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  1. I forgot to say anything about it, But I picked up Super Mario Maker 2 on Friday. Didn't even know that was the day it was released, I just happened to be visiting gamestop that day. Might have gotten the last copy too, or at least there were no more cases on display.


    Anyway, I don't have Nintendo's dumb switch online thing, but it's still fun to mess around with and play the story mode. Yeah, I could have gotten a bundle deal thing with a year of switch online for a bit extra, but honestly? I kinda thing switch online is kinda scammy and if I pay for it it will only encourage Nintendo to do it more.


    Also, I hear you can get it for free with twitch prime, which you can get for free with amazon prime, which my parents might have sine they use amazon a ot maybe. Donno. Even that might be encouraging Nintendo too much.


    But anyway, yeah Mario Maker 2 is pretty fun to mess with. Don't like the touch controls for editing much as they are way too finicky, but I just feel that way about all touch screens.  Playing with it kinda makes me want to restart my old Super Mario World romhacking project: The Adventures of Jiggles the Catgirl. I have thought of maybe someday restarting the project as it's own stand alone game instead of as a romhack, but it's kinda unlikely at this point.

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    2. Kayzee


      Honestly I don't think you are missing all that much for the most part. The switch is the first mainline console I have really been all that interested in since the PS2 era, and that's at least partly because it's also a handheld. Plus I kinda think Nintendo is one of the few companies left who still are interested in making games rather then seeing it only as a way to get a quick buck and nothing else.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Microtransactions == pffffffffttt...


      Games as a Service == same


      Thing is, I've not had the fair chance to experience these for myself because I am severely and unfairly underprivileged...

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