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  1. I actually did a lotta work on my game today! 😮 Mostly working on stuff for little bonus puzzle rooms. Ya gotta have bonus puzzle rooms in a mystery dungeon type game don't cha know.

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    2. Kayzee


      I would say most of the dumb jokes in mystery dungeon type games aren't that well hidden. :P It seems to me the real thing that's often hidden away is a surprisingly emotionally poignant plot. Don't think I can pull that off myself though. One problem is my game just doesn't have any truly sympathetic characters (even the player character's characterization is up to the player) and I am not sure if it ever will. Well sympathetic by human standards anyway, but values dissonance aside even I am pretty antagonistic in my own game. :3


      Speaking of values dissonance... You sure it's not that you are hearing rather then cognitive dissonance? I mean, if you just don't agree with it it's values dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is more like, ya know, advocating the anarchistic overthrow of governments while also wanting to hold people accountable for being too selfish and greedy. :P


      Okay, okay, that's not quite fair and I know it. It's more complex then that. Anarcho-socialism is a thing, and we could have a whole debate over the concepts of centralized and decentralized power and the way such a society would or wouldn't work. But this is why politics is so messed up in general you know, because it's all a matter of debate and the subtler aspects of political theory is easy to get lost in the noise born from emotional outbursts and gut reactions.


      Though despite that, I am often just glad debates happen at all! Hurray for western democracy! It's definitely not the best system, but it's far far from the worst!

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I guess a far more fair adjective would be 'vicarious', because the garbage and lies is a bunch of vicarious crap that people lap up like curs...

      Yeah, most of the silly jokes are right there in front of the player, but the best ones are Ostara eggs for certain...lolz

    4. Kayzee


      I think you mean 'vacuous'? I mean I always saw 'vicarious' as more an adverb not an adjective... I guess if you use 'vicarious' to describe things that people can use to live vicariously, it sort of makes sense? I mean something like (so-called) 'reality' tv might be described that way? But then people might also say video games are 'vicarious', and I like video games. XD


      Don't think the word is really used that way, but whatever. If calling a game/tv show/whatever 'pretentious' is perfectly acceptable even though it's sort of silly to think of a game/tv show/whatever as actively pretending to be something it's not instead of the author/audience/whoever else surrounding it, then I guess calling them 'vicarious' is perfectly fair. :P