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  1. My swich's power adapter died the other day. I can only imagine it valiantly sacrificed it's self to save me from being consumed by animal crossing. It's the only thing that makes sense!


    I can still charge it by hooking it up to my pc through usb, So this hasn't stopped me from playing animal crossing completely, but gotta give that old adapter credit, if it wanted to save me from playing animal crossing as obsessively, it's kinda worked!


    Basically I need my switch off and my PC on and awake to really get the switch to charge at all, and it doesn't seem to be drawing enough power to use it and charge at the same time.

    Maybe my laptop has crappy old usb that can't send much power, but there seems to be some shenanigans involved with the switch so it only really works right with nintendo's own chargers.


    In any case, having to take a break and do something else isn't that bad! I even did some work on my game the other day! I had the crazy idea for a while to see if I could make the menu work without switching scenes, and I actually pulled it off!


    I don't know if it has been done before, but I actually made it so the map scene can run subscenes. Only really tried it with the main menu and it was kind of a pain to get working, but in theory I think I could run most menu scenes as subscenes.



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    2. Rikifive


      Oof and yay I guess? 😛

      Yeah, time to switch switch off and work on your game! 👀 Does switch have a switch to switch it off or does it have a power button? A switch to switch off switch would be more accurate. o8alsZQ.png


      Anyway, it's not really a crazy idea to make menus in the same scene/room, though it depends on what approach exactly you have in mind, because who knows what ace sorcery powered by fairy dust is going on there. 👀

      In my recent projects (metroidvania and puzzle) I have menus in the same scenes, I mean, bringing these without changing the scene, that is. Calling a menu just pauses the game and not-entirely covers the screen with the menus.

    3. Kayzee


      It has a button, but isn't a button just a kind of switch?


      Ah, but you see I am not just running the menu in the same scene. That would be the sane thing to do, and when have I ever been sane about anything? Also it would also involve a lot of tedious refactoring and restructuring to move all the menu functions to the map scene. So in the interest of putting way to much effort into being lazy (as any good programmer should), I did something else: What I did was come up to RPG Maker and say "Yo dawg i heard you like scenes so I put a scene in your scene so you can scene while you scene". That's right! Scene_Map now runs Scene_Menu inside of it! Actually it could in theory run any scene, it kind of has a mini scene manager of it's own. Really that isn't all to shocking of a concept. A scene (in RPG Maker at least) is basically just a coding abstraction for a bundle of code that shares the same context.


      Though I still do a scene switch when calling sub menus for now. I was having trouble using more then one subscene, and honestly I might want to recode a lot of the submenus to be more steamlined anyway. Besides this whole thing was mostly just an experiment. But calling up the menu is so much faster now since I can pre-load the menu scene and just switch back and forth from it and hide/unhide it's viewport. Plus I like seeing the actual map in the background and all the animations instead of a static screenshot.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Does it click when pressed? If so, then yes, if not, then no, it just acts like a switch, but has no mechanical parts.

      Clicky mechanical keyboards are switches, they are nodules otherwise. Just a parallel comparison.

      Might want to make it so that when the menu subscene is initiated, events that do stuff like talk to the player and require input don't do anything. 

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