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  1. Guess where I am? Come on guess, guess! :3

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Can't be worse than the TSA crap, lol
      Security Theater. That's all it is.


      But I'll not get into that. Glad you made it there okay. Enjoy yourself.

    3. Kayzee


      It was fine really, most annoying part was there was a form that needed filling out at one point (I really hate paperwork), and everything else was pretty painless. Honestly I never had that much of a problem with airport security, sure it's kind of annoying but hardly the worst thing ever. I am also now on a TSA pre-check list for getting through security faster, but there really isn't that much difference from what I saw, just a slightly quicker metal detector thing.


      Hehe, you know PS, I heard an interesting idea about security: That the point is not only to secure something from the guilty, but also to to secure the innocent from themselves. You can never keep out every who wants to break security because all security is flawed and it can all be bypassed if someone is clever and daring enough. People who have the ability and desire to cause mischief will cause mischief, and there is nothing you can do about it. But most people arn't like that. Some might have the ability but not the desire, and in fact most of them are the ones working on the security themselves. Some might have the desire but not the ability, and those people are the ones who either give up on doing it or get caught.


      But most people I think have neither, and security mostly only helps them. I mean if there was not enough security, they could just wonder around and cause a bunch of problems accidentally without meaning anything by it! I bet nobody wants to accidentally bump into the button that launches all the nukes, even if that's what they are trying to do. If you want to do it, you probobly want to on purpose. I mean, it's not very fun when you accidentally delete an important system file and your computer just stops working right? And if something does go horribly wrong, people might not know it was an accident, or blame you even if it was! So yeah some level of security can be really helpful! People can go to far with it or become paranoid about something that ultimately can't really do much damage of course, so there is a really delicate balance you gotta hit if you want it to work well.


      On the other hand people have made the argument that it might be better in some cases if people secured themselves more rather then have the government do it for them. There is the idea for example that school shootings wouldn't be nearly as bad if teachers had guns themselves. I think, in theory, how well it would work would be inversely proportional to how many people are involved. One on one? Sure, maybe. It's basically an even playing field and It's easier to read and negotiate, no one else would be hurt by accident in the crossfire,  pure kill or be killed. As more and more people get involved even if it's only as spectators,  things get really complicated real quick and breaking out a gunfight is going to lead to a lot of chaos and confusion which might very well just make the death and damage toll go up. It's just kinda a double or nothing gamble. The teacher gets off a shot before anyone is hurt, bam, done. A long drawn out gunfight that wrecks everything, people are just gonna die even more. That might be mostly fine for us faeries since we are immortal, but humans are not.


      And us faeries have to really push ourselves if we want to come up with anything as lethal as a bullet anyway. Sure, magic can do lots of nasty stuff, but in terms of sheer killing power guns still have the advantage. Magic kinda needs to be balanced carefully. Yeah, in theory? Looking at someone and making their head explode is totally doable. But magic is like telling a story, and the world making the story it's own. But the world won't do that for just any old story, you need to know how to sell it as such. Coming along and effortlessly blowing someone's head out of nowhere is a really hard sell, ya know? Especially to the someone who's head you are blowing up!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Blowing up someone's head is far less satisfying than slicing it clean off anyway, lol

      When it comes to pyrotechnics and explosions...
      It's better when it is a massive show that can be seen from a great distance away...
      Like for instance, the 'good' ending of Spy Hunter on the PS2.



      Yeah I know...lol

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