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  1. My swich's power adapter died the other day. I can only imagine it valiantly sacrificed it's self to save me from being consumed by animal crossing. It's the only thing that makes sense!


    I can still charge it by hooking it up to my pc through usb, So this hasn't stopped me from playing animal crossing completely, but gotta give that old adapter credit, if it wanted to save me from playing animal crossing as obsessively, it's kinda worked!


    Basically I need my switch off and my PC on and awake to really get the switch to charge at all, and it doesn't seem to be drawing enough power to use it and charge at the same time.

    Maybe my laptop has crappy old usb that can't send much power, but there seems to be some shenanigans involved with the switch so it only really works right with nintendo's own chargers.


    In any case, having to take a break and do something else isn't that bad! I even did some work on my game the other day! I had the crazy idea for a while to see if I could make the menu work without switching scenes, and I actually pulled it off!


    I don't know if it has been done before, but I actually made it so the map scene can run subscenes. Only really tried it with the main menu and it was kind of a pain to get working, but in theory I think I could run most menu scenes as subscenes.



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    2. Rikifive


      I see, I was thinking this is what you're doing. Interesting. dfEG13d.png

    3. Kayzee



      It seems like it clicks to me! :3


      Also: Events can't run while in the menu, nor can the menu be called up when an event is running. They can still move around but I don't think that will effect my game's gameplay that much. It reminds me a bit of how in animal crossing wasps and tarantulas/scorpions can chase you but can't attack you while you are in a menu. They just wait nearby for you to be done before they attack.


      Yes, animal crossing does have some critters that try and attack the player, though the consequences for being attacked are really minor. Either causing your face to get some nasty swollen welts that have to be cured by using an item (if stung by a wasp), or making you faint for a bit causing all the bugs/fish on the map to reset (if bitten/stung by a tarantula/scorpion or stung by a wasp while you already have welts on your face).


      But on the other hand, they are worth a lot of money if you catch them. Especially tarantulas/scorpions. Players have taken to farming them by going to a mystery tour island and striping it bare so only tarantulas/scorpions and a few other bugs can spawn and most of the other bugs can be despawned by spooking them. Done it myself a few times, but usually I find way to many giant water bugs, which are a pain because it seems the only way to despawn them is to catch them. Still, managed to find more then a few tarantulas. Currently hoarding them till Flick shows up again though. He pays double for bugs you sell him.


      Er... Sorry got sidetracked by animal crossing again, and I am not even playing!


      @Rikifive By 'this' you mean you thought I was refactoring my code to put all the menus in the same scene or did you mean that you thought I would do it by running a scene inside a scene?



    4. Rikifive


      Coding menus in one scene would be nothing mind-blowing and too ez for you tbh...and it was done few times already, so yeah, doing something unusual like, let's say, actually stacking scenes was something I was thinking you are talking about.

      Though I wonder, how exactly you're going to use that?

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