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  1. Phew... been cleaning out my apartment in the human world so it can get sprayed for bugs today. I would use magic to lure them away, but I don't wanna raise any suspicion. Sigh... If only Skitter were here... ... No wait. On second thought that would probobly be bad. She might think I am Glaistig Uaine or something and swarm me.


    ...Yes I know most likely no one is going to get the reference. Sigh...

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    2. Kayzee


      Yeah, sometimes the words 'Fae' and 'Fairy' can be far too vague. I have heard 'Fairy' referred to as the type of creature as well as 'Fae' referred to as a particular class of trooping fairy, and often the two words mean the same thing.

    3. PhoenixSoul



      "...and the black swarm of the fae buzzed about the hateful ************************************** as they screamed out for aid, to no return..."


      I've read about the evolution of biology, and how in theory, some of the insects that have wings were once of fae kind.


      Based on that entry/blurb, it seems to be true to a fashion. I wouldn't know for sure though.

    4. Kayzee


      You know funny thing about that. Actually in the history of fairy-kind, having wings is a pretty recent development. Originally we didn't have wings at all and looked more obviously elvish.  How and why wings became popular fashion (we are able to shapeshift, so what we look like is up to us for the most part, but their are trends) I am not sure, but I have a theory about it...