing chest ahead later. :3

  3. Kayzee

    Encumbrance: Free-Form Forum

    Hehe, yeah my game also uses a form of limited inventory. Right now the limit is based on how many items you have and not weight, but I am using a script that supports both and I may switch to weight in the future. My game also lets you drop items on the map where ever you want, though I don't think it's ever saved if you leave the map even for non-dungeon maps. I do have a storage system though that lets you stash items for later though. I am actually quite proud of how my inventory system turned out actually! At this point it pretty much has every standard feature of a Mystery Dungeon-style roguelike, with the exception of cursed/blessed items (was thinking of doing it in a slightly different way in my game, but havn't finished anything related to it yet).
  4. Kayzee

    What are the current trending video games?

    Honestly what does 'trending' even mean in this context? Just how much interest a game is getting? I think Google Trends might be helpful for that. I am not quite sure how to use it, but I think there is a way to get a list of topics in a category and compare how often they are searched?
  5. I was feeling kinda sick yesterday for some reason, which is too bad because it was May Day... Feel lots better now though!

    1. PhoenixSylph


      Glad you are feeling a bit better!

    2. Kayzee


      It was kinda weird, no idea why I was sick. Might have caught a cold in Singapore.

  6. Phew... Back from Singapore. Didn't have a camera, but I might be able to share some photos others took later. :3

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Oh believe me, I'm well aware of what you mean; I just simplified it is all, lol

    3. PhoenixSylph


      I have two friends from singapore now, I don't know whereabout exactly but now I'm curious xD Everyone from singapore I've met have been incredible creators, and so very friendly >w<

    4. Kayzee


      People were very friendly to be sure! I had some trouble understanding some of  them though, hope I didn't annoy people!

  7. Kayzee

    Help Request- Name Input Window Location

    @roninator2 He wants to change the name input window, not the name window. I don't think Yanfly's ace message script can help with that. Though I assume you really mean Window_NameEdit (where the text is) and not Window_NameInput (where you move around the controller and choose letters)? The location of that window is calculated in it's 'initialize' method, so it's probobly not as easy to change unless you know scripting.
  8. Phew, I was at a big Indian-style wedding today. To much formality for my tastes, and all the people around made me sort of nervous. But it was still quite the sight to see!

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    2. Animebryan


      Wine is bitter?

    3. Kayzee


      It's probably alcohol in general I find bitter... not sure, I don't really drink. Maybe more sour? But yeah, every bit of wine I have had always tasted like vinegar to me. Maybe I just never tried the really good stuff, I donno.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      PROPERLY FERMENTED, wine is far less bitter than sweet or tart, depending on the nature of the grape, or other fruit.


      A properly fermented red wine is very sweet, for instance. Strawberry wine is even sweeter (improper fermentation of strawberries leads to high levels of toxicity worse than arsenic but far less lethal-leads to a very harsh hangover after the effects wear off lol).


      I went to Red Lobster a little while back; I got a glass of red wine and it was not that great, but I've had far worse. It wasn't fermented well, nor for very long. It tasted cheap but not so much toxic.


      Like, properly fermented wine is a very long process, though how long depends on a number of factors including climate, elevation (very high elevations take a LOT LONGER BY A GREAT DEAL), the quality of the fruit, the method of pressing, the steps taken to begin the process, and so many more.

      Back home, for example, the wooden barrels used to ferment wine grapes in, are washed and scraped regularly because otherwise, the toxins from previous fermentations will seep into the next batch. They always have a set of barrels ready for the next batches, and when the barrels have reached their limits, the wood is burned (and damn it smells fantastic).


      Scraped? They scrape out two or three layers of wood out of the inside of each barrel as needed. A typical barrel of theirs lasts up to sixty-four fermentations. The grapes sit in the barrels fermenting for a whole season.

  9. Kayzee

    Enemy Using The Animations

    Nonono... I mean, you know how you can use the 'normal attack' animation on skills and the animation will depend on what weapon is equipped? It's just like that. You put a note tag on the enemy and any skill set to use the 'normal attack' animation will use whatever animation you set instead, as if the enemy had a weapon equipped. I mean, if you want to replace any animation with another it won't help, but for generic attack animations and weapon skills it lets you avoid using a whole bunch of different skills that only differ in their animation. Ah! It's part of the 'Ace Battle Engine' script!
  10. Kayzee

    Enemy Using The Animations

    Didn't Yanfly make a script that let enemies use an animation in place of the 'normal attack' animation the same way weapons have an animation that is used for normal attacks?
  11. Kayzee

    Hey Y'all.

    Hi hi hi! I think you will find most people are friendly here, so if you are nervous try not to go Mr. Self Destruct on us okay? I tend to like helping people and talking to them, I am kind of a little Piggy when it comes to that, though sometimes my opinions are controversial enough to be thought of like Heresy. I do sometimes march to my own beat, if it ends up being a March of the Pigs, so be it! Lots of people are like that in one way or another, and I think our differences only make us Closer! I think it's better to be builders then Ruiners don't you think? We all have to find our own path to The Becoming of who we want to be. It would be boring otherwise and I Do Not Want This. It doesn't matter if you want to make a game about a Big Man with a Gun, or a cute and touching story about a cat sleeping in A Warm Place. Even if you decide your game isn't working out and you just wanna hit the big Eraser button, it's still a valuable experience! Even if you decide to make a small fangame about Reptile from the mortal kombat series or something, you will learn a lot I am sure! Try not to get caught up in The Downward Spiral some people get in! And have fun! It couldn't Hurt! *giggles and sprinkles fairy dust everywhere*
  12. Guess where I am? Come on guess, guess! :3

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    2. Kayzee


      Slicing someone's head off is probobly a lot harder then you might think, but that's what makes guns kinda lame and swords awesome. I mean some people are really good with guns and are still impressive, but most of the time guns just seem boring to me.


      Being suitably dramatic can help magic for sure, but it can be fickle sometimes and you can't just pull a huge explosion out of your ass when ever you need it. Like I said, it needs to be balanced carefully. It's like making a game really. You can make magic do whatever you want but if you just make yourself OP your gonna get yourself nerfed one way or another. So there needs to be some type of limit or flaw. That's why magic always tends to cost something. Some kind of MP, time, reagents, HP, sometimes more extreme things. The whole 'MP' thing tends to be the easiest to deal with I think. Really I think that game-like stats are a pretty good abstraction for things sometimes, even if it can get a little bit silly.


      Of course, magic isn't really completely 'real'. It's mostly or maybe entirely 'unreal'. That means you can pretty much make up any kind of rules you want. But you need some kind of way for you to limit it, some kind of rules, for it to really work.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      When I actually translate what most consider to be magic from my native tongue to English, it really translates as 'sorcery'.


      Sorcery is the art of using the aether to do something that most others would not necessarily be able to, such as cast something/someone aflame, freezing them solid, encapsulating them in stone, concealing something in a cloak of invisibility, healing sickness in an instant or very quickly, among many other things.


      Things like disappearing acts, card tricks, illusions and such are not sorcery, they're mind tricks.

      Mind you, one can use sorcery to do a lot of the mind tricks you see on TV, but most of the magicians know how to manipulate what their audience sees, not manipulating/using aether specifically.


      Of course, pyrotechnics involving machines that are broken/fried by EMP, that cause detonations of rockets in an enclosed area (video above), that's neither mind tricks nor sorcery; it's internal combustion and technology. lol

    4. Kayzee


      Hehe, I don't think 'mind tricks' and 'sorcery' are as different as you might think. You could say the fairy idea of magic is more like pulling a 'mind trick' on reality it's self, or remembering that what seems to be 'reality' is mostly a mind trick it's self. Using 'aether' is one way of doing that, but not the only way. After all, regardless if 'aether' is real or unreal, that's not where the magic is. The magic is in the manipulation not the thing being manipulated. :3

  13. Tomorrow is the day I start the journey to Singapore! Kinda anyway. More like the journey to where I will start the journey to Singapore which I will start the next day, and I already spent the last week or so with my human parents.


    Also: Haven't really been working on my game much lately. Been playing with Daggerfall Unity lately actually. It's almost feature complete! Only a few things that havn't been finished yet. It also has tons of cool mods!


    I still say Daggerfall is probobly the best Elder Scrolls game and the peak of the series and I really don't like the direction the series went in from Morrowind onwards. I mean even if I like Daggerfall for what it is, in theory I had no problem when them cutting back on the scale and making a more detailed handcrafted open world, but the problem was their more detailed handcrafted world was almost as lifeless and drab anyway. You want to see a good hand crafted open world RPG? Look at Ultima 6 and 7. Those games had actual personality. And yeah, maybe they could have trimmed down the number of skills (for example the language skills in Daggerfall are almost useless if you ask me), but did they have to gut the whole interesting character creation system? And the series hasn't really gotten any better.


    Don't get me wrong, Daggerfall can get pretty boring and irritating. I just rather have had them continue to improve the ideas started in Arena and Daggerfall instead of completely abandoning most of them for something that's just as boring and irritating in a different way.

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    2. Kayzee


      Naw, Daggerfall has tons and tons of lore actually. Mostly in the form of books and quest text and stuff. About the only thing lore-wise Morrowind really did ever so slightly better was NPC interaction. In Daggerfall most NPCs were static sprites that didn't do much more then give you random quests or show a generic conversation screen you can ask about stuff in, or were randomly generated people who randomly walked around town with purely generic dialog. Morrowind had more dynamic NPCs and from what I remember has a bit more NPC specific dialog, though a lot of it was still generic.


      That's really Morrowind's problem in a nutshell: I respect the decision to focus on fleshing out a smaller area more, but it does it in a really half-assed way and still manages to be pretty generic regardless. I mean, I already mentioned Ultima 6 and 7. In those games everything feels crafted and filled with personality, even most of the dungeons and other side areas. Nearly every NPC feels unique and have their own schedules and tasks, even the shopkeepers and other townsfolk.


      Or to put it another way: Daggerfall's world was kinda shallow, and it seems to me that's because it was frigging huge and mostly procedurally generated (not at runtime, every game of Daggerfall has the exact same world, but the world was mostly built using procedural generation you can tell). Morrowind's world was kinda shallow, and it seems to me like it's purely because it's lazily designed and poorly written. I guess you could say that even though Morrowind is trying hard not to be like Daggerfall, it still feels like Daggerfall in all of the worst ways while all of the interesting stuff that made Daggerfall great was stripped out.


      I even sort of have a soft spot for the first game in the series: Arena. Arena's combat is pretty shit, it's RPG Mechanics are boring, and it seems even more generic in lots of ways then even Daggerfall (and it's not that detailed graphicly), but man is it fun to randomly go out and explore in that game. In Daggerfall there are a lot of set areas on the map with something in them, but between them is basically lots of random featureless terrain. There is little to no reason to actually walk around randomly in the wilderness instead of fast travailing everywhere. In Arena their are less set areas on the map, but the random wilderness outside them is a lot more interesting.


      Arena also takes place across the whole of Tamriel rather then a particular region like the other games. It's kind of interesting seeing the basic blueprint of the whole continent (one they have mostly stuck to), being able to both go to places that would be fleshed out in more detail later and going to places that are still only mentioned in the later games like Black Marsh and Elsweyr.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      True, very true.


      With each new entry, there's more and more lore added. Some of it makes sense, some, not so much. As far as combat goes, TES has crap combat, I won't lie. It is some of the worst combat I've ever come across, even worse than the likes of Unreal.


      Yeah, procedurally generated landscape and world. It was clever at the time but hasn't aged well. It works better for other games and game genres like shooters.

    4. Kayzee


      I mean, I like procedural generation. I think it would be much more interesting if Daggerfall procedurally generated more stuff on the fly like Arena rather then basically just using it as a development tool to make a static world, and the dungeons should have been waaaay smaller (Daggerfall Unity does have a hidden smaller dungeons option though which makes most dungeon quests less tedious) and/or less confusing (mostly a problem with how the dungeons were built in 3D and how the automap worked, I would have rather seen them use a much more distinct flat 2D structure with multiple distinct floors and a more readable 2D automap). Other then that, as aged as the game may look in places it can also be pretty dang amazing. Mostly I like the scale of it's cities. It's probobly one of the few games I know of where going into a city actually feels like going into a city and not a small town with at most 10 to 20 people living there. Heck, if anything the major cities could have been even bigger! Kinda wish you could auto travel to individual buildings/landmarks though.

  14. I am gonna go on a big trip soon! 😮 Gonna go to Singapore!

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    2. Kayzee


      Yeah, it seems pretty neato! Don't really have a camera, but I am not going alone so maybe I can share some pics? No promises. Hehe...

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Damn! Sounds fantastic, love.


      If ya do get some pics, be sure and share, especially those with you in them (even if just with me privately lol)


      I'm just poking fun. Seriously, hope you have a blast. Actually, you might even be better off not returning until after the government is eliminated from the equation but that's neither here nor there...


      Maybe after you're all rested up from your break, you'll finally get back into gamedev.

    4. Kayzee


      Yeah, I guess I have been a bit lazy with my game lately... And we will see about pics. If I am in them I would have to be in my ugly human disguise though. :3

  15. Kayzee

    I feel that this is appropriate

    Yay! *snuggles*