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  1. Phew... Back from Singapore. Didn't have a camera, but I might be able to share some photos others took later. :3

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    2. Kayzee


      Not really, other then some fancy clothing and some coins and stuff. I honestly didn't think about collecting any trinkets! Anyway the only thing I saw I remember even being slightly tempted to get was a Ganesh statue, just cause I think Ganesh can be kinda cute with that elephant head. It was way too big though, but I could have checked for a smaller version maybe.


      Oh well... I mean it's not that I really need anymore charms and trinkets. I have plenty just laying around! I tend to hang on to lotsa stuff I probobly don't need. But it's always nice to have a little something to hang on to from a trip. After all, the little trinkets people get on trips can kinda absorb part of the feelings and 'energy' from the experience in a way. That's why people get souvenirs after all! So they can keep a little bit of that trip with them. :3

    3. PhoenixSoul


      That's it exactly. Fond memories is what it is all about, lol


      Anyway, I remember the unique shell I found on the beaches of the island nation I visited long ago. I put it in my strongbox back home. It's one of those that has some refractive material on the surface that changes color in different lighting but I never got it to show a purple hue...ah, well...

    4. Kayzee


      It's more then just fond memories though. Items that are important to someone gather wald, or that is to say 'mana'. Precious objects tend to acquire their own 'legends', be them weapons used to slay mighty foes, works of art, tools, or just trinkets carried just to have them, a well known legend known by many or a legend only in one's own mind. it dosn't matter. What matters is the passion one shows to that thing.

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