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  1. I actually did some work on my game today! :O Finally made progress on the special ability for the last member of the fairy miniboss trio to need a special ability.


    Still not sure if I should have her alert all the enemies on the floor to where you are, or directly summon enemies. Maybe I should let her do both?


    As for the other members of the fairy miniboss trio, one has the ability to steal items from you and teleport away and the other has the ability to turn invisible. All three of them have the ability to 'blink' (a sort of short range rapid teleport spam).

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Neat. Me?
      Nothing yet...
      Still waiting on art...

    2. Knighterius


      I think directly summoning enemies that are from the floor, kinda like a rollcall orb. Make a fat monster house. Also ties in with the teleportation of the trio. 

    3. Kayzee


      Hehe, a rollcall orb is a petty good example of how that would work. Though if she alerted all the enemies on the floor it would almost effectively be kind of the same thing except instead of just teleporting into the room the enemies would all pathfind their way to the room. My game actually has a stealth system of sorts, so I kinda like the idea of a noisey enemy. Maybe I should make that more of a general feature for enemies that use loud skills to be able to alert other enemies. Also some enemies in my game can hunt the player though smell as well. :3


      Also I might have told you, but my game actually has monster houses in it too! Or maybe I should say M-M-Monster Houses!

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