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  1. Tomorrow is the day I start the journey to Singapore! Kinda anyway. More like the journey to where I will start the journey to Singapore which I will start the next day, and I already spent the last week or so with my human parents.


    Also: Haven't really been working on my game much lately. Been playing with Daggerfall Unity lately actually. It's almost feature complete! Only a few things that havn't been finished yet. It also has tons of cool mods!


    I still say Daggerfall is probobly the best Elder Scrolls game and the peak of the series and I really don't like the direction the series went in from Morrowind onwards. I mean even if I like Daggerfall for what it is, in theory I had no problem when them cutting back on the scale and making a more detailed handcrafted open world, but the problem was their more detailed handcrafted world was almost as lifeless and drab anyway. You want to see a good hand crafted open world RPG? Look at Ultima 6 and 7. Those games had actual personality. And yeah, maybe they could have trimmed down the number of skills (for example the language skills in Daggerfall are almost useless if you ask me), but did they have to gut the whole interesting character creation system? And the series hasn't really gotten any better.


    Don't get me wrong, Daggerfall can get pretty boring and irritating. I just rather have had them continue to improve the ideas started in Arena and Daggerfall instead of completely abandoning most of them for something that's just as boring and irritating in a different way.

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    2. Kayzee


      Naw, Daggerfall has tons and tons of lore actually. Mostly in the form of books and quest text and stuff. About the only thing lore-wise Morrowind really did ever so slightly better was NPC interaction. In Daggerfall most NPCs were static sprites that didn't do much more then give you random quests or show a generic conversation screen you can ask about stuff in, or were randomly generated people who randomly walked around town with purely generic dialog. Morrowind had more dynamic NPCs and from what I remember has a bit more NPC specific dialog, though a lot of it was still generic.


      That's really Morrowind's problem in a nutshell: I respect the decision to focus on fleshing out a smaller area more, but it does it in a really half-assed way and still manages to be pretty generic regardless. I mean, I already mentioned Ultima 6 and 7. In those games everything feels crafted and filled with personality, even most of the dungeons and other side areas. Nearly every NPC feels unique and have their own schedules and tasks, even the shopkeepers and other townsfolk.


      Or to put it another way: Daggerfall's world was kinda shallow, and it seems to me that's because it was frigging huge and mostly procedurally generated (not at runtime, every game of Daggerfall has the exact same world, but the world was mostly built using procedural generation you can tell). Morrowind's world was kinda shallow, and it seems to me like it's purely because it's lazily designed and poorly written. I guess you could say that even though Morrowind is trying hard not to be like Daggerfall, it still feels like Daggerfall in all of the worst ways while all of the interesting stuff that made Daggerfall great was stripped out.


      I even sort of have a soft spot for the first game in the series: Arena. Arena's combat is pretty shit, it's RPG Mechanics are boring, and it seems even more generic in lots of ways then even Daggerfall (and it's not that detailed graphicly), but man is it fun to randomly go out and explore in that game. In Daggerfall there are a lot of set areas on the map with something in them, but between them is basically lots of random featureless terrain. There is little to no reason to actually walk around randomly in the wilderness instead of fast travailing everywhere. In Arena their are less set areas on the map, but the random wilderness outside them is a lot more interesting.


      Arena also takes place across the whole of Tamriel rather then a particular region like the other games. It's kind of interesting seeing the basic blueprint of the whole continent (one they have mostly stuck to), being able to both go to places that would be fleshed out in more detail later and going to places that are still only mentioned in the later games like Black Marsh and Elsweyr.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      True, very true.


      With each new entry, there's more and more lore added. Some of it makes sense, some, not so much. As far as combat goes, TES has crap combat, I won't lie. It is some of the worst combat I've ever come across, even worse than the likes of Unreal.


      Yeah, procedurally generated landscape and world. It was clever at the time but hasn't aged well. It works better for other games and game genres like shooters.

    4. Kayzee


      I mean, I like procedural generation. I think it would be much more interesting if Daggerfall procedurally generated more stuff on the fly like Arena rather then basically just using it as a development tool to make a static world, and the dungeons should have been waaaay smaller (Daggerfall Unity does have a hidden smaller dungeons option though which makes most dungeon quests less tedious) and/or less confusing (mostly a problem with how the dungeons were built in 3D and how the automap worked, I would have rather seen them use a much more distinct flat 2D structure with multiple distinct floors and a more readable 2D automap). Other then that, as aged as the game may look in places it can also be pretty dang amazing. Mostly I like the scale of it's cities. It's probobly one of the few games I know of where going into a city actually feels like going into a city and not a small town with at most 10 to 20 people living there. Heck, if anything the major cities could have been even bigger! Kinda wish you could auto travel to individual buildings/landmarks though.