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  1. Phew, I was just adding support for multiple skintones to my game's character creator. It wasn't that simple as the script I am using for it wasn't really designed with that in mind. I also find it rather silly how it has strict binary gender separation for everything, but I guess since I am using VX Ace's generator graphics which also has strict binary gender separation...


    Even though I am using the generator graphics that come with VX Ace, they are arranged in a different layout so I have to do  a lot of annoying image editing sometimes. It's worth it to be able to have a cool character creator but man can it get tiring. =_=

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Very much so, this be the truth.


      Imagine the nerves though, when it comes down to creating characters that fall under neither 'biological sex'.


      Even with an image editor, it sure as beans isn't easy...

      I've got some unfinished graphics to take care of once I get the demo released. I have one character who is feminine but doesn't have the same curves as the female characters do. I'm having a tough time with this, and it doesn't help that I got a huge middle finger from real life in the form of the asshole landlords abusing my dog and the rest of us.


      I'll get it, I know I will, but not having to deal with stress like that would be so fantastic.

    2. Kayzee


      Well A character creator can't be all inclusive, and it's actually rather hard to depict gender neutral characters in general. I actually bring up that point and apologize in my game for that. :3 But the thing is, even if you are only going to have male or female genders available, it still would make more sense for the script's internals to not divide things up based on gender. I mean what if you wanted different races with their own sets of graphics? Or different body types? Or whatever. The point is that you only get two alternative sets to choose from and the code assumes one is male and one is female. Yeah you can label them whatever you want in game, but you still only get the two and they still coded to assume only male or female are options.


      Of course, me being lazy and the sprites I have available for male characters not being too good,  at first I sorta wanted to only allow female characters... or maybe I should say feminine characters. And really there isn't all that much difference and if I could get away with just allowing androgynous characters I probobly would. But eh, I kind of decided to include male/masculine characters because it dosn't really make sense to exclude them.