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  1. My swich's power adapter died the other day. I can only imagine it valiantly sacrificed it's self to save me from being consumed by animal crossing. It's the only thing that makes sense!


    I can still charge it by hooking it up to my pc through usb, So this hasn't stopped me from playing animal crossing completely, but gotta give that old adapter credit, if it wanted to save me from playing animal crossing as obsessively, it's kinda worked!


    Basically I need my switch off and my PC on and awake to really get the switch to charge at all, and it doesn't seem to be drawing enough power to use it and charge at the same time.

    Maybe my laptop has crappy old usb that can't send much power, but there seems to be some shenanigans involved with the switch so it only really works right with nintendo's own chargers.


    In any case, having to take a break and do something else isn't that bad! I even did some work on my game the other day! I had the crazy idea for a while to see if I could make the menu work without switching scenes, and I actually pulled it off!


    I don't know if it has been done before, but I actually made it so the map scene can run subscenes. Only really tried it with the main menu and it was kind of a pain to get working, but in theory I think I could run most menu scenes as subscenes.



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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Hime's Scene Interpreter makes running events in the menus possible...

      Anyway, Animal Crossing sounds interesting and maybe I'll get to try it out at some point...

    3. Kayzee


      @Rikifive Well the whole reason I did it by stacking scenes is so I wouldn't need to recode a bunch of crap. And the reason I wanted to make the menu run on the map in the first place is because my battle system is seamlessly integrated into map exploration already, and I would like to seamlessly integrate at least some of the menus as well. Switching the scene introduces a notable delay and the background becomes just a static image, so it's hardly seemless.


      Honestly I might end up having to recode/refactor a ton of stuff anyway, because I kind of think that my item and skill menus and maybe some others probobly should be somewhat simplified and made easier to navigate. What I have now is pretty neat, but might be a bit slow and annoying to use for some things.


      @PhoenixSoul Oh I could make it so you could run events in a menu if I wanted, I just don't see the point right now.


      Also: Animal Crossing isn't actually very much of a game at all really (more of a game in the new one then it was before though), but it's cute and allows you at least some creative expression. All the previous animal crossing games got boring after not to long, but that's kinda true with everything to me. :3

    4. Rikifive


      Mhm yeah, I see what you mean.