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  1. Also, I forgot to say before but it may be worth mentioning to anyone who is a fan of Super Metroid and Zelda: Link to the Past. I found out today that someone made a hack/randomizer that sorta stitches both games together into one game.


    Seriously, the time and dedication needed to pull that off... Even if it was kind of a lucky break that the two roms apparently use different chunks of addresses for most of their code. Trust me, I used to be huge into SNES game modification back in the day. Knew ASM well enough that if I took the time and effort, I might have even been able to pull the stitching the games together trick myself. That's not a dismissive statement btw. That's just informing everyone that when I say it needed some serious time and dedication I know what I am talking about.


    Heres the thing. ASM knowledge is only the basic starting point. You also need to know the game's code inside and out. I am not even sure if Super Metroid or LttP have the kind of insane documentation that Super Mario World (the game I am most familiar with) has. Super Mario World has basically been investigated and dissembled to the point that you can reprogram the whole game with nothing but controller inputs. LttP and Super Metroid though? Well I know there have been people picking away at them for a while at least, but even if the games are known inside and out to that level, to actually do something like this is still crazy impressive.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I haven't played Super Metroid in a long time, and it's been a bit since my last play of LttP.

      But it does bring to curiosity how one would even be able to play the game once stitched together like that...

    2. Kayzee


      Well even if it's still really impressive, don't get the wrong idea that it's more involved then it is. It dosn't change the games that much, it more just switches what game you are playing when you go to some locations and saves player data between them. The two games mostly don't effect one another. You don't get to use any Zelda items when playing Metroid or any Metroid items while playing Zelda or anything like that. Not even heart containers/energy tanks. There are only two major ways the games interact:


      1. It's a randomizer and the randomizer shuffles item locations around between both games. So while Metroid items are only useful in Metroid and Zelda items are only useful in Zelda, ether game's items can show up in the other game.
      2. The paths used to switch between games are fixed in such a way that depending on the items you get sometimes the best way to go to a location is to go through the other game.


      I still found it fun to watch a few playthroughs of it. You have to really know both games really well and be able to make that much progress. Super Metroid is far far easier to deal with if you know all the tricks, but if you are missing important Zelda items you still need to look in Super Metroid for them. It's interesting because it tests your knowledge and skill of both games at once.


      I do kind of wonder if future versions will offer the option to combing some similar items form both games. Like those energy tanks and heart containers, or maybe the Hockshot and Grapple Beam, Maybe even have Metroid missile upgrades effect the max arrows you have in Zelda, or Metroid power bomb upgrades effecting the max bombs you can carry in Zelda. But I kinda like it as it is now too. :3


    3. PhoenixSoul


      Got any links?