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  1. Guess where I am? Come on guess, guess! :3

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    2. Kayzee


      Slicing someone's head off is probobly a lot harder then you might think, but that's what makes guns kinda lame and swords awesome. I mean some people are really good with guns and are still impressive, but most of the time guns just seem boring to me.


      Being suitably dramatic can help magic for sure, but it can be fickle sometimes and you can't just pull a huge explosion out of your ass when ever you need it. Like I said, it needs to be balanced carefully. It's like making a game really. You can make magic do whatever you want but if you just make yourself OP your gonna get yourself nerfed one way or another. So there needs to be some type of limit or flaw. That's why magic always tends to cost something. Some kind of MP, time, reagents, HP, sometimes more extreme things. The whole 'MP' thing tends to be the easiest to deal with I think. Really I think that game-like stats are a pretty good abstraction for things sometimes, even if it can get a little bit silly.


      Of course, magic isn't really completely 'real'. It's mostly or maybe entirely 'unreal'. That means you can pretty much make up any kind of rules you want. But you need some kind of way for you to limit it, some kind of rules, for it to really work.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      When I actually translate what most consider to be magic from my native tongue to English, it really translates as 'sorcery'.


      Sorcery is the art of using the aether to do something that most others would not necessarily be able to, such as cast something/someone aflame, freezing them solid, encapsulating them in stone, concealing something in a cloak of invisibility, healing sickness in an instant or very quickly, among many other things.


      Things like disappearing acts, card tricks, illusions and such are not sorcery, they're mind tricks.

      Mind you, one can use sorcery to do a lot of the mind tricks you see on TV, but most of the magicians know how to manipulate what their audience sees, not manipulating/using aether specifically.


      Of course, pyrotechnics involving machines that are broken/fried by EMP, that cause detonations of rockets in an enclosed area (video above), that's neither mind tricks nor sorcery; it's internal combustion and technology. lol

    4. Kayzee


      Hehe, I don't think 'mind tricks' and 'sorcery' are as different as you might think. You could say the fairy idea of magic is more like pulling a 'mind trick' on reality it's self, or remembering that what seems to be 'reality' is mostly a mind trick it's self. Using 'aether' is one way of doing that, but not the only way. After all, regardless if 'aether' is real or unreal, that's not where the magic is. The magic is in the manipulation not the thing being manipulated. :3